I Bought All The AirPods on Wish…

I Bought All The AirPods on Wish…

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  1. Special episode tomorrow..turn Notifs On for a bonus vid on Saturday's (secret code: ??)

  2. The one in the blue shirt looks like Shawn mendas

  3. Are u sponsored by wish????

  4. I used to have i15 TWS and I figured out how to work both of them. So is it you not trying, or is it actually the BT/Hardware

  5. Off brand dope on nope

  6. Ok not every body wants air pods you act like their is only 1 brand and most airpod owners are just whereing them to show off

  7. when he said ‘ wow it looks like she’s talking through a really old phone ‘ and made the noise my youtube crashed

  8. I think the fakes are better than the real

  9. My i9s uses lightning

  10. Try for 35 – 80% on purchase
    ? cbfvnksh
    ? syckqrj

  11. Keith, instead of ueeting the white AirPods which are the same, give them to me ?


  13. It's okay if I went one iPhone or it's okay but when one the airpod please

  14. the right ones are real

  15. Read my comment and pin it because it will make my family jealous

  16. The ones on the right

  17. Me: puts in airpods


  18. This code works use it! rcwhctl


  20. Who else got a wish ad?

  21. Ppl at my school get bullied if u have fake AirPods T-T

  22. Can you use the i12 tws with android phones?

  23. He said 10 beans that's NY slang

  24. I’m blue and white I9s

  25. the one on the right is the real one because the part that you open the case with is bigger

  26. Right hand one as apple air pod case has wider floppy thing

  27. wow…I got lots of apple products through alexandriaxteam on IG.

  28. You should of got the I 12 tws airpods

  29. U guys should try cooyee AirPods

  30. ???????☺️????☺️?

  31. You should do the best speakers you can get on WISH plz do this it would mean the world to me!

  32. 11:15 I snorted ???

  33. Look at 9:26 The Airpod in his ear is making me so mad

  34. Some airpodes come with one

  35. Use code wdhbzpr for %50 off on your first order

  36. 14:25 what’s on his phone

  37. Left AirPods are real because they go in opposite directions.

  38. my airpod is fake:(

  39. Who got a wish advert???

  40. They should look up refurbished AirPods

  41. Try i11 there not that bad

  42. I think you fut dom

  43. I got a wish add for AirPods and I was like?

  44. 12:50 future airpods pro wtfg

  45. The right one is the actual air pod

  46. Who else is wearing real AirPods right now!

    Yeah, me neither

  47. The air pods with the buttons is fake on both of them is kinda fake

  48. The second one on the right

  49. Do they work well?

  50. Can i have a pare of airpods

  51. The one by your friend

  52. me: puts fake airpods in

    * person talks to me *

    me: im sorry, i dont speak peasant

  53. The reason it works in one ear then switches is cause the song could be in 3d audio or there just trash

  54. Can i have one please

  55. this is posted on my bday lol

  56. Brb imma go eat cerial

  57. 14:17 “gweat cownnection”?

  58. I can’t find the i10’s ?

  59. Can u send the link plz the link in description doesn’t work please please same one

  60. My friend had a pair of fake AirPods and he was shook when I said they were fake

  61. Can u try the xg 13

  62. Hey I just got off the road right behind my back so I can get back get ready to go get back there at the house I’ll let you know what y’all doing I’ll talk homeboy

  63. On Dish can you buy Samsung Galaxy earbuds

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