How to win against long pimples easily

How to win against long pimples easily

Welcome back! I was too busy with my jobs. But today, I managed to make PingSunday
videos. Today, we will learn how to play against long
pips in table tennis. Many players are angry about long pips! We are angry because we are very bad at
countering them. It is incredibly frustrating to play against
long pimple. You want
to blame your opponent! “I hate pimple! They should be ban! No Skills!” But don’t worry! Playing against long pips is not complicated
as you think! Today,
I will give 3 tips to deal with long pips. Simple to understand! At amateur level, most of the player hate
playing long pips. Because they don’t know
how to deal with it. They don’t have a good tactics to counter. Some players call
long pips rubber as “trash rubber” because they don’t know how to counter it 😀 At the higher level, long pips player can
rarely win the normal inverted player. Because
good player always has the best tactics to win the long pips. So how to win long pips
player, and win easily! Understand long pips? First of all, we need to understand the mecanism
of long pips rubber. Well, it’s very
simple! Long pips “reverse” the spin on the ball. You give them topspin ball, you will
get backspin. You give backspin, the ball comes back with
topspin. You give them no-spin ball, you get no-spin
ball. This is the strength and also the
weakness of long pips. Why strength? Because it’s not the same as normal inverted
rubber. For normal inverted rubber, you topspin and
you get topspin. You do the backspin,
and you get backspin. And you are used to that. That’s why when you play with long
pips, you are confused and make error! Why weakness? Because long pips can’t make spin on it’s
own. It’s like a mirror! It reverses
the spin! So long pips player can’t attack! They win the point because only you
make error! Once you understand and master the pace, you
will control the game! So here are my 3 tips to win easily long pips! Tip 1: “KISS”
“Keep it Simple Spin” I remember a match: my player played with
an average long pips player. He played
like in a normal match with an inverted player. He served short, and with lots of spin. And then the ball comes back short with topspin
but the ball will not go forward! Because the long pips without sponge makes
the ball like that! And my player
missed the ball badly! Each time, he tried to attack! He made error! After set 1, I said “Why you serve short?” They can’t attack! So why serve short! Now, do the “KISS”. Keep it simple! Now, serve long directly to the long pimple
side (normally on the opponent backhand ‘s side). If you serve long with little spin, the ball
will come back long and with little spin. If you serve long and with topspin, the ball
come back long with backspin. And then you can attack it easily! That’s is the purpose of “KISS”. Think the long pips
is like a “mirror”. They can’t impact strong pin! It’s just a “mirror” of your spin. So you
control the pace, and the spin! And then, my player did it, and reduced many
many unforced error. The game becomes
very simple now. One player attacked, topspin all the ball,
and the long pips becomes the blocker, or the defender. Tip 1: KISS=KEEP IT SIMPLE SPIN! Always serve deep with controlled spin, and
attack deep (deep and long ball will prevent long pips to change direction). Long pips hate deep ball! Now they become a “mirror” of your spin! Mix up your serve! Fast, deep nospin serves or very slow nospin
serves can make life very hard for a long pips player! Serve long! If they step back, and pivot to attack your
serve with their forehand, you surprise them with short serve to the
wide forehand side! Look at this lady! How easy she plays versus the long pimple. Always play deep ball
to the pips side. She topspins the ball, and the long pips player
blocks. The ball now
has backspin. So she one topspin-one push, and one topspin,
one push to control! Tip 2: “Wide angle”
normally to the normal rubber side Play wide angle, normally to the normal rubber
side (on his Forehand for example). This tactic will make long pips player life
even harder! Don’t trust me? Let’s study this game between Zhang Jike and In this game, Zhang Jike used a simple but
effective tactics. Serve semi-long to the
forehand side of Fabien. With the long pips on backhand side, Fabien
can not return the ball “agressively” with the “backhand
flick”, and Zhang Jike attacked first! So Zhang Jike controls the game first, and
he only played long and deep ball! Because he also control the placement, so
he takes time! Don’t rush to attack! Play deep ball! Push it long if you can’t attack! And then attack the next ball! Fabien’s playing style is long pips – blocker. But with Zhang Jike’s tactics, always playing
deep ball, and keep it simple spin. Fabien is forced to play far from the table! But
he is a blocker, not a defender! So basically, he is forced to change his playing
style. Normally, long pips are blocker or defender. Defender style is like Joo Sae-hyuk. And blocker style is like Fabien �kerstr�m Once Fabien is forced to defend far from the
table. He can’t do much! Zhang Jike
just controls and dominates the game! Topspin, Topspin, and Topspin! The long pips is now the “mirror” of your
spin! Zhang Jike has won the set 11-1. Long pips is a joke! So don’t be affraid of long pips. Keep it simple! Serve to the forehand side, and attack first! Always keep the ball deep! And topspin all the ball! Push only necessary! Tip 3: “Topspin all the day” Here is my last tip. Use often topspin, don�t push, just topspin
loop all the day. Don’t
push often with the long ball from pips. The ball will go up high! Just topspin all the
long ball! Many amateur player tried to push the ball
from the long pips. And you confused
yourself! Why you should change the spin! No! Keep it simple! Use only one type of spin
versus long pips: Always topspin! If you change often the spin, you always change
the “pace”, the rythm of the game. Long pips love that! They love to disrupt your game! No! Please remember! “KISS”!

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  1. In this situation, a simpke twiddle and take the deep serve with the backhand to the opponents forehand side will scare them like crazy and we win the match 🙂

  2. And coach, could you analyse the game between xu xin and ma te? While Xu Xin was known as a defender destroyer, he lost against ma te.

  3. thx.informative video.I,as a long pimple player,learned something fromthus video

  4. I bet you triggered a lot of long pips players when you said it was a joke xD

  5. Very much appreciated Coach! Thank you 🙂

  6. Here for the accent.

  7. can you tell me the difference between blocker style and defender style? and can you make a video on how to play a lob game?

  8. Your tips may be easy to implement for an advanced player but not so easy for the people in the lower divisions, which is exactly where long pips are to be found.

    1. I agree with "keep the spin simple", especially avoiding side spin because pips revert the side spin and this is even more counterintuitive to handle than a returned topspin/backspin which ends up as a backspin/topspin. And I agree with serving deep into the pips, since the pips player cannot attack.
    At the end of your 1st point you casually mention the "topspin – push – topspin – push" rhythm. I believe every inexperienced player should first go through this stage and acquire stability against the pips player, understanding the reversal of the spin and making it part of their muscle memory. So this is very important.
    2. Serving half long to the forehand is an advanced technique. When I do it, my pips opponent will notice the change in serving motion and run around the forehand to block with the pips.
    3. Topspin all day! Yes, this is what Zhang Jike does. But his topspin is very stable and he can do it against various amounts of backspin. This is precisely what beginner attackers are trying and failing at, making them so frustrated.

    Myself I stick with serving deep, varying the placement to elbow or backhand and varying the spin between backspin and no spin. This is enough variety to get bring my topspin in position. If we go into a rally, I will stick to alternating the push-topspin to avoid mistakes and await my chance for the next attack.

    BTW, you make an interesting point about pips players being either blockers or defenders. You showed us how to play a blocker like Akerstrom. For a defender like Joo, do you recommend varying short-long, or make wide angles (this is what I see the pros do).

  9. Ma long has a hair's problem on the thumbnail

  10. This is great timing , I lost to my first OX Long Pips player yesterday !

  11. is this can be apply to win anti-spin rubber?

  12. Thank you very much. I needed this advice very bad. I am very frustrate  when I play long pimples. This video  will help me a lot.

  13. I cant agree that its a mirror, if you simple push the ball you get an empty ball, so there is no mirroring effect. Only if the player plays with illegal frictionless pips its like a mirror. And you forgot to mention that some pips got disruptive effects, like the ball is sinking or have strange curves . But the Rest of the Video is great 🙂

  14. You are talking about long pimples and at 0:20 you show the pic of short pimples? Why?

  15. EmRat – thank you for demystifying long pimples ! Does the same strategy work for short pimples ?

  16. Now you only need a vid. About Antitop which almoat nobody uses 😉

  17. Hey coach, just to help you out on your English: When you say “Win the long pips” it is technically incorrect because you are trying to talk about a player whom uses long pimples. The verb “win” is referring to the object of the sentence which is pips. So to someone it might sound like you are saying you won long pips like you obtained them in a contest because it is not clear you are referring to a person using them. A better way to say this sentence is to use the word “against” so you are making it clear that it is a competition. So you would say “Win against long pips” or “Win against a long pips player” (using “a” in this case to refer to point to the addition of “player”.) Keep making good vids and splitting Ma Long’s head open!

  18. Great video! . Could you give some tips for long pimples blocking players?

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  22. Hello. Thank you for your new great video¡¡¡¡¡¡ It is marvelous you got a little time to do that.

    One question. The players like me that we are still learning our strokes, and make a lot of unforced errors, Do you think is a better tactic to do all the time topspin? Or it could be better to do one topspin, one push -trying to make it short oblying the long pips to move forward as you said in another video if I remember well-?

    And about the serves….. So you recomend long serves alternating forhand and backhand… it correct?

    And what about how usually serve the long pips servers? Are there a pattern? How we have to return their serve?

    thank you very much

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  24. but if i loop all day long sometimes there is too much backspin coming back, that my topspin is not going to reach the other side. thats kind of my problem

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  27. Dear EmRatThich, short pimps are getting more popular compared with long pips in our country. Will you be preparing a video related with short pimps?

  28. Dear, EmRatThich, what can you say about play of Manika Batra? She recently won gold medal at CWG 2018 and beat many women players (even high level ones) with normal inverted rubbers on both sides. So, apparently playing against long pimples is not so easy as you are trying to represent in your video 🙂

  29. Pimples is a joke. ?

  30. So when will you produce a video titled "How defensive players can beat offensive players- Defensive tactics". The lack of information and general disregard for the defensive style of play is simply amazing. I would love to have you produce a series on defensive play as taught by the Chinese method. Esp. at lower levels, modern defense is a valid and effective form of play. Instead of putting down defensive, encourage all forms of play.

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  32. Excellent Tips. Thanks!

  33. Türk müsün amk

  34. Hi can you provide your analysis on INDIA's Manika Batra. What made her beat world no. 4 twice in the commonwealth games recently?

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  38. I have a problem . In practice last day and i play a long pimples player but he attack with long pimples and when i counter attack the ball go high and if block the ball '' the ball go into the net !!!!!!!!!!!??????

  39. When I played with reverse rubber, I treated all long pimple shots as floats and returned as float (no spin).
    I've gone back to playing with a hard bat (short pips no sponge) and now when I play against long pips, I just smash my opponent off the table.

  40. My coach told me to topspin one ball and when I get heavy backspin in return, chop once. Then I get just a tiny bit of backspin and can play a more aggressive topspin. Then chop again. I think this is a much better strategy because the defender wants you to make topspin mistakes due to the heavy backspin he produces.

  41. The only word I will remember is "mirror" pimple players are shit as joke

  42. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge

  43. Hey EmratThich love your vids, ive been using high tension rubber for a while now but recently used by friends premade bat equipped with the chinese rubber (not first time but last time i wasnt as good of a player) and it was a hurricane 8. After adjusting my technique after a 15 minutes I found that it is a lot better in my forehand and there is no point where the speed stops increasing so better technique = faster and more spin. European players (as well as i at the beggining of my carreer) tend to fall in the trap of speed with no technique. I think it is better for my forehand development and will help me reach levels way higher if I practice with it. So which chinese rubbers do you reccomend for me, Should I buy the one I used (hurricane 8) or do you have a reccomendation. Thank you.

  44. What about a series of how to play AS a defender?

  45. EmRatThich near the beginning of the video you mentioned that a good tactic is to push – topspin – push – topspin and then later you say to topspin, topspin, topspin. This is confusing, so which is the best tactic?

  46. That is the reason why I leaned twiddling with my LP and inverted :)) If a LP player can twiddle and attack with inverted on the backhand side, most of these advices are unuseful.

  47. Great vid !!!! Would you please make a vid about how to play against short pips. We would really appreciate you advice. Big thanks in advance. Grettings from Peru

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    Can you help me with my backhand it's very weak

  49. please inform me about the ​deep ball, what is it

  50. I can win against my opponent who is strong equal to me, but I loose against weak player. I forget the correct stroke. When I hit the ball my weak opponent blocks. But the blocked ball is too slow. My weak opponent do not know the correct strokes. I get mentally disturbed, tensed and do not do a correct stroke. I forget the key " power from the ground" and I cannot estimate where the ball bounces. Please help me coach, I completely believe in you

  51. I just noticed the Kong ling hui and Zhang yining poster over there ?

  52. Now how to beat short pips

  53. The girl is doing it right. She alternates top spin and back spin. You push back spin to get a top spin return that can be attacked or easily returned. I always advise lower players to use this method to get by until they reach Zhang Jike mode where they can attack anything.
    The girl is not "top spinning all the day". ERT is inconsistent in his advice.

    LPs are not all the same. LPs with no sponge will usually have more spin reversal. However they do not return hard fast shots well because there is to sponge to absorb the energy of the ball and slow it down. Good LP 0X players have "soft hands" that will pull back on the blade a little to slow the return down.

    LPs with sponge allow the LP player to attack more, chop and slow down the ball but they give up spin reversal.

    LP players will push through the ball to avoid bending pips to get the most spin reversal. Bending the pips is allow the LP player to put some spin on the ball so the ball doesn't float. LP players need to know when the pips will grab and when they won't so does the attacker but this is hard until you get to Zhang Jike mode where you just don't care and attack it anyway.

    I am nowhere near Zhang Jike but I don't mind playing against LP with double inverted because I have played a lot with LPs and anti.
    Practice, practice, practice. Familiarity breed contempt.

  54. A few untruths in this video. Long pips cannot generate spin? Not true. Long pips player won the European Championships yesterday (women's singles)

  55. Long pimples are pretty much a mirror to what you do

  56. I just encountered a long pip player who drops shot to the right and left corner near the net and low – I can't flick with backhand neither forehand. And when I stretched forward to take the ball, usually a weak return. He will push long. And it will hard for me to return that ball properly. He will drop shot near the net again. He was controlling me by the palm of his hand.
    Playing this monkey trick again and again. I've tried to serve simple long and fast, only
    occasionally I managed to smash him 1 or 2 balls. Any suggestions on how to tackle this skillful and well-placed playing style? I really enjoyed your videos

  57. Im a Long pips player myself but im also a 2 winged Attacker. I first Defend with my long pimples hopeing they do the things you mentioned in the video. When the do "KISS" I twiddle my my racket and basically abuse them with a devastateing attack! Im playing in a low devision however thats probably the reason why my style is so effective when the coaches basically help me abuse them even more with their advices!

  58. See a guy named Ian Demagi on the mind of a pips out defender on the OOAK table tennis forums for an excellent short essay on defenders, its a couple of years old, probably have to look for it.

  59. Its kind of weird that the very casual playing scene doesn’t even know that there are different types of rubbers like the long pips and no spin rubber for example…

  60. Tu as un accent français avec un fond d'accent asiatique ???

  61. Hi Coach, i dont understand what do you mean by 'deep ball' ? tks

  62. excuse me. That's medium pimple in the first example.

  63. 국가대표 탁구선수 서효원(SUH Hyowon vs hyoung sister) 대 동생 서효영(효영핑퐁) 경기

  64. I love you bro !!! I destroy my opponents with the setup you recommanded to me: rakza 7 + bluefire m2 with the timo boll blade…its perfect I won almost all my matches !!! TU very much

  65. Hello, I am from India an a mature player and I don't practice often but I have taken some formal coaching some time earlier. Your videos are very informative and I enjoy them. I play fast attacking topspin type My equipment setup in Gki euro carbon and yasaka mark v rubber both side.. Now I am looking for another combination can you suggest me some which is not too expensive..

  66. Defend tactic and blocking tactic not the same? I just know.. Anyway good video coach

  67. 4 things I would share if you want to control long pips players:
    + Keep it simple spin: 90% serve no spin or topspin to long pips side, 10% serve spinny spin to regular rubber for surprising him, it makes him easy to make error
    + Top spin all the way: There is no chance for you if you push, chop, drop shot…..against long pips player. With his pips rubber, your life may be harder because he control every ball easily with his long pips. The game is different when you use top spin, for me top spin is one of the hardest spin for controlling rather than back spin. If you use top spin, the ball return always goes long with back spin, it is easy for you to kill the ball with your forehand loop, moreover long pips player can only block your stroke but he cannot control the position of the ball when returning, you can put him into your pocket.
    + Dont rush and keep calm: Look at Zhang Jike in the video, he do not rush, he is calm and loops the ball with his forehand carefully. Do not think that you can win long pips with just one stroke, make he feel difficult and then kill the game.
    + Last but not least: Long pips players know all of above things, they always find the way to counter. For you, just play with long pips players with my suggestion as much as possible. The more you play, the more you control them.

  68. On the other hand, there is a match where Joo Sae Hyuk beat Zhang Jike 4-0

  69. Hola: no me convence del todo tu teoría, pues las imágenes solo muestran el uso de long pimples (poros largos) solo por estilo clásico, no lapicero (pen holder with long pimples), El estilo lapicero permite descolocar a quien ataca con top spin ubicando la pelota de costado en costado, desubicando al contrincante. Lo que si es cierto es la dificultad para atacar con long pimples, pues la goma de long pimples es muy sensible, pero eso se puede remediar con un buen entrenamiento. QUE VIVAN LOS LONG PIMPLES !!!.

  70. First you said 'serve long no spin to backhand side. then you said, serve to the forehand side….? What about players who's playing hand is opposite? so typically down the line serve will be to the LP and cross court will be to FH inverted?

  71. To top spin continually against long pips your top spin must be very good high intermediate and above. For lower ranked players you may need to top spin and push the next ball, then flat hit or top spin the returned push. They will need a lot of practice.

  72. Well I still think long pips should be forbidden or that they should just open up their own league or something. They only exist to destroy your game (waiting for your errors)… I mean what the hell, how can that be fun? I do win against those players by now, at least sometimes, but I will never have any fun against them.

    On topic: Tip 1 is crucial. As i am an offensive player myself I will also sometimes serve/hit deep in the forehand ("normal" rubber) because I like the fast spinless game, depending of the strength of your opponents forehand. Fast serves with no spin into the long pips work pretty good though.

    Tip 2: Actually I don't always use top spin, because i mostly get much top spin into it if I do and hit the ball pretty fast; so the ball comes back pretty fast, but with a lot of backspin. And the more you top spin against long pips the more backspin will come back after the next long pip hit. So what I do is just top spin/push, then backspin, then again topspin or push. You only have to take care, that the opponent really plays every of those ball with their long pip, obviously. Actually that is also what the girl in the video is doing most of the time.

    And I have another important tip which surprising many people don't seem to know: Many long pip players like to serve with their long pip. They do whatever crazy move along with the serve and many people are like "woah, that move, what crazy spin must be in there" and go for a super spinful topspin or a sharp backspin hit and then wonder why the ball goes anywhere but on the other side of the table. The reason is, as mentioned in the video, long pips cannot create spin on their own; so it doesn't matter which move the player does, there is no spin at all in the serve and you can always return them in an offensive way.

  73. Thank you for information.i m really frusted.long pips or short pips is killing my a lot of player use pips..i need a sifu to help me.I want revenge them.hahahahaha

  74. 8:07 Fabien is F*CK to play far from the table.

  75. Firstly, thank you very much for your high quality videos that you give the tt-community for free! 🙂

    Secondly, your hints make totally sense and I like the metaphor with the mirror: simple and controlled actions lead to easily controllable situations. The beautiful lady demonstrates it well in training. Just do the same for understanding that long pips enhance your spin. For point play situations I highly suggest placing your top spins deeply into the middle. Most amateur choppers lack solid footwork and this placement makes them move. 😀

    Thirdly, instead of getting angry or neglecting the choppers, train with them. It makes great fun as you get better and you get funny rallys against good choppers. A friend of mine is a very good offensive player and plays in Germany's third league. After practicing seriously, I often tell him to grab his long pips racket he uses for fun and we play matches in which he is Wang Hao, the famous Chinese defender from the 90ies era. Then I am Peter Karlsson. As a kid I was a big fan of Karlsson. 😀 Maybe I got off track a bit here, but your mental attitude is important. Embrace learning, enjoy getting better and have fun instead of being angry.

  76. I've always wondered why there are no or very few long pimples in the top levels. Now I know. Now if only I can get to those levels I won't have to play against anymore pimples. lol

  77. Please make a video on defensive playing style with long pimples. Please

  78. Good video and tips. I have some minor admentments: 1) There is no always true tactic to any player, if you think that you can win a person by one tactic, he will change his tactic to against your tactic. 2) Of cause long pip player can attack. For high ball, long pip player can have a head on collision to attack. There is not much difference for any rubber for head on non-spiny collision, apart for some difference in the speed after the collision. For lower ball, the normal inverted rubber can produce the top spin ( or half spin half collision ) to loop the ball so that it lands on the table easily. cannot produce top spin as easily as the inverted rubber, to create the necessary arc necessary for the ball to land on the table.

  79. It is harder to produce the necessary top spin from long pip rubber starting on low ball to land on the table, but it can be done. The way to do it is to hit the ball at the lower rear side, and loop the ball with a larger lift up action. With some practices, there is not much difficulties for long pip player to attack.

  80. 2) The person against the long pip player wants to make things simple by always top spin to the far side of the table, in such a case he can always loop the long return ball which has down spin. This is because he is afraid of the different spinning of the return ball as compared with inverted rubber. If he is really familiar with the characteristics of long pip rubber, he can adjust his return accordingly whenever he sees the long pips rubber being used. Then this is not necessary.

  81. 3) The long pip player can further trick the inverted rubber player. A) he can retreat his racket before hitting the top spin ball. In such a case, a low short ball is returned just landing near the net and it is almost impossible for the inverted rubber player to loop. The long pip player can do the long and short ball alternatively to trick the inverted player. B) The long pip player can also reverse his rubber alternatively by his other hand, and therefore tricks the inverted player. C) Whenever the inverted player doesn't respond well, such as returning a " barbecue high ball"', then attack.
    Those are the theory only. I am only a TT beginner and doesn't master those technique well.

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