How to Wrap Your Hands – BOXING (best method)

Hey everyone I’m Johnny with expert boxing
i’m going to show you how to wrap your hands today all you need to get started just some
hand wraps rolled up with the loop side out and let’s get started ok when you first put the loop on your
thumb make sure you don’t go this way because
as soon as you close your hand you see this this wrap is going to slip
right off your thumb it’s going to get loose as you fight which is not what you
want you want your hand wrap to stay tight so we go away from the thumb so as I make a fist inside the glove
tightens up the hand wrap which is what you want so first we go three times around the
wrist one two three now we’re going to go three times around
the hand one two three ok now we’re going to go back of the
thumb go three times with 3 x’s between the fingers first one goes between the
pinky and the ring ok here’s the first sex now the second X is going to go between
the ring in the middle right get back to the back of the thumb last text goes
between the middle and the index is between fingers outside around and again
to the back of the thumb now we’re going to go once around the thumb ok
now I’m going to flip my wrap over I’m going to wrap around some again but
this time watch what happens it goes straight down
it doesn’t go all the way around the thumb this is reverse and then wrap locks it
into place so it doesn’t slip out as you’re fighting turn my hand over and go
three times around the knuckles one two three now if you’re a person with big hands
you’re probably you’re probably out by now and you’re done if you got small
hands like me you’re just gonna try to waste the rap so I’m going to make some
some X’s around the back of my hand might go around my wrist like around my
knuckles again I’m just trying to use up the wrap ok and
what I’ll do is I’ll secure it on my wrist that we secure the wrist and
that’s my favorite hand wrap there’s actually more than one way to
wrap your hands but this is my favorite feels the best the hand wrap is not to protect your
knuckles it’s not to pad your knuckles that’s what you have the boxing gloves
for the hand wrap is actually to secure your hand and tighten into a solid fist
like a rock that way any time I close my hand becomes a solid fist of my fingers
don’t break on top of the each other each other or my knuckles don’t break on
top of each other keeps the hand from collapsing it into itself so that’s all
have supposed to do just tighten your hand anytime that you close your fingers
close your hand and tightens it to a hard fist text and that’s all there is
to it and thanks for watching

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