I Bought All The Tablets on Wish…

I Bought All The Tablets on Wish…

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  1. Do a “ I bought all the bed sheets on wish”

  2. Do an I bought all the Spy Gadgets on Wish

  3. Ay brooooo BUY SOME SHOES ??????

  4. I truly believe the first 3-5 reviews, that you see, are fake as hell.

  5. hello Techsmarrt please tell us how can send buck aur order buck if the order is small i need to another one can i send buck to wish please share a video

  6. spoilt douchebags , so many kids would have been happy to play with those, at least donate. you guys suck hard.

  7. Buy smart phones off wish

  8. Why is everyone pissing chains? Obviously not going to be an in depth review they are just showing how wish Can give almost the same product for different pricing. Other dude was okay he reminds me of Jonah hill, they are having fun and some people have to shit on this? Like why?

  9. Not try a be rude, but umm

    Can you all tine the hate down on Corey, cause seriously, who cares

  10. Can you do a review on the super large tablets, 13 inch and up… there’s some besides the iPad pros´s

  11. This is purely to entertain the moronic under youth of a third world. No reviewing no tech specs no actual learning anything. Garbage

  12. Way too, h h talk guys. Get to the POINT!,!!!!!!!!!

  13. Do like laptop category it's going to be wishi sushi

  14. 'like on the dark web'

  15. Comparing old ipad with cheap android tablet is ??‍♂️

  16. I wish you would turn the music in the background off when doing a sound review because it makes it difficult to fully hear the audio on the tablets.

  17. Omg ? did u bought all the tablets on Wish oh man what are u doing with it

  18. Can you do computers on wish

  19. Cory kinda ruin the video… Tbh

  20. make i buy all the speakers on wish pls

  21. Lmao the funny thing I’m watching it on the iPad gen6

  22. corey acting like stupid ga y

  23. You should do Iphones

  24. I tried to watch the video all the way but that background music drove me insane man seriously dabudabudi bu da di bu da di.

  25. Bro I have the iPad mini 2

  26. who would drop it in real life ? Only stupid people drop ipads and little kids lol

  27. Corey is a big fkkn baby. Yes please dobt ever bring him back. I had to laugh and not a good laugh when Corey plugged his merch. Yeah right.

  28. 0:37 that’s all u need for some fun ahahah

  29. You Guys are so rough with stuff…omg…..why?

  30. Corey basically has never used a device

    Next thing you know

    I don't know what app store is

  31. CBFWZHBM wish promo

  32. so no one gonnatalk about how good that iPad clone look ?

  33. the guy next to him is a posh twat

  34. corey is a dickhead and some kids who don’t have a great life would have absolutely loved them and they just break it a total dickhead

  35. 17:41 that sound is iconic

  36. Two retarded kids with money, Sad.


  38. Hands down the worst background music of any video I've ever watched on YouTube. Absolute torture.

  39. Why is he on your video..

  40. We got clickbaited because I got on wish and there’s still more tablets so it wasn’t all of then(frowny face)

  41. Would have been nice if you would have left links for particular tablets

  42. I've bought several android tablets off wish that I was using as home automation wall controllers. The two main issues are there are never system updates, and worse , they seem to had advertising shit built it that starts revealing itself after a while

  43. you should by all the phones on wish

  44. Please try realistic robots

  45. Se me hace una tristeza que desprecies esas tablets, , ya que en una misma de esas veo tus vídeos …

  46. It would be really cool if they did "Revamp wish tablets". Like they take a shitty barely workable wish tablet, add like a new cpu and more ram, new os, and boom amazing tablet.

  47. the styli got me omg

  48. Try random Bluetooth earphones please

  49. I miss Myspace ??? forgot my **

  50. nfxkkfq use coupon and get 15% to 90% off super safe purchase i bought a product and arrived in perfect condition now and your turn !!!!!!!!!

  51. I would be happy with anything I get

  52. Can I have the iPad Pro pls

  53. Buy all the laptops

  54. 14:02 cringy as fuck

  55. What do you do with all of these products y'all try?

  56. Yo busco la QERE por internet y no la encuentro

  57. the tablet you had 3 of i know your strugle i had 1

  58. you should get suprem on wish

  59. wwxfspn
    Discount code to get up to 50% off on wish ✨?

  60. Buy all the dildos and test them?

  61. Seriously Corey why are you so judge mental look at the prices You seriously act entitled like you’ve never had to live on a budget has anybody ever handed you an actual low and android have you ever owned a flip phone in your life

  62. Use this code⬇️for 50% off your first purchase:)


  63. I like your videos but WTF

  64. Dude why is cory getting hate? Yes he may have a bit of attitude but atleast he ain't being fake he is just giving his opinion so just stop giving hate for such a little thing if your hating on him for this your no better then a boomer who gets mad for any little thing

  65. Dude , shouldve donated those if you dont like em. Not everyone is fortunate like you guys.

  66. Bed sheets. Hahahs

  67. Do the buying all the computer's on wish

  68. You should do a buying every laptop on wish

  69. 9:26 content starts

  70. Them: we didn’t throw it about.
    proceed to bang it on the table

  71. How about putting the links to the products you buy???

  72. Use code wdhbzpr for %50 off on your first order

  73. Yeah their cheap still try donating it. A lot of poor people out there who would appreciate them.

  74. Calls his channel "Tech" and how much did we paid? idk
    for what did we paid? idk
    what system informations did we paid and what did we got? idk
    what are we doing? just trash talking for 28 minutes and giving 0 info because all you did was just turn on and open your channel like wtf

  75. The guy in white is really annoying. Can you give Cory a chance to say something and hold the tab? Geez

  76. use code whykbqn for 50% off on wish

  77. You should do “I bought all the iPhones on wish”

  78. Thank God i found this vid cauae I'm thinking about buying a tablet off wish

  79. Please don't invite him back

  80. They could have donated that tablets to some orphanage or something ……..

  81. They could have donated that tablets to some orphanage or something ……..

  82. Buy all the grinders

  83. cbpvqvbn ??my wish app discount code 50% off first order

  84. I got a wish ad on this video?

  85. I have a 3G phone bruh

  86. I was coming here to say "Don't make no more videos with that guy." expecting it to be out of place, but it seems pretty much general opinion.

  87. Maybe review the damn product like we're looking for, stop fuckin' about and narcissistically jerking each other off thinking you're anything but cringey af. Do some damn spec tests to see if the advertised components are up to snuff like the 8gb of ram, and the listed processor cores. This was fucken useless for anything other than seeing if they turned on, and for the cameras which most people don't fucken need with a tablet. You could've done a giveaway and shown some love to your subs regardless of the quality, but instead you trashed the damn things and show exactly why other countries and people's hate Americans. Just plain wasteful, egotistical, loud and obnoxious, and narcissistic beyond belief.

  88. I am so glad that the hatred for cory is universal here

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