How To Wrap Overgrip Tape – Wilson Tennis Racket Comfort Overgrip Tutorial

How To Wrap Overgrip Tape – Wilson Tennis Racket Comfort Overgrip Tutorial

Overgrips are great if you’re looking for
a temporary and inexpensive fix for a tennis handle. If you take a look at my racquet,
you’ll see that I’ve completely worn out my grip. In fact I actually need a replacement
grip rather than an overgrip. But for now, I’m getting ready to go out and hit a few
balls I really need something on my racquet before I go. So in this video I’ll show you
how to wrap an overgrip and help refresh your handle for your next game. I got this 3 pack
of Wilson overgrips for about $8 on Amazon. The instructions on the package are pretty
basic so a hands-on tutorial is probably going to be most helpful to you. First thing I need
to do is slip off the finishing tape. Just set that aside for now. Go ahead and unroll
the overgrip all the way. At the end, the overgrip is tapered almost to a point. This
is the end I will start with. Before wrapping the handle, I need to peel off this protective
plastic layer. This is actually the second racquet I’m wrapping. On the first one, I
made a mistake I don’t want you to make. On the tapered end of the Wilson overgrip, you’ll
have to look closely but there is this tiny adhesive section at the end. I didn’t see
this when I wrapped my first racquet but after I peel the little tab off, this sticky part
I’ll stick it to the end of my racquet. Just start here at the end of the handle. Now start
wrapping the overgrip onto the handle. Looking from the end of the handle, I’m wrapping counterclockwise.
When wrapping, keep constant tension and slightly stretch the overgrip as you work your way
down towards the head. Here at the end, I’ll need to make
some marks so I’ll know where to cut it. With the overgrip wrapped all the way to the existing
tape, I’m going to make a mark here. Then I’m going to unwrap it a bit to the last point
where the final part of the overgrip overlaps. Make a mark there. Hopefully this becomes
more clear when I make the cut. With the overgrip slightly unwrapped, I’m going to draw my cutline.
There’s an extra mark because I made a mistake the first time but the line should be a diagonal.
Now I need the tape that I set aside earlier. So wrap the end that was just cut securely
onto the handle and then take the tape to secure the overgrip to the racquet. At the
end, just smooth out the tape and it’s done! This overgrip has a great tacky feel to it
and now I’m ready to hit the court! If you found this video helpful, please give me a
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  1. Thank you for making this so easy!!

  2. You've got a voice made for Voice-overs and instructional videos, keep up the good work and thanks!

  3. Blood, multiple mistakes, ink left over, other racquet screwed up and far from a professional job. This warranted a video? Rhetorical

  4. Definitely not the best job I've ever seen but its a good start!

  5. The "pointy" end of the tape should be at the top. And the flat end is what you should start with.

  6. dude you need to remove the replacement grip first, it's a mess. Then install the overgrip (over a grip)but start with the sticky tip in parallel to the grip's end, not crossed as you show in the video.

  7. Good video. Thanks.

  8. Nice tutorial to start for me. But as I read here and saw some other video, you should definitely start with the flat end. Anyway I did it for the first time and I did it as you showed. Thanks 😉

  9. the thin part should be perfectly alligned with the end of the rackt

  10. One other thing no one mentioned is that it's better to cut extra tape on the outer side. That way you don't need to turn the overgrip at the end (keeps even pressure) and the uglier cut side ends up hidden below the finishing tape.

  11. One last thing I noticed after 5:40 is that the finishing tape wasn't fully against the racquet. It's stretchy so if you pull hard enough while wrapping it should be tight around the overgrip and racquet.

  12. 1. you did not start it properly. should be in line with base of handle
    2. you had to much at the end because you stretched it way too much and overlapped too little

  13. Sticker on final stage should be cut as your video

  14. Feedback – Wrong! Sorry but this is just not the way to do it, you are constantly holding the racket in the opposite corner of the angle you need to roll the racket while holding the tape to overlap the right way. You started on the end already in a wrong angle so you will feel that grip at the end having a slight hill where you started to tape…you just need to angle raket and tape better. Maybe you like it this way, but it is simply not the way to do it. When your normal grip is worn through up to the bare racket than you first need to replace the basic grip wrap, and than add an over grip. It holds no excuse to over grip it you could have just bought a normal grip which is same price.

    So eventually you are wasting an over grip here since you really need to replace the basic grip layer first. That is sorry money. And than you end up with a pen stripe on your handle…DUDE lol…you are really nasty man. Try check out the Dunlop tutorial on this, than you will really learn how to do this and how to cut the top part off.

  15. For someone doing a tutorial video, he sure does make a bunch of mistakes. This is the longest grip job ever!

  16. Thank you, much more clear than other videos I watched.

  17. Mate your not qualified to give instructions! That is the sloppiest job I have seen online. If you were qualified to teach others you would be able to replace the ridiculously old original grip in the 6 minutes it took you to stuff up an over grip! Over grips were not made to patch holes!

  18. yay thanks a lot

  19. This is really stupid!! It's worse than the wrong way shown on the back of the package.

  20. WalMart – $2.39

  21. great vid man keep up the good work, although u did get scammed I got it three bucks cheaper at Walmart you hobo

  22. So helpful! Thank you SOOOO much.

  23. Great video! Really helped me!
    Allthough i thought that you should take off the real grip first ??

  24. Thank you. I just over wrapped my putter grip.

  25. you're fucking useless

  26. Thank you so much for this instructional video I really appreciate it. Great music too!

  27. Advice – You should not spoil the grip which was officialy there when you brought the racket.

  28. Not a great instructional video. Need more practices.

  29. Guarda che la punta si taglia al contrario!!!!!!!!!!! ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  30. Guarda che la punta si taglia al contrario!!!!!!!!!!! ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  31. Guarda che la punta si taglia al contrario!!!!!!!!!!! ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  32. Thanks for the helpful video ! I had no idea where to start because, as you mentioned, the
    package instructions are vague at best.

  33. Why do you cut all the things? Wrap an overgrip is very simple, you don't have to cut or mark nothing!

  34. You do it too complicated. If you do this on more rackets it takes to much time

  35. Thank you so much

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