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  1. Sorry, my cat ate all the in-game audio for the next three games!
    But the good news is you can hear me spamming my keys even better.

  2. Xem like Cmt One
    I love You cowsep

  3. last time I was this early, cowsep was in a interview with FamousNubrac, btw, you still gotta duo with the man

  4. hi cowsep have a good day!

  5. Glad that i'm on the early viewers?

  6. Cowsep numper one :))

  7. Sir Cowsep, Ignite and Smite also works on Conquerors+Triumph+Alacrity+Last Stand then the secondaries are Ghost Poro and Relentless Hunter. You should try that and ganking lanes would be more easier.

  8. what a nice game!!! WP

  9. Pha Penta đẳng cấp thật, nai xừ

  10. Where's my team? LOL ???

  11. Đm đúng là lũ occho auto pick ys

  12. my question is, what exactly are you spamming cowsep? like i heard u spam W like 5 times to meditate around 5:02 like why lol

  13. Big early for the cowseppi

  14. All yasuo's cancers always is in your team when you play LOL

  15. wait is Yasuo really called "Daxua" in Vietnamese?? Why don't they use the original names lmao

  16. Are you growing a beard or is it just me

  17. i watch cowsep for that satisfying key board asmr

  18. Hey can you maybe edit in at the end of the video a progessbar so we can see how far cowsep is away from grandmaster?

  19. That ending was awesome

  20. You play lol like tekken damn lotsa button mash but oh well 70 ping i guess

  21. Every time see this dude Alpha.
    What the heck just happen???

  22. Nobody:

    Cowsep : I hate that item

  23. Yo mate why is there nine monkeys in your game

  24. He played Master Yi super slowing down. please

  25. Không có ai VN RỒI

  26. Wait a sec does cowsep use a controller???????????????

  27. Cowsep mắt ông bị lag à

  28. Nobody:
    Cowsep at 0:09 : OwO

  29. A game that ends with EVERYONE dead ?

  30. No one ever respects the Yi. When I see people try to 1v1 that champ I shake my head. I respect Yi so much I ban him ;).

  31. i feed the pain of his keyboard bro

  32. Old eyeball collection will come back in next patch. Let u know

  33. i feel bad for cowsep's keyboard

  34. Broken keyboard keys for a PENTAKILL…
    Cowsep: Naah! At least its worth ?

  35. I love those echoes

  36. lua giá bong cháy:))))

  37. Can you make a video tutorial on the jewel and Master Yi's dressing up in version 9.24 ??

  38. Hey i am a great fan of yours from turkey . And ı wonder how do you play aganist jax and what would you do when they banned master yi ? (not just quit the game tho )

  39. I once had a Shaco with 50 kills, no drag and baron. We lost and he called ME an idiot

  40. love your videos!! gggggg

  41. That poor keyboard tho xD

  42. Thank you Cowsep. I really liked the series where you played Karthus.

  43. Platinum- can confirm. it is always a Yasuo with a Yasuo team tag

  44. "I Hate That Item"

    – Cowsep

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