How To: Wrap a Badminton Racket with Cushion Wrap – YumoTube

How To: Wrap a Badminton Racket with Cushion Wrap – YumoTube

Hey guys welcome back to YouTube! In today’s video we’re gonna show you how to put on a cushion wrap onto your
racket handle and in this video we’re using the victor GR-50. So normally people will put on an over grip on top of the original grip and that’s fine for most people but if they want more cushioning they would want to use the cushion wrap. so to use the cushion wrap you first have to take off the original grip because if you put on the cushion wrap on top of this you have to put on
an additional over grip and that would be too thick for most people so after
you take off the original grip this is what it would look like it’s just a wooden
handle You can start at the bottom or at the top. Normally I start at the bottom so you just start wrapping and depending on how much cushion you want
you can adjust the amount of layers you do So here I’m going to do like maybe
three or three layers is good enough just go up and down and this feels about
right so I’m just going to cut it off here So you just rip this and after
this you just put on the over grip you

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  1. Hey Yumo can you compare Lin Dan exclusive shoes against SHB02LT

  2. Hi. Great video! Your shop is amazing. Would love to visit sometime 🙂
    I had a query. I have tried the Yonex voltric 10 DG. Really like racquet, but it's a little on the heavy side. Are the voltric 7dg and the voltric 1dg the same weight as the 10dg? I am considering making a purchase but the slightly high racquet weight is stopping me from doing so. What would you suggest?

  3. a little bit off topic: what are those two rackets used in the video?

  4. I think a roll of electric tape or even cellophane tape is a cheaper alternative to buying cushion wraps which cost quite a big in my country lol

  5. Another economical solution would be using a used grip but flip it on the other side, then furnish with a new grip on top of it.

  6. what is the difference between the Yonex AC-380 and the Victor GR-50

  7. If I use cushion wrap on the wood and wrap it until it's as thick as a replacement grip, will it still weigh less than a regular replacement grip?

  8. Then when I want to change the grip, should I remove the cushion wrap and use a new one? Or I can just leave it and continue to use??

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