How to Set a Volleyball BETTER in 5 MINUTES

How to Set a Volleyball BETTER in 5 MINUTES

hi I’m Riley McKinley gonna tackle the topic of hand setting [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] one of the most frustrating questions I got my first year playing on the beach after transferring from Indore was wait weren’t you a setter why can’t you handset yep I was an all-american in college at University of Southern California played professional volleyball in Europe for four years and then was a setter on the national team for a quick minute real quick but I still got this Jersey however it did not take me long to figure out that all the skills that I had learned as an indoor setter for nearly two decades did not transfer over to the beach my brother and I spent the entire first year on the AVP bumps heading I can distinctly remember the handful of times we actually busted out our paws and hand set the ball otherwise bumps heading only it was crazy now I know I’m not alone here since we started this channel our number one request has been to make a hand setting tutorial so this is part one of the all comprehensive hand setting series first things first hand setting is a style now this has many implications if you’ve watched any indoor or beach volleyball match ever from the elementary levels all the way up to the pro or Olympic levels you’ll notice that every single player sets the ball slightly or even drastically different you’ll sometimes hear people say dang that guy flows absolute butter or she was just born with great hands and while the innate dexterity and coordination of certain individuals enables them to set the ball better than other people I am a firm believer that anyone can change their technique and become a great hand setter if they’re willing to put in the work and are constantly mindful of a few key things that we’re gonna talk about right now now because every player sets the ball slightly different than the other how is it possible that different techniques can produce the same result and is there one magical way you can position your feet legs body hands etc to give you the best possible chance at not doubling or lift the ball without sacrificing location those are two pretty good questions don’t worry we’ll get to both of those questions all in good time before we even think about technique there are a few mental aspects of hand setting that might even trump technique the paradox of pressure and perfection now what is that that’s when the more you try to squeeze that set into that tiny little window for your hitter the harder it’s gonna be to find that window as an indoor setter for the life of me I could not set perfect balls to the guys who needed perfect sets and yet to the players who didn’t need perfect sets I could set them perfect balls on command we’ve all heard the phrase aim small miss small named small miss small but speaking from 20 years spent as an indoor setter I could not disagree more with that statement when it comes to hand setting both on the beach and an indoor for example why could I set the middle from ten feet off the net better than when sometimes it was a perfect pass why can’t I bump set a shanked pass from the backline perfectly and then sometimes miss my target when I hand set on a perfect pass this comes from a devious trick our minds have conjured up for us called pressure when you are supposed to perform a task perfectly it becomes incredibly more difficult to do so but when nothing is expected out of you there is now seemingly no pressure to make anything perfect and you’re able to play without your mind handicapping you in other words the more pressure you feel the need to be perfect the less perfect you’re gonna play conversely the less pressure you feel they need to be perfect the closer to perfection you’ll get number two the more you try not to double the ball the greater the chance of you actually doubling the ball occurs in psychology there’s actually a name for this it’s called the ironic process theory you know when they tell you to not think of a pink elephant that’s all you can think about the ironic process theory is exactly that whereby deliberate attempts to suppress certain thoughts actually make them more likely to surface so change your intention and self-talk distract that inner voice inside your head with positive actions as opposed to negative outcomes get excited about the opportunity to set your partner some lilikoi nectar flavored sauce as opposed to oh shoot this pass is super high am I gonna take it with my hands or am I gonna bump set it and if I do set it am I gonna double yeah don’t do that third and lastly the paradox of confidence hands heading is all about confidence but how do you gain confidence if you’re not a good setter I first experienced a similar paradox my first year playing professionally indoor volleyball in Italy when our team was struggling and the only reason my coach wouldn’t put me in is because I lacked experience and all I could think about was I’m never gonna get experience unless you put me in the game the same concept applies to hand setting you’ll never gain confidence as a hand setter unless you just say get and actually bust those paws out and hand set in the game and when it matters in pressure situations you can watch as many videos as you want and memorize all the tutorials but you’ll never be a great great hand setter unless you take that leap of faith and actually set when the game is on the line confidence comes from doing and doing and doing over and over and over again both in controlled and even more importantly uncontrolled pressure like situations so what does all this mean Riley sounds pretty damn daunting my point is this everyone is looking for the quick fix to becoming a great hand setter whether it be for indoor or beach volleyball and I’m not saying there isn’t one we’re actually gonna give you all of our secrets in an upcoming video with Casey Patterson but what I am saying is that is just as much a mentality as it is about technique one more thing if any of us have felt these phenomenons that I’m talking about just know that you’re not alone not only do volleyball players and setters myself included go through these emotions on the regular but it affects athletes across all sports all the time and sometimes the difference between great players and good players has nothing to do with technique it’s more about how they train this exact part of the mental game alright this is the first tutorial of our hand setting series so we’re bringing in this guy and then they’re bringing in me because these guys don’t know how to hand set subscribe hit the bell let’s do this stay tuned so easy when I’m it’s not my video

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  1. Who do you guys think is the best hand setter on the beach and/or indoor???

  2. Great video! Actually love that you guys started with the mental aspects of it all, it's so much more important than people realize.

    The pink elephant thing is awesome, and actually a very good sports psych excercise in itself! Basically, if one learns how to successfully, on demand, stop thinking about the pink elephant after having thought of it, one has learned a skill that can be used for getting rid of also other distracting thoughts in the game ("now I have shanked 2 balls, can't shank this one" etc) and of course in life as well! 🙂

    The secret lies in understanding the mind is like a glass full of water, if you want there to not be water, you can't think "I wish there was no water", what you have to do is fill it up with something else, because then the glass gets full with something else and the water has no space left because of the limitations of the glass to hold more stuff than it's size.

    Anyway, the point was that one can even just sit home and bring pink elephants to mind, and learn to become a master at getting rid of them (by focusing on something else), to make this mental switch even easier on the court!

    Good work, looking forward to the other handsetting videos! 🙂

  3. Indoor Saeid Marouf. Beach Phill

  4. Great set up…cant wait for the rest of the series

  5. Thank you for this!

  6. Do a how to set with one hand. I've got a busted finger from a block.

  7. YES!!! Soooo true. Definitely need to work on this!!

  8. Wait lol didn't know you played in Ravenna

  9. This video can apply to many parts of my life, amazing tutorial!!!

  10. The things one can accomplish when in the right mindset are absolutely stunning. Im SO happy that this is how you started out the tutorial it is absolute perfection. Thanks for being so great

  11. I see you've gotten cupping therapy on your back 🙂

  12. that was 8 minutes not 5

  13. You guys are probably the most enjoyable to watch on YouTube for me ?

  14. I’m a senior setter in high shool about to start my college career in the NAIA and when you brought up “the paradox of pressure and perfection” I can’t even stress enough how real this is. The mind is a crazy thing that I’m constantly trying to battle my thoughts and tiny subconscious thoughts that get in the way from me being able to give my best hitters the best sets. Thank you for this video!

  15. Great insight! – appreciate it

  16. …ok but gianelli!!!!

  17. Great points! Mental game can trip us up!

    My college basketball coach pulled me aside on day during a terrible practice:
    Coach: when are you “most on your game?”
    Me: during [casual] pick up games.
    Coach: how much are “thinking” while you’re playing ?
    Me: ? I don’t, I just play ?

  18. Thanks for this video! I find the mental aspect of volleyball very difficult for me to overcome, especially at high pressure situations. It's nice to know that everyone goes through it!

  19. I actually cannot agree more w/ this haha. I started setting about a year ago and back then doing a back set was the most daunting thing. I tried to make the perfect set 24/7 and it'd just end up being absolutely terrible.Later on I literally just stopped giving 10 ****'s and just starting setting back in games. Improves quite quickly 😉

  20. Awesome cannot wait….

  21. This is honestly the best advices I've heard. You put your finger right on the problems I have on the court : the pressure and the self confidence. Every time I have a fraction of a second to make a set (after a block for instance) it's almost a perfect set. On the other hand, when I have a perfect pass, I'm starting to feel the pressure and my set is far, far away from perfect…

    I got to learn how to let it go… And to know that I'm not alone having that feeling is a great start.

    Thanks a lot man!

  22. Are you saying not to bump set all the time. When you bump set you won’t get called for a double and lift so I think you should bump set. What’s the downside to bump setting

  23. At first sorry for my bad english. But i know what ur meaning. We`ve got a really got Attacker in the team and when i have to set him a ball its never gonna be like a setted ball for someone else. 🙂

  24. Sorry, none of the fivb or avp impressed me with their hands setting…sorry but None

  25. As an opposite putting pressure on the setter, I rely so much Haha. The more pressure, the worse sets will get …

  26. I think it's also important to note that really good partners to a setter can inspire confidence IN the setter, when they are able to "put away" a non-perfect set. I'm a middle-blocker indoor 95% of the time, and timing a 'perfect 1' play can be tricky with different setters and rotations. So when I jump to hit a quick and the ball is too low, or too high, or behind be, etc. I make every effort to get the ball over, let alone a kill, and keep the play going. The setter can take that non-perfect set personally and then struggle after that. The most important thing I do for a setter when a non-perfect set happens is laugh to help them shake it off, and tell them "Hey, as long as you get the ball near me we'll make something happen. Keep setting!" This inspires my setters to know I don't need that perfect set to make plays. I just need them to keep setting, and to have fun. And when we DO connect with a perfect or near-perfect play, the cheers and joy afterwards only boosts their confidence more.

  27. Best video you guys have done.. thank you! Excited to watch the next one!

  28. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Serve – Pass – Hit – Set all offensive skill sets finally addressed
    Thanks guys

  29. I couldn't agree more about the psychological element of setting. I have been playing beach volleyball for about 2.5 years and it took me this long to realise that I shouldn't be looking for a perfect set, but be comfortable in the knowledge that my partner can hit it when it is in the right area. That's exactly when it all comes together. Here is a short video of us training in the sunny Johannesburg, South Africa:

  30. Thank you. Great advise.

  31. Come on guys release the part 2 can’t wait !!!??

  32. Its so hard to do so… I hate that you are right. ?

  33. Μπράβο ρε μάγκα!

  34. Are you guys in SLC, UT? Swear we just saw you driving a blue minivan with CA plates.

  35. most of these tipps basically affect you in any play your mind has the time to think of what you are doing. To me as a Wing Spiker i mostly feel these "pressure moments" when trying to perfectly throw the ball for a jump serve. the more i try the worse it gets, while the beste serves are actually in games where there is almost no pressure at all. Confidence is the way to win. Good Video.

  36. Como desearía poder entenderlos ???

  37. These are good points. It's all about what u said on the last point experience and all the other stuff just comes naturally. Start by lifting and doubling play with people who wont care and u will slowly improve and eventually try not lifting and doubling and it comes naturally. Experience is key just set alot also dont allow others to tell u ur sets are bad be confident.

  38. Another killer vid! How about an upcoming one on <6' player strategies? It's a different game when you can reach over the net without jumping. Would love to see some recommendations for defending against taller players (especially blocking).

  39. Im a thirteen year old girl in year 7 about to go in pro the junior Olympics for volleyball and setting I suck at so this video really helped me and now I can teach my lil bro how to set good too thank you soo much!?

  40. I totally agree with this. When I entered a particular club, I wasn't expecting to be setter, probably a tech hitter or a libero (i'm pretty short). Until the coach asked me if I can set because they lacked a second setter. So i said, you know what, screw it, I'll just give it a go. And when I played in drop-in sessions, most people like to hit, so here again I said screw it, I'll just set. Overtime, I naturally just became a setter.

  41. I love that you guys started the series about hand setting with the mental part of it because I couldn’t agree more, I believe hand setting to be more mental than any other skill in the game. Thanks guys I’m looking forward to more

  42. You have to make mistakes to not make mistakes

  43. As a setter since 5th grade, this is ??

  44. Love the new intro btw

  45. Next time i dig an easy, perfect free ball, im gonna say fuck it and pass it to my setter

  46. I'm new to sand volleyball (started in dec 2018) when I moved to Phoenix, AZ. I've been playing for fun events and a few draw style 4s tournaments but have had no luck and have placed way at the bottom of the rankings. I watched this video yesterday right before my random draw blitz vb tournament and placed 4th individually out of 16 people. 1 month ago I played the same style event and was dead last. Last night I walked into the court and said "F it. Money is on the line but I don't care cause I'm here to have fun and get better." That mentality change made all the difference because I played the middle back like a boss and made it to the winners circle. Love the vids and love learning a skill from here and taking it to the courts!!

  47. Everything this guy just said is 100% facts!! Gotta just say F it and start hand setting that bitch

  48. There’s a guy named Joni originally from the Ukraine who has been playing and coaching volleyball at Bradford beach in Milwaukee for 50 plus years. He’s also known as the setting whisperer. He’s actually worked with some of the guys on tour. Jeff Samuels, Bill Kolinski to name a few. Has taught me a lot about the small details in hand setting. Staying relaxed and having a beer is one of them lol

  49. I actually spend the whole summer practicing the hand set for beach volley. I got the hang of it and was pretty good at it, and guys I play with were surprised it actually works. But then when the real match was happening, I didn't want to risk it…

  50. I dont know why i subscribed to you

  51. My hitters for competitive games expect so much perfection so then I set bad but when I just have fun in non competitive i set mint balls

  52. this is the push i need, thank you!

  53. Your every point applies to me aa a setter sometimes when i get a perfect pass i could not make a nice ball but sometimes a wrong ball i make it perfect so how to change my mentality its not easy to change your mind that much or is it???

  54. First step of beach setting … get out your deep dish

  55. Hi yes! My fingers and wrists are double jointed! This makes setting really hard for me, please help

  56. Thanks for putting these great ideas out there! I can totally relate to the pressure vs perfection paradox—shank the pass to the back, and you get a perfect set from me. Give me a perfect pass with pressure, and there's a 50/50 chance my hitter will have to chase it down. In the same vein, this was completely helpful to me for understanding a bothersome part of my mental game: when I play with a partner of lower skill level than myself, I fall apart under the expectation that I'm the more skilled player and should be able to "carry" him/her. Give me a player of better skill level than myself and I tend to rise to the occasion, make great strategic plays, see the ball and just do everything right. Some days I wonder if it's just the other player carrying me, but I've had a few people confirm that they've seen this pattern in my play. Hopefully this knowledge can help me kick the pressure of my expectations to the curb and just play my best all the time!

  57. im scared to set because i always sprain my fingers

  58. Your left handed?!?

  59. Funny how this video poped up while the very next day I have to play as the setter ( I dont set )

  60. I only play indoor so…. is it really that different from beach that a pro indoor player/setter cannot hand set in beach??

  61. So basically just shut up and hand serve

  62. I swear everything you said is 100% ACCURATE! I honestly thought I was the only one going through shit cause every single hitter on my team needs 'a perfect set' and they're all different.

  63. explain Lebron James then

  64. I love volleyball and love setting

  65. 5:38 right picture you remind me of Jason momoa

  66. Thank you! Everything you said is true, especially the first point! The more you get great passes, the more pressure come in for the setter to give better sets, as more is also expected from him. And then I would usually overthink, and end up screwing the pass. Thanks for the tips!!!

  67. Can you guys do a video on training techniques/warm up routines pleasseeeeee

  68. This helped me as a setter so much!!! Thank you:)

  69. Some on notice his left eyebrow? xD

  70. Dude, you either stole those words from a book, or should totally write a book and put those words in it!

  71. This is 100% accurate for me. When it's an easy set I Fuck up and when it's an impossible set, for some reason, I'll set the most beautiful perfect set. I always felt it was mental

  72. I thought I was the only one with this mental “block” of the pressure of making a perfect set and then somehow making the perfect set with a crap pass lol

  73. Hafa Adai from Guam (how's it going?). I'm an indoor player who is considering playing beach. Can you break down the similarities and differences between indoor and beach? Is it difficult to transition? Is it difficult to play both simultaneously?

  74. Bump sets are better because there are no option for double contact or lift/carry faults. In tough hardcore scenarios where you are tired, the heat is a lot, your fingers are wet, there is wind etc. Then ball could slip between your fingers. 1 mistake during hand set and you give free point to your oponents. Bump sets can be just as good as hand sets. Plus you can set the ball with one hand. Poke the ball or hit the ball with fist. Otherwise hand sets are good in some cases. Another advantage of bumpsets is that you can set 1st balls which means your parther can strike the ball towards the oponent side of the court at the second hit, not on the third. This makes unique attacks. While you cant hand set 1st balls on beach volleyball. Much sharper and faster passes can be done that way. Also you can set the ball with any part of your body. Not only with hands.

  75. I was recently setting for some rec players and there was one player who was clearly better than everyone else and I couldn't give her a good set to save my life, but everyone else got beautiful sets from me. I was like, "what's wrong with me?!?!?!" And you summed up that challenge perfectly here. Thanks for the vlog.

  76. As a hitter, when I'm feeling it, I purposely tell my setter just give me literally anything and I'll hit it. Hope its helping them!

  77. Thank you so much for this… I always wanted to be the perfect setter and always messed each time

  78. Volleyball gayer than the top gun locker room.

  79. Oh damn Im a libero but I felt bad at setting because I’m always Down low and only pass but this helps a lot also I have small hands and feel like I can’t get a good grip – tho haha

  80. I watch all your videos and it was really amazing and helpful alot. Thanks…

  81. Great tips❗️

  82. I used to bump set A LOT. I honestly dont exactly know why but I just remember thinking “What if it’s not high enough for them? Is it too far or too close to them? bla bla bla”. Pressure really messed me up.

  83. Umm actually it’s 7:55 minutes not 5 minutes ?

  84. when youre serving for fun you get the perfect serve… when youre serving in game you completely miss the ball…

  85. Ughh still thinking about that pink elephant ?

  86. Everything has a truth: the truth bumping, the truth of hitting, the truth of setting, etc. And that make the best player or team. The excellent of everything make you win

  87. I never played volleyball and I probably never will. Why am I watching this.
    Still interesting though.

  88. I was a setter in high school and league play. I don't have anywhere near the experience you have, however, hand setting just always came pretty easy for me. Sure you have that occasional jenky set but I never let it get in my head.

  89. Awesome video, definitely doesn't help that the rules and refs leave a lot up to judgment with what is a legal and illegal handset, but I couldn't agree more that prima donna hitters are the worst to set for. If you have good foot work as a hitter you shouldn't need a set in some 3"x3" window.

  90. Wooow, hands down best tutorial ever. The fact that youre the only person that talks about the pressure that we have while playing volleyball. That effects me the most.

  91. That is very true! Pressure and the amount of negativity I have in my mind really makes my sets become yuck . If I don’t think about it at all, my sets become better.

  92. I. FUCK. WITH. THIS. Thank you so much!

  93. so true. oh fuck.

  94. Oikawa did you watch this video??

  95. You should do a tutorial on bump passing! I could really use it

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