How to Shake Hands like a Gentleman – Handshake Etiquette for Confident Introductions

How to Shake Hands like a Gentleman – Handshake Etiquette for Confident Introductions

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we’ll discuss the what, when, why, and how of handshakes. Often
seen as part of business deals or other types of transactions, handshakes are an
important part of many a social interaction but what’s the best way to
master the handshake? That’s the main question we’ll be answering in today’s
video but as usual, let’s start with a bit of history before we get into
mechanics. Archaeological ruins and ancient texts show that handshaking, also
known as dexiosis, was practiced as far back in history as the fifth century. In
particular, shaking hands was a common custom in ancient Greece and it’s
depicted in much art from that region during that time period. One theory about
how the handshake originated is that it was meant as a gesture of peace, given
that the hand that was given out to shake could obviously not hold a weapon.
In today’s world, the handshake is commonly performed upon meeting, greeting,
parting, offering congratulations, expressing gratitude, or completing an
agreement. In sports or other competitive activities, you’ll also see the handshake
performed as a sign of good sportsmanship. Overall, the purpose of a
handshake is to convey trust, respect, balance, and equality.
We’ve already listed a few situations where a handshake is appropriate but
just in the interest of being thorough, here are a few others. Greeting guests
when you’re the host or hostess of a party or conversely, greeting the host or
hostess when you, yourself, are the guest at a party. Other situations would
include saying goodbye when you’re leaving a gathering, meeting in-laws or
future family members, or meeting someone you haven’t seen in quite a while.
Essentially, a handshake is good to employ with anyone whom you’re meeting
for the first time, as well as friends, family,
and acquaintances with whom you feel a hug or other intimate gesture wouldn’t
be appropriate. Also, on the topic of hugs, be aware that as standards of workplace
equity have increased, it’s no longer appropriate to greet a woman with a hug
especially if she isn’t close to you. The best policy is to simply give everyone a
firm and courteous handshake and you should be good to go and of course,
whenever someone else extends their hand for you to shake, take the opportunity.
After all, no one likes to be left hanging. If, for whatever reason, you do
find that you would like to decline a handshake, be sure to do so politely and
courteously. By the way, we’ve already done a related video on the proper ways
to make introductions and make a good first impression, you can find our video
on that topic, here. More on general handshake tips in a moment but first
here, it’s important to note that some other cultures have specific types of
handshakes or don’t do handshaking at all. For example, in Switzerland, it may be
expected of you to shake a woman’s hand first.
In Russia, a handshake is performed by men but rarely performed by women. In
some countries such as turkey or the arabic-speaking Middle East, handshakes
are not as firm as they typically are in the West. And also, a grip that is too
firm is considered rude in these areas. In China, a softer handshake is also
typically preferred but people shaking hands often hold on to each other’s
hands for an extended period after the initial handshake. Meanwhile in Japan, a
formal bow with one’s hands open and at the sides is typically customary. Bowing
is also preferred in Korea but when a handshake is performed, it should be
softer initiated, by the senior of the two individuals, and done without the
other hand in one’s pocket. Also, it’s a sign of respect in Korea to grasp the
right arm with the left hand when two parties are shaking hands. As a final
example here, Masai men in Africa greet one another by a subtle touch of palms
on their hands for a very brief time. Also, it’s important to note that
specific organizations have their own special types of handshakes to subtly
communicate between members of those organizations. Examples of this would
include the Scout handshake, typically performed with the left hand by both Boy
Scouts and Girl Scouts. And the handshake of the Freemasons, the specific technique
of which is known only to the members of that exclusive group. And we’ve got one
other semi-related technique to mention here, the fist bump. Handshakes have been
found to spread a few different kinds of microbial pathogens. For example, some
infectious diseases like scabies are primarily transferred through direct
skin-to-skin contact. Medical studies have also found though that fist bumps
spread fewer germs overall than either handshakes or high-fives do. Probably
because they’re not involving the palms of the hands. And now that people are
becoming more aware of and sensitive to these different kinds of germs, fist
bumping is becoming more common, if only in non-business settings. You may not
necessarily appreciate the practice if you prefer a more traditional handshake
but if someone extends a fist, you should go ahead and fist bump using the
knuckles of your hand to touch those of the other person. Okay, with all of the
other variations out of the way, let’s get down to business with proper handshakes.
You may think there’s nothing to a handshake but in reality, there are a
number of technical concerns you should be aware of to shake hands properly. First
is the when. We’ve already listed the proper times overall to execute a
handshake but specifically within any one of these social situations, when
should you do it? When another person is speaking or introducing you, wait for
them to finish speaking before you offer your hand. After extending your hand and
while shaking, give the other person a simple greeting, something like “Hi, I’m
Preston! It’s nice to meet you!” or a simple “How are you?” could also do. Next,
the how. If you’re seated, begin by rising before shaking someone else’s
hand. This shows courtesy and also, quite
literally, puts you at the same level as the other person. Remember to make eye
contact and offer a sincere smile to show that you appreciate the
introduction. Also, be generally still and face the other person head-on. After all,
you don’t want to give them the impression that you’re trying to get
away as quickly as possible. If you’re walking, do try to make an effort to stop
and face the other person in order to shake your hand,
if it’s at all possible. Similarly, don’t approach with an extended hand from
behind or to the side of someone, as this may create an awkward opportunity for
your handshake to go unnoticed. Speaking of unnoticed handshakes, if you
are left hanging, don’t panic, we’ll get back to mistakes in a moment.
Traditional etiquette dictates that the person in the higher level of authority
or age should be the one to take the lead when executing a handshake. For
example, during a job interview, the interviewer should be the one to offer
their hand first, however, if you are in one of these situations and the senior
individual doesn’t take the lead, if you still feel that a handshake would be
appropriate, you can take the initiative. Remember to extend your hand with a
smile and a warm comment. Here’s a particularly critical point, grip
pressure. You should make sure that your handshake is firm and not limp.
Nobody likes a dead fish handshake, however, on the flip side, you also don’t
want to be one of those people that crushes the other person’s hand with a
death grip. In other words, your grip should reflect positively on you, it
should communicate that you’re not aggressive or passive but rather
assertive. Along these same lines, shake hands
from your elbow, not from your shoulder. If the force of your handshake is coming
from your entire arm, there’s a possibility that you’re going to jolt
your conversational partner around which definitely isn’t desirable. Regarding the
point of contact, you should try to go for a web touch, which is to say, the webbing
between your thumb and index finger should meet that same point on the other
person’s hand. Just as nobody likes a limp handshake, getting a handful of
fingers is also equally awkward. Most people and cultures will use the right
hand for a handshake unless they have a specific reason to use the left such as
injury. If you would like to shake hands with a person who only has a left hand,
then obviously, use your left as well. And a related point, even though you’re
probably going to be shaking with your right hand, your left hand should still
be visible and it shouldn’t be clenched into a fist. This may come across as
hostile in most business situations. Your left hand should just remain at your
side and you shouldn’t use it when shaking with your right to cup the other
person’s hand or touch their arm. The use of two hands when shaking hands with
strangers is often seen as intrusive and it can sometimes be referred to as the
politicians shake because it’s seen as artificially friendly. One additional
note about hygiene here, your hands should be free of any dirt, grease, food,
or debris when shaking hands with someone. If you suffer from sweaty or
clammy hands, make an effort to blot your hand on your trousers or on a
handkerchief before shaking hands with someone. Conversely, if you happen to
shake hands with someone else who has sweaty palms,
don’t try to wipe your hand off right away as this will probably come across
as disrespectful. To wrap things up today, here are a few general etiquette tips on
what to do when hand shaking mistakes do occur. First of all, if you are left
hanging, try not to feel too embarrassed about it. Most likely, the situation
wasn’t that the person didn’t respect you enough to give you a handshake, it
was simply that your timing in the situation was off. If you do make a
mistake with your handshake technique or timing, simply try again. When you think
the time is appropriate, you could maybe add a bit of self-deprecating humor and
of course, don’t forget to smile. So mastering the
art of the handshake is key to looking courteous and confident whether in a
business setting or elsewhere. Armed with all of these tips, you should have any
potential situation well in hand. Also, one more note here today, you can
check out our playlist of etiquette videos, here. in today’s video I’m wearing
a typical business style outfit that does have a few colorful elements to it
the main feature of the ensemble is of course the medium blue suit and I’ve
paired it with a pastel blue shirt for a harmonious color field my accessories
today are from Fort Belvedere including my cufflinks which are in platinum
plated sterling silver in a monkey’s fist knot design also my tie is a
relatively new design in the Fort Belvedere shop it’s a jacquard silk
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the diamond motifs of the tie are in black blue and an off-white color which
is echoed by my light brown linen pocket square that has a hand rolled yellow X
stitch my small boutonniere is a light blue Veronica persica and my socks also
from Fort Belvedere are incorporating some warmer tones their shadow striped
socks in navy with a red stripe rounding out the outfit today are my shoes which
are whole cut Oxfords in an ox blood-red color

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