Hubba Hubba Quiz Quiz: Rehearsal vs. Real Live Show

Hubba Hubba Quiz Quiz: Rehearsal vs. Real Live Show

[hip-hop music] [epic music] [wolf whistle] [player piano music] It’s time to play our first
ever Hubba-Hubba Quiz-Quiz. Let’s bring out our contestants! [upbeat music] [cheering] [upbeat game show music] Hi. Hi! You’re Matt? Yeah. You’re Frankie? I am. You would be Matt. That’s my name. Yes, and you would be Frankie? Correct. What founding father
is on the $10 bill? [game show music] George Washington? No. [buzzer] Thomas Jefferson? Mm, no, no, it is not. [buzzer] And there’s no
need to lean down. We can hear you. [laughter] It’s Alexander Hamilton. Yeah. How many stripes are
on the American flag, and how many stars? 13 stripes and 50 stars. There’s 50 stars and 13 stripes? That’s right. Yes. [ding] [applause] You don’t need to
lean down that far. [laughter] Name 6 of the
original 13 colonies. Oof. Just three of them. OK, um– Just name three places. You don’t want to even
name three places? [laughs] No. Name one. [laughs] [game show music] [laughs] Uh, Massachusetts? Massachusetts. Uh, Connecticut? Yes. New Hampshire? Yep. Vermont? [laughter] No. Something with a D? Rhode Island. Not with a D, but yes. Dela– Delaware? [laughs] Yes. Yes. Good, smart. Thank you. OK. [game show music] Frankie, who invented
the telephone? Uh– [sighs] Thomas Edison? Thomas Jefferson? [game show music] And he was friends with– [laughter] Alexander Graham Bell. Who wrote the play Hamlet? [game show music] [sighs] [game show music] Shakespeare! Yes! [dings] Couldn’t tell you. OK. I’m not going to
tell you either. [laughter] [game show music] You’re both pretty. [game show music] [hip-hop music]

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  1. Is Math related to Science?

  2. Heyyyyu…i'm from mauritius and i love ellen's shoe

  3. I'm the 241th WATCHER YEA

    And oh cool hunks


  4. ? ? only for the cute men ?

  5. An someone please tell me they have instagram ?

  6. Did she base it on Rick's wubba lubba dub dub?


  8. We want BTS on the show!!!!

  9. I’m 15 and I knew the answer to all of these

  10. Frankie and Matt are so gorgeous!!

  11. I hope they use Frankie more, he’s great….. ?

  12. Iam the4th watcher

  13. Hubba Hubba,SO FUNNY Thank ya Ellen 4 giving them direction they'll needed it ❤ya Ellen ✌?

  14. Lol I love to watch behind the scenes

  15. Thomas edison… Really??

  16. 666 likes….. Ooooooooohh


  18. They should do this with beautiful women instead

  19. Love to see the behind the scenes !

  20. show the it cast I deer you Ellen please

  21. People really need more general knowledge

  22. Ellen can you send me a ticket so i can be um your show to play in one of your new games

  23. How does this air headed production assistant get a job on the ellen show and I'm over here 3 college degrees later making pennies. ??

  24. Matt will get his last paycheck

  25. LOL a while they have all of the videos the comments are disabled except this one ha ha Ha

  26. Ellen show us the videos or images of Steven paddock inside of Mandalay bay since you are responsible for covering up the biggest mass murder in us history.

  27. I'm sad because I have a lot of homework and I don't have any time to watch the Ellen Show ???? I'm starting to get depressed.

  28. whenever you have a bad day watch ellen .?

  29. Sorry Ellen, but Bell did not invent the telephone. Meucci and Reis did most of the work over a decade before Bell!

  30. As if everyone knows what a hunk is

  31. Vermont was the 14th state

  32. Please do more like this.,., loved it

  33. they do not know simple question ..! how strange..

  34. I would take Robby over the hunks.

  35. These adds are annoying


  37. Los de musculosa blanca están reeeee guapetones. Bien buenos ??????

  38. I'm just saying if we're shaming everybody….
    let's just shame Everybody!
    People on the left seem to want to live a very politicaly correct life so they should own it. Just like Jimmy Kimble with that game where he has a 17 year old or an 18 year old putting her hands down his pants. this is hypocrisy at its best.
    The way it looks to me is that only people that like Donald Trump have to be politically correct or else they will be under Fire

  39. Ellen is ever so overrated. Her antics are tiring. Nothing new here.

  40. … supercars getting crashed

  41. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub?

  42. Sexualization of women-Bad Sexualization of men– Apparently completely Ok???

  43. "I can't tell ya." "I'm not gonna tell you either.." ..line soooo epic

  44. All I can say is its a good thing one of those hunks is so good looking, because is as dumb as door knob! He just cracked the stereotype of a dumb blonde.

  45. This is how Donald Trump wins, y'all.

  46. Is Ellen sure she's gay? She does seem fond of these super-hunky guys.

  47. When you're not american so you only know one answer: alexander graham bell

  48. How dumb are these people??

  49. Robby should better be a dancing hunk!

  50. The “hunks” actually got Bell right.

  51. How does someone that dumb able to get through the hiring process to work on the Ellen Show?

  52. Frankie and Matt the HUNKS OF THE DAY

  53. Robby >>>> hotter than >>>> Frankie + Matt together

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