How to wrap a Yonex Badminton Racquet Grip

hi my name is Kanwar and today I am
going to show you how to put a badminton grip a good grip on a badminton racket
can improve your short as well as prevent injury
so there you go we have right there sticky part and a non sticky part so
first we remove this and I’m going to tell you the correct way let me run
through how to grip a racket so unfold your Yannick scrap nice and spongy what
you’re looking for is to start at the thin end not the fat end so you start
with the thin end take off the underneath path so it’s really nice and
sticky there in the river keep the society try it on the edge of
the racket then you start first with movers there goes see the side it is
important to get a really good grip for the racket rather than just a 10 bad
grip comes through the back with the rocket itself so here it goes we start
from the edge you do it like this since once you’re in the
end you got this sticky part let’s get this just move this sticky not just like all the fools you got for
this much quicker like this move this by it goes

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