How To Repair Sole of Shoe – Follow-up

How To Repair Sole of Shoe – Follow-up

So I’m here just to do an update. It’s been two months about since I first fixed the sole of my shoe using some 5 minute
epoxy. And, as you can see, it has held up quite well. I’ll get a close-up here in a second. Um It has held up in the snow, rain, walking on pavement, dirt. Ah I wear these shoes everyday, most of the day and the epoxy has held up very well. [knocking sound] We’ll get a close-up here so you can get a better look at it. So, here is a close-up. Um And, you can see Do you remember before from the first video this was alomst completely off. Um I glued it back down and now you know, I can’t even move it at all. It has held up very well. So, 5 minute epoxy works great for fixing the rubber sole of your shoe.

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  1. thats a different piece, but whatever, think ill give it ago

  2. Good catch. There were 2 pieces that needed repair on that shoe. I focused on one of them in the first video and the other one in this video. That's just my poor memory. The method still works.

  3. yeah fair, i appreciate this video though, did it and worked on my shoes fine.

  4. Any way to repair soles that have worn all the way down to the EVA cushion ??…I blow thru trainers like water on the tennis court.

  5. I don't know if you'll be able to repair something like that. My only suggestion is to look into shoes designed for high milage wear. Runnersworld's website has a nice shoe advisor and good shoe reviews. It's focused more on running but it might be helpful.

  6. Nice! Thanks for the tip!

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