HOW TO START the GAME IN 2019 [GUIDE] – My Summer Car #162 | Radex

HOW TO START the GAME IN 2019 [GUIDE] – My Summer Car #162 | Radex

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  1. Beyler ben hayosiko aracını bulamıyorum.Yerini bilen varsa söyleyebilirmi. Where is the hayosiko car?

  2. So I might have started the new game, drank all the beers on the table and threw the empty ones on the sink. Then I walked to the tractor, drank the booze and got ten times more messed up. Then I proceeded to use the tractor but it seemed to have no fuel. It was night time and I was still drunk so I just crouched next to the tractor and waited there until it was day.

  3. How to change speed in car ? 1:18

  4. Just a tip, instead of using the tractor (which you need for firewood jobs) you could use the boat to get to the Rusko. That means you wouldn't have to ride all the way over on the moped to get the tractor back, and really, who uses the boat regularly? It's not like you need it except for getting to the cottage.

    Love your videos, they help out a bunch. 🙂

  5. I have Core 2 Duo E8400 3.2 ghz (3ghz dual core needed to game)
    6 gb ram (4 gb needed)
    GTX 660 2gb (GTX 650Ti needed)

    and I still have 20 fps on shitty (No VSync)

    Maybe I need to upgrade processor?

  6. You from poland?

  7. Dokładnie tak zacząłem i aż mnie skusiłeś że od nowa zacznę grę ?

  8. POMOCY !!!!!Mam pytanie bo złożyłem satsume ale słyszę jakieś strzały z silnika i nie wiem co zrobić odpowiedz mi proszę

  9. omg thank you so much i just got the game and had no clue how to start thanks man

  10. What is the latest update that has got the van and the truck and the tyres at home and all the stuff PLEASE WHO KNOWS TELL ME?

  11. Jak zdobyć vana

  12. What about GT parts?

  13. I want a tutorial on HOW TO DRIVE THE FU**ING FERNDALE!

  14. Yea There is just one fuckinh problem you can not drive with that car because i doesnt stay on road

  15. Czemu nic nie muwisz na filmach?

  16. what if the car doesnt even start

  17. The fucking fuel did not last now iam stuck in the midle of nowere

  18. I play again with an game from 2018 and i can't find the blue car and the truck. Need to know if there are gone, because if they are gone i waste time by searching them

  19. how do i get the truck and the van?

  20. I accidentally drove the tractor too far into the water and it wouldn’t start anymore.

  21. I have such bad memories from this game but what the hell im coming back Finland and you dumbass shop guy

  22. Congrats for 80k subs Radex 🙂

  23. the car doesnt start, what i do?

  24. How enter driving mode

  25. super poradnik, pozdrawiam

  26. I did this but after summgering rusko and killing the wasps i left to home with the tractor then drove the mini bike there than got the tires and went home and made satsuma not quite done yet

  27. I've had to restart 4 times. First time I got the tractor stuck next to train tracks. Then I somehow managed to flip the car with the hammer after pulling it out of the water and it had no gears. Next time I got all the way over there without the screw driver ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  28. Radex nagraj poradnik jak zarabiać kese w my summer car prosze

  29. My car started then I pulled the handbrake off and it turned off and won’t start again

  30. Dzięki postarałeś sie 🙂 a poradnik sie przydał

  31. What i could do is drive the moped to the fleetari shop either when its open to borrow the muscle car, or to take the tool box with me at night and steal the car with a screw driver

  32. you dont get hayosiko by default any more? 🙁

  33. Why don't you just take the moped instead so that you can just put the moped inside the ruscko…

  34. You lied I never had enough fuel to get back to town

  35. wow.. thanks… I have started by the wrong way not as your way

  36. After restarting 5 times because of all sorts of mistakes, I finally managed to get all the stuff and even the tractor back to the house. With all the things in the car, heading back home, some piece of shit hit my car from the back and the character died. It's been a pleasure guys, I am throwing my computer out the window.

  37. Why not just using tractor?

  38. Maybe if you did a new LP from 2019

  39. Not sure if they updated it, but there was NOT enough fuel. I only got down the road slightly lol. Had to restart and do it again.

  40. Me:gets close to Wasp Nest dies

  41. Ja nie dojechałem do stacji 🙁

  42. How i start my MSC 1st day of life: I buy some things then i start build.

  43. You got very good tutorials. I subscribed you 🙂

  44. REALLY THANK YOU FOR THE INFO … havnt played this game in quite long time and yesterday when i played again i saw that tires dont spawn in the garage anymore i thought it bugged or something.. Gj mate!

  45. Does it reset the wasps every time you save the game or every time they update the game?

  46. On one hand i feel like I should discover these things for my own but on the other..I value my time lmao.

  47. jak łatwo zarobić pieniądzę

  48. Anyone able to help me out with the car can’t get it to start

  49. Grasz na kierownicy?

  50. The park break won’t go in on mine

  51. I love this game to absolute bits, but what really annoys me is how updates add new and cool things but fuck up your save. I've had to restart from 0 for at least 20 times now.

  52. Abi su video larını turkce yapsan yada türkçe ayri baska dil ayri video ceksen

  53. how to see map, which button to press ?

  54. after driving the car for 5 minutes it broke down and wouldn't start

  55. THANKS THANKS THANKSSSSS!!!!!! You are a life saviour (It really worked)

  56. Very good video. I had no idea that there was another car in MSC and sorry for my english. (I am from Slovakia)

  57. I skipped the bee step thinking you were trolling. it worked. 😉

  58. And where is the blue car?

  59. Thank you for this, I played from 2016-2018 but haven’t played in like over a year now so this really helped. I was reading the dev notes yesterday and saw u dont have the van at the start anymore and was like fucking what lmao

  60. The ruscko won't move

  61. Damn this game looks great …im late

  62. Pojutrze będę miał gamingowy komputer, i ten poradnik mi się przyda

  63. TIP: take the whole tool box not just the screwdriver, because it goes back to the tool box when you save the game.

  64. Nie wiedziałem dziękuję ??

  65. Oh oh there is tractor nearby…… I just walked to the direction of the town jumped on a bus now i am in town ordered some makkaraperunat thought Teppo made those too slow pissed on his bike and now i am waiting for the Shop open ?

  66. ► MSC Manual on Google Play:

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  67. great video bro and thx for subtitle opportunity.

  68. Is it possible to wire the car wrong? I just finished (I think) wiring up the car and made sure to charge the battery and it’s got nothing. Is there a way to like reset the wiring if u can mess it up? Or does it only let you make the proper connections. Sorry if its a lot

  69. I would like to see less ads

  70. this game always seemed so janky to me, but, after watching a stream of it I totally get it lol

  71. I take out the car and I save in Teimon shop and I lost my tool

  72. I put the car together perfectly, I turned the key and the car didn't even turn over. I rebuilt it 3 times and still it wouldn't turn over. just to make sure I was doing everything correctly I downloaded a game save and STILL the car wouldn't turn over. the game is a waste of fucking time

  73. Nie potrzebuje skladac satsumy bo bede jezdzil gratem dopoki wujek nie przyjedzie z vanem ;D

  74. 0:44 car life got hacked

  75. I started with a broken windshield

  76. its peräjärvi oohhmmgggg

  77. Hey radex you are awesome I love watching your videos

  78. i turned my computer off by the power point and somehow it’s breaking the laws of electricity by still working

  79. wy do you only play my summer car

  80. More guide videos!

  81. Im trying to start the car that you pulled out from the water and its not starting any tips?

  82. sorry i have a question and a problem when i go with old car (going to the city) it gets off and i cant turn on again. how can i solve it?
    sorry for my english im not american

  83. realllly you should just take the tractor and get the wheels first, then you go to the car and steal it, but then you tow to car to the shop using the tractor and buy the things neccesary, and tow the car back home. much more time consuming, but saving the hassle of getting the tractor back when soing the firewood mission

  84. U can use beer case if not hammer

  85. Shopping list:
    – 3 brakefluids
    – 1 motor oil
    – 1 coolant
    – 1 spark plug box
    – 1 oil filter
    – 1 battery
    – 3 beer cases
    – every sausage
    – every juice
    – every yeast
    – every sugar
    – atleast 1 coffee
    – diesel
    – gas

  86. How tho deuloader my summer car 2016 pirata bye yo go home

  87. O captain my captain radex

  88. i got stuck in the fuxking swamp on my 5th restart its so fuxking dark i cant even se the car 🙁

  89. this blue van update destroy the game. just let me build the car wtf !

  90. I hate it when there is no any hint videos for gear chanching I would have the game completed by now if I knew the button to change gear I try to raise the gear but nothing happends

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