Hula Hoops, Hopscotch and Horseshoes – Outdoor Games Video

Hula Hoops, Hopscotch and Horseshoes – Outdoor Games Video

DADDY BRAD: Remember back in the day before
video games when kids used to play outside? That’s right, Daddy-O, I’m talking about
hula hoops, hopscotch and horse shoes. This episode it brought to you by Baby Bjorn
– classic baby gear, Baby Bjorn. I like to introduce my kids to the fun and
simple activities we used to do when we were little and what could be more fun and simple
than hula hoops. Now once your kids get the hang of it here’s
a cool game you can play. Get two cups of apple juice and then see who can drink their
apple juice first while they’re hula hoping. You can put anything in your cup that you
want. Hopscotch! All you need is a rock, some chalk
and a side walk. Draw squares on the side walk like so and number them one to ten. Throw
your rock and then hop on one foot avoiding the square with the rock on it on the way
up. Hop on one foot on the way down and pick up the rock. It’s a great coordination building
game for the kids and you can also teach some numbers. Horseshoes are a great game for adults but
they can be heavy and hard to throw and not to mention dangerous for kids. That’s why
I like recommend horseshoes for kids. AKA, Corn Hole. All you do is throw this bag of
corn into the hole. All you need is six bags of corn and some plywood with holes in it.
You can buy it at any sporting goods store and you can order it at The object
is to throw the bags of corn into the holes. Scoring is much like horseshoes. 3 points
if you get it in the hole. One point if you get it on the board. Well, that’s all for this time on Quality
Time. We’d like to thank our sponsor, Baby Bjorn – quality, classic baby gear, Baby
Bjorn. If you’ve got an old school game you like to play with your kids go on over
to and let us hear about it now check this out…

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  1. loving the alliteration

  2. too funny seeing Brad try to hula hoop!

    We like Hide and Seek around here.

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