How to Prevent & Treat Black Toenail | Foot Care

How to Prevent & Treat Black Toenail | Foot Care

What is a black toenail? A black toenail is a common injury in which
blood gets beneath your toenail. It can be caused from repetitive trauma or
an acute trauma. One of the ways to prevent it is wearing protective
shoe gear. If you work in an environment that’s dangerous,
wear a protective Class 75 safety shoe. It prevents injury to your toes. Make sure that you have adequate toe box in
the shoe. Make sure the height of the shoe is adequate
for your toes. You don’t want it to be rubbing all day. If you’re a runner, this is a common injury. Repetitive trauma to the nail while running
is a common cause of blue toenail or black toenail syndrome. If you get a black toenail and it’s greater
than 25 percent of your nail, see a podiatrist immediately. There’s a simple procedure we can do, where
we just use a cautery unit and invert a hole through the nail, relieving the pressure. It will relieve your pain, and it may actually
save your toenail. If you have an acute injury and your toenail
is actively bleeding, go to the nearest emergency room or the nearest podiatrist and have it
examined. You may have a laceration of your nail bed
that will need to be repaired. If the nail is damaged to such an extent,
you may also have a fracture of the toe, which would also need to be treated. I do not recommend heating a paperclip up
and burning through your nail yourself. I do not recommend using a drill bit and drilling
through the nail yourself. This can cause serious damage and infection
to your toe. If you get a black toenail and you can get
to a podiatrist office or emergency room within 24 to 48 hours, and you can have the blood
successfully drained, you may be able to keep your toenail. Unfortunately, what usually happens when you
get a black toenail is that you will eventually lose your toenail. The thing that is unknown is how will the
nail grow back in. The nail may grow back in thickened and discolored,
or the nail may actually come back in with a fungal infection. These are both common occurrences.

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  1. Mine isn't black it's purple

  2. So I play football and when I kicked the ball with my foot it hit my big toe and now I can't walk or when I touch my toe it's sore, should I still play football or stop, however my boots are too small on one foot because I have a big toe can that effect, there not too small but my toe shows on the top ??

  3. I dropped a plate on my toe getting food do I need steel toe boots just to get food?

  4. I have several black/purple toes and I've had em for a long time now, they don't hurt at all

  5. im a ballet dancer and both of my nails are almost completlty black from my pointe shoe should i leave it or do i see a doctor also is it different because im a dancer? please because they hurt alot and i still dance on them!


  7. yeah me purple too but a little

  8. i just cant tell ;(( im kid ;(((

  9. i'm a ballet dancer and i have a black toenail but it doesen't hurt…. should i see a pediatrician or should i do something else?

  10. hey guys I really appreciate this video
    but my toenail gets black and fall off when I play football(soccer)
    and a doctor told me that I don't have enough d3 vitamin in my body
    I just wanted to know if it has anything to do with it
    cause I eat cow meat and play under the sun
    please write back as soon as possible cause I don't want to set in the side ways for the rest of the season
    thank you

  11. I'm bleeding right now hit my toe hard as a rock but im 13

  12. I lost my toe nail and my dad just glued it back on. Lol (It worked) ?

  13. how about if my toenail fungus is white but the skin connecting the nail the the skin is black…one on each toe

  14. I've had a black nail from acute trauma, hurt like hell. White stuff was oozing from it as well as blood, and a lot. After a few days it started to kinda come off, let me tell you how fast i ripped toenail off my foot. BIGGEST mistake! bled even more, and it was painful. And thank god it came back like it was before the accident because i basically ripped it off and now that i look at it im pretty sure i wasn't supposed to do that.

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  17. the last part doh

  18. I ripped off my black toenail

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  21. Vous êtes un vrai docteur ??????

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  24. Does stubbing your toe count as an acute injury?

  25. yesterday i was down by the lake moving a huge rock and dropped it on my right big toe I went to the ER I have a fracture in my toe and had to get 5 stitches yesterday my toenail looked fine I removed the gauze about an hour ago and I had a black toenail idk what to do??

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  28. im a ballerina and during a summer intensive my toenail turned violet/black because my foot is slipping in the pointe shoe? en pointe i dance about three hours per day and i really dont know what to do. it doesent hurt but i hate to look at it. help?

  29. I got my black toe nail from going in for a layup in basketball and then making a sharp stop and half of the nail broke off

  30. My sister’s big toe nails have a fungus infection for 10 years now. She did not like to sip any medication for this. I find the effectiveness of this fungus treatment method “jumkazin blogspot” (Google it) satisfactory! Finally, I am now more confident to display my feet by simply wearing sandals.

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  32. i stubbed my toe lol

  33. thank you for the information. i got booth my big toe totally black after walking in new shoes one day, that was odd (since i don't know why, maybe due to extremely low iron deficiency?, blood transfusion level), now two months later its getting back better 60% (and i haven't done anything abt it), but they haven't grown any, and the nails got a bit deformed, i haven't seen a dr (i though they will be okay eventually). aren't there any chance they will start grow(?), and be like it they was before(?)

  34. Mine has been like that for a week after someone stepped of my foot at soccer, it doesn’t hurt at all, even when I put pressure on it. What should I do?

  35. I had it on my hand..what to do..

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  39. Just got one… let’s just say it’s the stubbed toe of my nightmares ? It bled quite a bit… and I can feel a teeny bit of throbbing pain right now.

  40. Just got one… let’s just say it’s the stubbed toe of my nightmares ? It bled quite a bit… and I can feel a teeny bit of throbbing pain right now.

  41. heat up a paper clip people its all you need, this guy trying to scam you

  42. I stubbed my toe yesterday and it turned blue. What do i do? Take a needle and get that blood out!! im 13 and i have a obsession with hurting myself?

  43. I started running 5 days back since then my toe nail getting blue day by day and it is also paining…what should I do??

  44. Ive had a black toenail for about a week. Doesn't hurt at all, its just there. I got kind of freaked by its appearance and decided to take action. Long story short I picked the dried blood from underneath my nail and is now loose but no longer black. Just watched this video and now I think I may loose my nail from an infection. ?

  45. I stumped my toe on my bed and now the toe nail has been black for about 2 weeks now and it still black wont go away lol

  46. I did this during soccer it’s been awhile should I tell somebody

  47. My big toenail has been black for like 2 years now starting to turn into an ingrown nail.

  48. what if mine is all black but not painful

  49. Bro I got dis like 5 and you dot Lose you toenail

  50. I had a black toenail ( pinky toe) for about 10 years. and only now I'm looking on how to get rid of it

    I'm 12

  51. My toe jas had blood undrr it for over a month and it is like half covered umder the toe

  52. omg are you serious I dropped a 45 pound bar on my big toe in weight training and it hurts so bad and I can't even walk it's turning purple and I have a meet on Wednesday will I be able to run ? I do 200 meters

  53. Guys mine is a severe case! PLEASE HELP ME so below my fingernail theres purple and when i move my finger its like its being stabbed PLEASE HELP
    Im an ARTIST and my right and middle finger is the damaged one and i write with my right hand! And my finger got trapped because of the door PLEASE HELP!!!!???

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  55. I dont think people shpuld play football because this can damge you're nails

  56. I just hurt my pinky while I was walking and holding a baby, and now its blue. -.- fml

  57. I was working,and a box fell on my small toe and its kinda black just the tip,

  58. I had a black toenail but i didnt do anything to it.. i just waited until my nail grew and eventually the blood stuck to the nail and grew with it until i was able to easily clip it

  59. I dropped 3 good cans on my toe and it browse and is ready to come of I take sneak peek at it and see a Lot of blood and skin my face…. …..
    ???….. Help!!!!!

  60. What I meant to say was 3 cans on my toe not 3 good cans sorry….. LOL ?

  61. It's so relatable I have a little bit but I think it can be cause by tight shoes so the shoes are pressing the nail which I think stops the blood flow in order to make it black, not that sure

  62. What do u do if u only have 1% black on ur toenail? Does that mean it’s going to start progressing and work it’s way through until my whole nail is black??? Plzzzzzzzzzzz, I hope not, I’m too young to dieeeeeeeeee! ???

  63. My question is will the toenail ever get a normal color again on his own? Thank you, God bless

  64. It doesnt hurt. Should I be worried

  65. My lebrons did this too me at basketball camp

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  67. i have a black toenail for almost 1 week. it hurts like hell ?

  68. My nail was black 6~19~2018
    My doctor said don't worry
    it is now turning white is that good or bad no bleeding ever no pain
    I don't know how it happened.
    I'm scared . Thank You
    Have a nice day

  69. I have had 2 black toenails from basketball for about 6 months and I’m totally fine. No pain just a couple of ugly looking toes

  70. I had this and just left it and it got better

  71. My sister`s big toes were "ate up" with fungus disease, about three-quarters of the nail starting from the tip. Luckily, she also stumbled on this particular fungus treatment method, Tαkαnu Yuzo (Google it) from a reviewer here and began to use it. Following the treatment has authorized her to have the fungus infection removed from her nail.

  72. Oops i did it myself

  73. Would have been nice to know how painful it is to drain your toe by drilling a hole through it like that.

  74. Anyone plz help me I was playing soccer and my toe nail got black but it doesn’t hurt should I see a doctor or leave it??

  75. My toe nail has lifted off my toe ?

  76. Glad my hearing isn't impaired and yet I can barely hear it.

  77. It’s happening because of dance

  78. I getting mine from basketball

  79. um i’ve had a black toenail on my pinkie toe and i haven’t known what it was and it started to pick at my nail and it just like started coming off? help i’m scared

  80. Im in school on monday and my toe is black what should i do?

    Ps i got it from dropping an ice skate on my toe barefoot

  81. I got one from hockey in teacher still made me do PE when it hurt really badly

  82. Hey my name is Fritz

  83. I have a black toenail and this video is the last thing I wanted to see!

  84. Basketball anyone?

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  86. My door broke of the frame and landed flat on my toe. My toenail is completely dark purple and so painful ?

  87. Keep pushing the blood forward and out. Use peroxide and neosporin. If that doesn't work. Do what this guy says. Lol

  88. I played soccer for like an hour or so and got this lol

  89. Nail fungus needs enough time to heal even with a solution. My partner has been utilizing this fungal solution “Tαkαnu Yuzo” (Google it) two times a day for months. He found the therapy definitely efficient. Using the plan, he was able to cure his huge toes and 2 pinkie but he is yet to eliminate the fungus on the nail’s edge. .

  90. Ugh I got a black toenail from running and thought it would just go away and painted it so it wouldn't look weird… 4 months later its no longer black but thicker and looks like it has fungus

  91. I dropped something on my toe an the black wont go away I did go to the doctors an the out a hole in the nail but it's still black so what do I do??

  92. Yup tripped on the sidealk not its black,, and called my mom and feel like im bout to die. Pretty much sums up the kinda person i am.

  93. Thanks good video ? everyone in the comment section is scared ? now! Ya I am in pain too! No one wants to go to the ER! I drop a can food on my big toe! Was bleeding I ran cold water on it! Tried to dry it off. Put two waterproof bandage because of bleeding it was cut hope its okay? ? I might have to go get it looked at? Swollen some. Black & blue! I held ice pack! Still in pain! …. Thanks for the medical information & advice! ?⛪⛪⛪??????

  94. I was just playing hide and seek and I accidentally put my toe under a heater and then my friend pushed the heater down and my toe was bleeding so now it’s bruised

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  96. My mother has blackish and disfigured toenails as well as tried this fungus infection treatment method “Yοmkοzα Yuzo” (Google it) to treat the issue. Her nails have become better several weeks later. The blackish parts on here toenails are starting to fade. .

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