I Actually Made a Girl Cry in VR – VRChat Funny Moments

I Actually Made a Girl Cry in VR – VRChat Funny Moments

are you going oh my god are you okay give them my head Pass okay okay all right are you gonna be stuck hey what’s your what’s your name can I help you um yeah maybe you can do some weight for me how dare you say something so so true to me hey hey you hey you hey you think waifu yeah this yeah you hey would you would you like to go out on a date with me hold on a second let me know hey hey we don’t talk about minecraft okay hey can you can you face me without chewing your tuchus oh my god is that oh my god is that Kermit hey hold chromatic run here oh my hey hey big giant lady I’m talking to you Oh Oh God I don’t know hey can you hear me hey yeah yeah yeah yeah come closer whisper sweet nothings to me oh my god what is happening over here hey hey listen are you dude twins are you both single oh what’s happening over there oh my god oh no what’s the final bus Oh what are you looking at Oh what is going on whoa Holy Mother and probably do a pretty good more the impression I can’t I could 100% do a good morning impression I see you are a men of culture very many answers cocaine and propane accessories I see you both are a man of culture too and lady oh that’s an appropriate sensor that please oh right yo Rick Rick yeah Maury I’ve been looking for you Rick’s oh jeez what needs to be Rick when you can be Oh might ah ah ah hello everyone it’s me all might and we are back in another episode of my new academia and today like what your inter you’re interrupting only villains do this listen tell me whatever I spawn in your about a 1v1 me bro all right all right well I this one for me to the field this machine is challenging me shall we go show him his maker all right I’m coming over oh oh Jesus I mean whoa oh my goodness everyone knows the first rule all Mike gets roasted oh let me in let me in oh yeah baby you were about to fly brother all right let’s go toss me into space Oh Hey Hey look at me I survived cuz I’m all might alright evildoer are we gonna fight or what and now let’s go 1v1 I need someone inside me first Oh once started why are you running alright let’s you want to go link yeah I’m a big fan Lincoln can I get an autograph linka I didn’t finish breath little wild but I promise we’ll get back to it my finish breath of the wild it was a good one well aren’t you high and mighty huh yo Squidward Squidward what happened when I go on a date with my female friend yeah let’s do it right here hey is she ready is she single is she 18 she’s single yes she’s 18 okay well perfect no no no no no oh excuse me link you think you can just hey you’ve got Zelda that’s enough okay don’t be don’t be a hog like that trying to go on a date with this female Grint I thought you were smart I know you smarter we all know me sorry guys hey you know hey what hey what makes you think that I care that’s the real question it’s 2019 okay I can like whatever I want now back away take my hand angel God we take you on a magic ride that’s right hey what do you want what are you gonna do are you gonna make a good game hahaha Goti just kidding I love you Nintendo what I’m Rick Morty I boys he’s Lee Morty this is a really bad time for you to just spawn around okay I don’t want you to see this is legal I don’t want you to see this oh my now I definitely don’t want you to see this okay all right can you skedaddle I got a room I gotta go I gotta go take this waifu okay can you hear if you’re here you can hop in her what go hop in there I can you can hop in there hey can you pop it inside it you can ride her you’re too young and you need to stay here LM huffing in boys Oh Oh Mike whoa oh jeez okay all right let me hop that hey get back down here wait wait wait wait no hey you got more tea what is it more tea I think so I think you did I don’t like this you know what more tea no one likes you one you know what this was a scam bud you know what’s sad because no one this is a scam oh my god that’s two now I’m sorry give me a three starter veal and Yelp guys okay I’m getting a little creeped out now I like I get it but at the same time this is getting a little weird hey Morty you can run while you can well apparently one of them survived they reproduced and now they’re trying to seduce you oh god okay well I’m out of here oh it looks like I’m gonna have to jump off this cliff I’m jumping off this cliff oh yeah I jumped off the cliff Morty Morty listen you’re too young to be here and you should go back to your parents they’re gonna kill me summers gonna kill me if he knows you’re in the server you gotta go right now can you get your hand out of my butt sorry hey listen what’s my favorite meal go everything neither of those were good chicken nugget you know what you win I thought I trusted you you know I let I let you watch me cry and eight giant thick waifu’s what my god it’s the imposter Rick Oh Morty it’s okay calm down Morty just just follow my scent okay I’m the real one morning worried no he’s not he’s lying think Morty Morty come on Morty come on follow me Morty come on let’s go come here Morty come here boy come here boy come with me Oh No minecraft you want it you want to know the best part about those stories my friend come here kit bring me your ear let me let me go into your ear and whisper hey we’re all [Music] Morty shut up no one asks you by the way I downloaded your song on iTunes when I was little please don’t tell me you mean in love with a villager just go with the flow as just just because you’re a true friend I’m gonna sing a line from in love with a villager for you okay they say that diamonds are the brightest that’s on that’s all you’re getting from me please stop please stop now please please stop Morty Morty you don’t need to know that’s just oh my god hey wait what oh that’s so adorable here subscribe hey no don’t don’t don’t cry don’t cry it’s okay I’ve watched your videos before dude I’ve watch your videos wait is he crying what’s going on now fangirling Oh guys oh oh my god are you okay oh my god oh that’s okay don’t cry hey well hey it’s really it’s really nice to meet all your fans that are all grown up now I mean it’s it’s a little strange but it’s also pretty cool so yeah yeah you know what guys this is a moment this is definitely a moment right now so I you know I’m I kind of lost I’m at a loss of words I broke character right now for this so are you okay hey well you know what I’m just trying my best to make a fool of myself for entertainment so it’s kind of nice to have a humbling moment with you guys like this well you know it’s so this it’s so we this is so strange but like this is so nice like what I love your interesting hey thanks man they’re all real and listen don’t listen to what people say though they’re actually all real and I made them so I can archive my memories in video format so that’s why I did it so my question is really the first I’m getting questions what formal I know ask your question one at a time one formal line that’s totally great just line up if you want to talk all right who’s first sorry you’re are you okay are you okay hey what’s your what’s your name Destinee it’s really nice to meet you and I couldn’t be happier to cross paths with you right now I really appreciate all the love and support you’ve given me over the years and that goes for any one of you guys that have watched my content you guys are literally the reason why I do what I do five years oh my god well you hey you’re already an honorary via Razer member alright with questions questions I’m mordy mordy what was your question alright my question was well you know if it feels like you’re the first like to me I watched your first doing like animator telling storytelling before I actually found other people who you know do stories and animate it you’re the first one to actually like make it friendly I think I was one of the first but Dominic’s was one of the originals I I might have been one of the first people but tommix and there was another guy it’s musii swoozie I first found yours very interesting before I actually started subscribing to everybody else étoile thanks I’m gonna guess you were you were doing to inspire them I mean I don’t know I’m gonna guess that’s what I feel like I mean maybe yo minecraft animations to draw on animations my craft a you a lot of those minecraft animations were all me that in love with the villager I animated all of that all you really need is passion hey Squidward I love you too hey shout out the destiny are you streaming yes you are hey well guys thank you so much for taking the time to watch another video here on Papa fear gaming I’d like to personally shout out all these awesome people in here and I’d like to also shout out like and subscribe for about your unique own Nicolini tux oh my god alright thanks for watching bye [Music]

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