How To Survive As A Game Developer In India

How To Survive As A Game Developer In India

Hello friends, I welcome you back to my channel In this video I will tell you about how you can survive in game development industry specifically in India and also how you can grow as a game developer So here’s a small introduction about myself My name is Nikhil Malankar And I am running my own game development company here in India I’m active as a developer since 2013 so I have quite a bit of experience Through which I can guide you properly So I hope this video helps you out Watch this video from start to end so that you don’t miss out on any information If you have already made some games then this video is right for you Also if you are just starting to make games then too I hope this video helps you out in some way So friends whenever you become a game developer specifically in India The biggest challenge is that This profession is not taken seriously in the country Whenever you tell your parents or your friends that you are choosing this as a profession That I am a professional game developer Then people make fun of you Or they don’t take you seriously They say that “Okay, so you make games fine but… “What is your real job??” The main point they never understand is that Game development is a big industry having multiple jobs There are a lot of companies that hire people So firstly let’s explore this in depth further If you want to survive by taking up a job in this industry Then it’s extremely simple You just need to keep your skills updated Whatever new technologies emerge keep yourself updated and upgraded For example Unity Game Engine got a new ECS system So first of all put an effort from your side That you learn that new technology and grasp it Because somewhere down the road that particular thing may turn into a standard Never keep yourself stagnant Never assume that you know everything because The truth is that At any given stage of life nobody knows 100% everything about anything So always keep a learning curiosity that enables you to learn new stuff and Never feel as though you know everything as The day you feel that you know everything That’s the end of your career in this industry So never keep a misunderstanding that once you learn a few things only with those you won’t become a top programmer or top artist As much as possible keep learning keep watching online tutorials In today’s times There are so many resources available online Even on YouTube there are multiple tutorials and videos answering multiple doubts Go and follow such channels Even on my channel you will get tons of videos ahead So also subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon So that you don’t miss out any of my videos Now let’s come to the discussion that if you don’t want to do a job anywhere If you want to make your own games Then in that scenario how will you survive, let’s take a look To understand this we will look into two approaches The first aspect is that you have to survive in this industry The second aspect is that you have to grow in this industry The very first question always always always is that of survival If you are new in this field and want to work on your own and you don’t want to do a job under someone Then my suggestion to you would be to first work on making games for others Now you may get confused a bit here I don’t want to do a job but now you are saying to make games for someone. Why!!?? What sorcery is this!? Let me clarify this point This particular part means that you stay as an individual but instead of making games yourself, take game development contracts and make games for others This will help you develop your own skill sets and when you create games for others Then you will enhance your own skills and also develop a business acumen You will understand how games are made, how much time it takes and how to give out estimates And also how you can make better games Because client requirements can be very different which will help you learn a lot of things Because when you make games for yourself You never know if this will work in the market or not And the reality that I observe with a lot of developers around Some developers spend 2 months, 3 months, 6 or even 8 months or more in development time and once the game gets launched in the market finally the game doesn’t earn that much revenue which causes a big demotivation So whenever you want to start in this industry just for survival make games for others earn some money through those contracts Take that money. Once you make games for others you will also know how to make your own games better. Using that understand learn and then start making your own games When you make games for others you will get money and using that money you can hire a good team To make one game there requires a contribution of a lot of people Of course, even one person can make games No doubt in that but If you work as a team, coordinate and divide work properly then The chances of your game turning better will be higher Definitely don’t ignore money Money is important if you want to survive in this industry If you can’t sustain this full time, if you have fixed monthly expenses then take up a job somewhere, a full-time job and continue game development as a hobby once you come back from office then make a schedule taking out 1-2 hours and work on your game and then if the game works in the market then you can switch to game development as a full time career option This was an alternative if you don’t want to make games for others and if you only want to make your own games then I would suggest you to keep a full time job that keeps your monthly expenses satisfied and on the side keep working on your game if it works in the market then best! then you can also quit your job and focus on your game and even if it doesn’t work out you still have your job and safety so you don’t need to worry at all In such way you need to play a bit smartly if you want to survive in this industry As this industry is extremely brutal and difficult to survive in If you want to survive in this industry then there is a lot of struggle I don’t want to sugar coat anything and lie to you saying that this is a fool proof field And that this has so and so scope Of course there is scope for growth As you have seen a simple game like Flappy Bird was earning $50,000 per day at it’s peak But then there are also thousands and millions of games That don’t even earn $1 in one day This is a very real situation So don’t ignore this at all Assume that you won’t earn money in this industry for a very long time Assume that the worst is to come and prepare yourself as per that So that whatever bad happens, if anything happens Then at least you will be prepared for it and won’t get demotivated Now coming to growth Once you have survived in this industry Once your game works out Then you just need to analyse your game Observe at what points and places you can improve your game

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