Humble Winter Sale & How To Get More Free Games

Humble Winter Sale & How To Get More Free Games

Hello and welcome to Low budget gaming
and welcome to another sales and deals roundup for the weekend we have a few
interesting deals and sales going on right now and also a chance to get a few
free games but not in the normal sense so I’ll explain what I mean
humble is having their winter sale currently until the 24th of January they
have a lot of games on sale here you can get witcher 3 and things like that so
nothing really outstanding we don’t have any new historic lows or something Monster Hunter
World was at a good price at 39.59
you get a bit of a discount if you are a monthly subscriber so this will be
about 35 something so check it out if you’re interested and also make sure to
pick up a story about my uncle if you haven’t done so already this should be
free for another 8 hours I think so yeah make sure to get it if you haven’t also
they are offering some free games if you spend some money in the humble stores so
if you remember they used to do this stamp thing so in the past when you
visited the site you got a stamp every day unfortunately they used to run out
of the keys very quickly so instead of giving it away to everyone they are now
only giving this to people who spend some money in the store so for every $5
you spend you get a stamp with one stamp you get Teslagrad and with three stamps
you get Desync so if you are going to spend something make sure to get
these games as well so they’re not free free but free if you buy something so
that is the first thing I wanted to talk about then we also have an update to the
humble Monthly if you remember these two are the early unlocks Yakuza 0 and the
division the first division game and they’ve also revealed rapture rejects so
this is a small game with some battle royale elements early access and this is
also their what they’ve done is they have given another game to show you what
is included in this one but I’m not too impressed by this because it’s not a
strong enough game for people to change their mind about the bundle so if
people who are interested in getting this bundle they would have decided
based on these two this is probably not going to change their
minds too much so yeah so this has also been revealed and in the trove they’ve
added frozen cortex Roombo first blood was added when the unlocks for last
month were revealed and frozen cortex is added as well so as you know the
trove is a collection of drm-free games that you can download and install from
your PC and these are given to people who are the on the monthly subscription
so I just wanted to update that I also wanted to go over chrono GG and I
haven’t mentioned this site in a while but they have some good offers and I
just wanted to go over this because you can get some free games here as well but
first what they do is they have one offer every day so for 24 hours they
have one deal and it’s usually on a historic low at least from the US point
of view so you can buy the game and what they also do is they give you some free
coins so every day you don’t have to buy anything if you just come to the site
after 9:00 a.m. Pacific time you can click on this and you’ll get some daily
coins about 20-30 coins you also get some extra coins on the third day or the
seventh day or the 14th day on 28 I think and that all adds up once we have
collected a lot of coins you can go to the coin shop and then use those coins
to buy something so these are the games available right now
I had 22,000 coins with me and I just picked up this game star story The
Horizon escape because it looks like a casual cartoony type game and I thought
I’d check it out see what’s like so right they also have insurgency for only
four thousand coins and forced slightly better edition I haven’t heard of this
game and same for star Vikings normally there’s smaller indie games but occasionally they have some decent games like Kingdom classic was here and what else let’s see if I can find anything well
known here Galactic Civilizations 3 okay that’s not bad rising storm, outline Miami, golf it,
dead cells so they’ve had some decent games in here as well so yeah so if if
nothing else just visit the site daily also you get some coins by
buying something so if you buy something on the offer you get some coins as well
I’ll put their links in the description so you can check out just pick up the
coins every day even if you’re not interested in their offers and
occasionally you’ll find something that is good just keep collecting the coins
and they add some games every two weeks so every year I think Sunday two Sundays
they will add some new games here two to four games and you can quickly come up
here and see if there’s something interesting and if you have enough coins
collected you can pick up a game here and you’ll get a steam key you’ll redeem
it on Steam so and yeah that’s how the site works a good site I would say
because their offers are usually new laws before Steam I saw things like
Hellblade and stuff like that on a new low here before I saw it on Steam so
that’s why I decided to partner with them as well but yeah that’s another way
to get some free games if you are interested and yeah that’s it for this
video thank you for watching and see you in the next one

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