regardless of who your team is or what
sport you like I’m going to show you how to watch it on the Amazon fire stick stay
tuned hey guys welcome back to curiosity cafe if you’re new to my channel I do
how-to videos on Amazon fire sticks the other videos as well openings box breaks
all kinds of fun stuff here on my channel so make sure you hit the
subscribe button but let’s go ahead and get into this video this video is about
how to get live TV live sports on TV completely free I’m gonna show you how
to do that Amazon fire stick first thing anime to do is take your remote right
here go to the very top okay head over to settings scroll over to my fire TV
looks like this right there you need to make sure that your developer options
are set to calm okay both of those do need to be on once you’ve done that
piece of cake what we need to do after you’ve changed that setting is just hit
the home button on your remote now taking the main screen you have a few
different choices for browsers Internet Explorer Firefox and the silk browser
all of them work I’m gonna show you since I’ve shown some of these soap
browsers how to use it with these built-in so browse you don’t download
anything so let’s open it up so present looks like this I’ve already got it up
on the page but all you have to do is just hit the three dashes here in the
bottom right corner okay once you’ve hit those three dashes down here it’ll take
you to search the web or enter URL so we’re going to put this URL in it’s
called score so let’s take a look at it but once it pulls up this is
the main screen so I’ve read some of the comments I did a video on this already
on how to get free life sports on your iPhone your tablet and your computer I
read some of the comments I always appreciate comments guys if you have a
question or concern or something that’s not working for you comment down below I
hit the thumbs up button and I’ll know that you’re subscribed and I’ll respond
I’ll find a solution for you no matter what kind of phone you have device
you’re using whether it’s a Roku Amazon take or your computer I’ll find a
solution for you that’s my goal so let’s let’s talk about some of the questions
that y’all had so one of the questions that you had was I can’t make it
fullscreen I can’t see the full screen I’ll show you how to fix that another
one is on the column here you’ll notice it only goes down to bicycle racing
there’s actually many many more categories all the way down to UFC
they’re all in alphabetical order I’m going to show you how to maneuver around
that as well another question was sound so we’ll talk about all three of those
things but if you’re new to the channel haven’t sitting in my other videos will
start to square one so right on the comb here you’ve got all the different sports
so let’s take a look you can use your mouse and just scroll through and let’s
see what baseball games are going so go ahead and just highlight over it click
the center button and we’ll show baseball games now this is something
that a lot of you have said as well that you can only see the top one well it’s
actually many many more and the way to maneuver around this and scroll through
is to hold down the center button right here the very center just hold it down
while pressing up and down that you can move the screen you can do this with
soap browser with anything it’s actually a really cool little feature so hold it
down oops order on the screen hold it down and scroll up so there’s the
Rangers Blue Jays keep going Orioles Yankees Indians Red Sox so that’s what’s
going on right now as I do this video so it shows the score the live score which
is cool if you just want to check scores but you can also watch it by hitting
live ok so let’s see what else we can watch here I know a major league
baseball doesn’t let me play in their content on here so I’m not going to
actually play I’ll play others so you can see how it works so if you scroll
over here to the side column do the exact same thing hold the middle button
and just scroll up go back down do the same thing the out of the way so
you can see keep doing it all the way up stroll over the bottom hold tray get up
screens tedious but I promise you it’s well well worth it so it goes all the
way down to volleyball USC tennis table tennis and so forth again it’s an outfit
order you go up and down on the screen but let’s see let’s see if there’s any
tennis matches going on so go ahead and click it and then test we’ll pull over
here let’s see what tennis matches are going on again don’t worry about this
don’t click on anything ok just kind of over here somewhere away from everything
hold on the middle button hold it down drag it up again all right let’s see
who’s playing here all right so this one looks like it’s active right now I’m not
familiar with these players or anything about it but it doesn’t matter
let’s hit lie click the live button here now it looks like nothing’s playing
what’s going on well it is actually playing you can hear it but if you again
click break it up you see it thank you all right so now we’re almost the whole
screen you want it full screen you don’t have
to line it up nothing like that just go down here to the corner and get the
fullscreen button now you’re watching it is meant to be free live screen you can
see the score down here you won’t notice it’s a little bit grainy err on the TV
that it is on your mobile device or your tablet that’s just because it’s a huge
TV and I have it completely blended the entire screen I want to watch it but the
longer that you watch it the better the quality will get so just be patient
because I’m here here there’s speed of your internet but here it is so now if
you want to go back all you need to do is hit the back button go back over here
let’s take a different sport out let’s see what else is playing let’s see if
there’s any soccer games going soccer and there we go there is rushing dragon
League going on right now don’t know what that is but let’s see what games
are going on the lawn vs. PSG Estonia Argentina
all right shows you where it is in the game 65th minute 19th minute so let’s
take a look at Austria’s soccer game let’s see what the quality is on that
every stream will be different some will be better than others that’s just the
way it is if you want HD every time you’re gonna have to pay for it this is
free all right let’s it live let’s see this game alright just a few seconds
we’ll pull up so there we go I didn’t go ahead and
scroll it up at all all the way get over here holding so this one is actually an
Austrian language so and it’s grainy not very good quality probably wouldn’t want
to watch this you’re gonna have better quality on Major League Baseball now
we’ll probably know Spencer boards and there’s other options also to get free
TV than this you can mirror your iPhone to the TV that will have a little bit
better quality there’s a lot of choices like that we’ll talk about all those so
let’s find something else this is uh it’s not the most fun that’s what other sports are going on right now
any early I’m not sure what curling is No this bike racing
ask people okay that’s a basketball game let’s
check it out let’s see which games are going on all right we got a fetal
Eurobasket right now let’s check this up Portugal Switzerland Portugal is up 6 to
254 let’s go live well drag and scroll up get the full screen you know there’s
no crazy that’s the ads and they’ll pop up
something like that just a nice quality some of those others the VIP box with
movie screen to watch but better quality if you want to maneuver around those we
watching HD but that’s it guys I’m Ken during the
video I’m also gonna be the other tips of fire sticks to make sure that
subscribe thanks guys you you

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