How To Subtly Flirt With A Girl

How To Subtly Flirt With A Girl

This is Tripp from Tripp and
today, we’re talking about how to subtly flirt with a girl. When you’re talking to
a girl and want to get her attracted, then the best way is to show interest but in a
subtle way. Why? Because that’s what flirting is. Flirting is mainly showing interest in
a girl, but not overtly. Of course, you can be overt with a girl and tell her you
like her and this would still be flirting, but it’s more fun and mysterious when you’re
a bit under the radar. As you may know, I’m not big on playing games and especially
not manipulating women. But what you have to understand, is that flirting is part of
the game. It’s part of the mating dance that creates a spark of attraction between
you and a woman. Today let me teach you how to do that and stick around until the
very end so you can learn all of these special techniques. First, if you haven’t gotten
my “5-Day Flirting Course”, then I suggest by the end of this video you grab that.
It’s 100% FREE and it’s going to teach you more subtle sexual moves to get a girl
desiring you from the moment you meet her. You can grab that here in the screen or in
the description below. Next here’s a great line to use, when you’re talking
to a girl. Call her a trouble maker. If she ever says anything that can be construed as
tricky or bad or not of the norm, call her a trouble maker. You can use this over text
as well. It works awesome. And it’s a great way to tease her. For example, if she says
to you, “I love going out on Thursday nights”. You can then use that as an excuse to call her a trouble maker. Is she really a trouble maker if she goes out on Thursday nights? No, of
course not. But it’s sort of out of the norm, so you can use that an excuse to tease
her about it. Here’s another great line to use when you’re subtly flirting with
a girl. Tell her you don’t know what it is, but there’s something really different
about her. I only want you to say this if you mean it, otherwise you’re just lying,
but make her feel unique if you think she’s unique. Women want to feel special so it’s
your job to do that. For example, if she’s been telling you stories about something interesting
that you’ve never heard before, tell her in the middle of it “You know, I don’t
know what it is, but there’s something really different about you.” And here’s the key
to this, you actually don’t want to do it with too coy of a smile because then it’s
going to come off cheesy. Instead, say it with more of a serious look on your face,
almost like you’re puzzled that she’s so cool. Because you never meet girls that
are as interesting as her. Next when you’re talking to her, let’s say at a
bar or out somewhere and it’s kind of crowded, get real close to her and graze your hand
against hers or her forearm when you’re talking. It will seem like an accident, but
when you do it, she won’t really know if it’s on purpose or not. Maybe when you’re
talking if you gesture with your hands a lot and you move them up and gently graze hers.
Let me be very clear on this one. This is not an excuse to cup a feel and touch her
in inappropriate places. This is only for gently grazing her arm, her hand, her shoulder,
or somewhere that’s not off limits. Whether she believes it’s on purpose or not, it’ll
make her feel all tingly inside. There’s one more great thing to say to a girl to flirt
subtly. When she says something you like, I want you to put her in the friend zone.
Now don’t worry, she won’t think she’s actually put in the friend zone and you’re
not actually going to do it. But this next line will be a way of flirting that’s more
under the radar. Again, she’s going to tell you something that you like, and you’re
going to say “No way, okay, we’re officially best friends.” And then either give her
a high five or a hug, whichever one feels more comfortable in the moment. Why does
this one work? Because you’re giving her a compliment, which makes her feel nice, but
at the same time letting her know that you’re interested in her. Seems counter intuitive
because you’re saying the word “friend”, but it still works because of the flirty vibe
that you’re giving off. If you want to learn more of these techniques, then check out my
“5-Day Flirting Course”. It’s 100% FREE and it’s available to you right here on
the screen or in the description below. Check that out right now to learn how to seduce the
women that you talk to and the specific moves to get her interested in you sexually. Thanks
for watching, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos and I’ll
see you on the next one.

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