How Will This Pimple Pop? (GAME) ft. Dr. Pimple Popper

How Will This Pimple Pop? (GAME) ft. Dr. Pimple Popper

We’re back and we’re hanging out
with Dr. Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper. And just to reiterate, these pimples are fake, put on by our amazing
makeup crew here. They’re amazing.
They look very realistic. Have you ever seen anything
in the field quite this bad? I have seen things this bad, but I’ve never seen anyone
eat them or anything, so that would be a whole
different kind of thing. You’ve never been tempted
to take whatever landed
on your finger and put it in your mouth?
Good for you. So if you haven’t seen that, click on the video
with the green border. – That was a few segments ago.
– It was quite amazing effects. How does this work? I mean,
for people who haven’t seen it. What are the videos and then
what are we going to do with
this game? Well, what you’re going to do is you’re going to watch
some of my favorite– or the very most popular videos
that I have, – and you’re going to guess.
– Of your own work. Yes, these are my patients.
These are my own surgeries. These are procedures
that I’ve done on my own. And we film them. I guess what this
all comes down to – is you can’t predict–
– How it popped. Yeah, what a cyst looks like, or what a pop
is going to be like, so… – I want you to see–
– Is that part of the thrill? That’s part of the thrill.
I think that’s what part of
what people like about it. So we’re going to give
you guys a chance to see what kind of pop
this is going to be. – Okay.
– Okay, what’s up first? Okay, so first up, we have a simple back cyst
that you can really barely see. – Oh.
– I don’t see… My finger is pointing to it That’s a back. That’s– There’s nothing there. So does this pop A,thin and sticky, like expired
children’s silly string…
Rhett:Oh, come on.Or B, thick and ominous,like it’s literally
the monster from “Dune”?
– I think this has gotta be A.
– Really? ‘Cause we’re talking about
something that’s deep down, and there’s like a little pool
where we can’t even see it
and it’s going to come at me– How could it be
thick and ominous? It’s gonna come out
like a little snake. You don’t watch my videos,
do you? So– Oh, well,
then I’m going with B, thick and ominous. You sure?
I think she’s just
throwing you off. I think you’re trying to throw
me off and her not throwing me
off. – I’m going with A.
– B. Okay, and the answer is
in the video. Rhett: Oh, gosh.
Link: Oh, yes! Thick and frickin’ ominous! Oh, wow! No, how! – Those are your hands?
– Yes, those are my hands. They look like gloves. Yeah, this is a cyst.
This is a typical cyst. – That is just
macerated keratin.
– That’s typical? That is wet skin cells. All right, let’s do another one. Okay, next one. All right,
question number two. This next one is a pilar cyst. Now, pilar cysts
occur on the scalp. That’s just the scalp
of a young guy. – Oh, my gosh.
– This is–
they’re really common. Looks like the scalp
of an opossum. You sure that’s a human? What’s this pop like? Is it A, curvy and squiggly,
like an albino garden snake. ( shuddering )
Gosh. Or B, short and squat, like a lifestyle vlogger’s
decorative birch tree trunk? Short and squat. Really? You think
this is short and squat? That’s what I said. I mean,
you were right last time, I’m still going with A,
curvy and squiggly. I’m hoping for the best. If you’re right,
I’ll pop a zit on your face. – Okay.
– ‘Cause they’re
kinda bothering me. They need to be popped. They’re all on the side,
just calling out our name. I will say that.
Okay, you ready? The answer is… Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Pilar cysts are cool because
they come out usually intact. That’s part
of that dude’s brain. No, it’s on top of the brain. No, that’s part of the brain.
You just squeezed somebody’s
brain out. No, but it’s quite satisfying,
isn’t it? It’s not satisfying.
To who? It feels good
that it’s gone. I mean can you imagine watching
this right before you go to
sleep? That’s what my wife does. Your wife is crazy. This is her
lull-a-freakin’-bys. I don’t know why we’re compatible. Because she’s amazing.
She’s amazing. You wanna pop this one
or that one? – You wanna pop one.
– I– Yeah, but I don’t wanna eat it.
that’s for sure. I’ll pop one.
Want me to pop one? Pop his ’cause
that’s bothering me. This one right here–
yeah, I’ll pop it. – And that one.
– Oh, okay. Okay, ready? Oh, yeah, there you go. That is really realistic,
though, I will tell you. I am not– I never smell cysts,
by the way. That’s the first
time I’ve smelled a cyst. You know that
it’s actually food. I know, but I wanna say it’s
spaghetti, but I’m afraid. Let’s do another one.
I don’t know.
You tell us what it is. Oh, did you taste it? Yeah, it doesn’t taste
like anything. Sriracha? I don’t know. Is there another
hot sauce one? Stevie:
I think it’s just tomato. – Oh, tomato.
– She tasted it. She’s a good sport. I do. I know it’s food. Okay, ready?
The next question. – Make more nightmares.
– Question number three. All righty here.
We’re going to look at
a steatocystoma. Okay? Link:Is that a wrist?– Lee:Yeah, that is a–
– Rhett:A Seattle cystoma?This happens to people
in the Northwest?
Steatocystoma. They call them Seattle Tacomas,
too. How does this cyst pop? A, smooth and twisty,
like thick Olive Garden
creamy linguini. – Oh, gosh.
– Never going there again. Or B, sudden and hard, like a shiny silver
river pebble that magically pops
out of the river, and indicated the beginning of your young adult
sci-fi novel adventure. I wanna see that. I’m hoping that
it’s sudden and hard. Yeah, I think it’s sudden and
hard, just like a bloop, and it just comes right out, like it’s a rock
underneath the skin.
Let’s see it. Let’s find out. – Oh, gosh.
– Oh, smooth and twisted. Olive Garden all the way. This is very typical
for a steatocystoma. They come out like this, like
linguini, we call them. Or butter.
They come out like butter. – It’s not butter.
– Looks like Vaseline. They are actually
a fan favorite. For some reason
people really love them. because I think they’re
very unexpected, what you find under the skin. Do people who
really like your videos start doing things
to induce their own zits – so they can pop them?
– I hope not. No, I don’t think so,
but I do think they chase their
husbands or wives around the house
and want to, you know,
take care of it. They find the zits
in their lives.They do. Question number four.
Here’s the picture.
This one’s already leaking. –This is in the inguinal area.
– Link:Is that a butt?The inguinal,
which is like this part right
here, the V in the front. – Okay, got it.
– Below your abdomen. And this one’s already leaking. I already nicked it
with a needle or something. Oh, gosh, why? But it has a distinctive
conclusion. How do you think
this pop erupts? A, thick and goopy like
an explosion of garlic
mashed potatoes. – Or–
– Oh, gosh. Why are you ruining
so many foods for me? ‘Cause it’s organic.
It’s always like food.B, watery and explosive like
the fountains at Bellagio.
Rhett:I’ve spent a lot of time
just staring at the fountains
at the Bellagio.
– They’re mesmerizing.
– Never again. This will mesmerize you,
though. – Uh…
– It’s gotta be
thick and goopy, right? I think this is going to be
watery and explosive ’cause it’s near the stomach. There’s a lot of goop
in there. Cysts don’t go
all the way to the core. This is in the skin.
This is in the skin. And it’s just wet skin. I know you’re a doctor, but I
just feel like it finds a way. – It just finds a way
to get in there.
– Thick and goopy. B, watery and explosive. Okay, let’s see it. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! No! No! No! No! No! No! I don’t even know
what’s right. I’m right. Mashed frickin’
potatoes, man. Yes, yes, you’re not doing
very well, Rhett. – All right, I took the lead.
– I don’t have the gift,
and I don’t care. Okay, the last one.
Question number five. Okay, for the grand finale, we have what we call
the baby-faced cyst.It’s on the left hip
of a gentleman.
– Link:Oh, my goodness.
– Lee:It had a little
baby face.
Are you sure
that’s just not a twin? Well, we find out. This is an epidermoid cyst that was on a man
for over 50 years. So when this came out,
when we birthed it, this 50-year-old baby-faced
cyst baby. Did it look like A,
gray goop?Like gray oil sludge that
mysteriously clogged up
your brand new lawn mower?
Or B, A hairball,like it was actually
a gigantic ball of hair? Oh, gosh.
Oh, gosh. This guy had hair
for 50 years? You– I mean,
I wanna see hair come out. I bet it’s hair. Gosh. – Oh, please be hair.
– It’s gotta be gray goop. I don’t even think I’ll
be grossed out by hair. Now, because I’m winning
and I wanna win a game ’cause I rarely do that, I’m going to agree
and say a hair ball. Okay, you think it’s hair ball? – Yes.
– Okay. Okay, let’s find out. – Oh. Oh.
– No. – Oh! Oh!
– Oh. – We’re both wrong.
– Man, you flinched on that one. I had to catch it like
it was going to spray on me. I had to, like, block it,
and I grabbed the gauze. We didn’t have enough
gauze under us. That looks like something
that’s been just packed up
in there for 50 years. Yeah, it’s like clay. Actually people– A lot
of people say on this one, “Try the gray stuff.
It’s delicious.” That’s what the quote is,
I guess. – Oh!
– Do the text. What do you do with that stuff?
Do you keep it? – No.
– All right, so it looks like I win
this as well. Do the honors
on the one that…
hmm… This is a good one.
This actually should be
really ripe. Just like a little pus
Coming here. Oh, yes, it is.
It was a bubble. It was green, too. Oh, gosh!
It came out on your hand! Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. Now, you say,
“You know what time it is.” You know what time it is. ( groans ) This is Angie and I’m Hassan. And we’re spending our honeymoon
in Bali. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Whoo-hoo! Congratulations
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