(card packs thudding) – I have a tapeworm (laughing). I didn’t know how else to
tell ya, I just figured, that I’d just come out with it, okay. There’s a tapeworm. I meant to knock something
off there dramatically, I didn’t do it. Do I really have a
tapeworm, yeah I think I do. I don’t know, uh, yeah I do. And he’s big. Hey y’all, post editing Brandon here. I stood here for a bit,
I didn’t pause the video, I just didn’t move, but
I’ll perk up here in a bit. Oh there I go. (laughing) Did y’all hear that too, it was me. Tapeworm. Mm, I’m super sick and the
only reason that I’m sick is ’cause I have a tapeworm. We all know that, get past it. Turns out when you get a
tapeworm, you get a deeper voice, that’s why I haven’t kicked him out yet. I don’t know if I have a tapeworm. I wrote a poem for him,
it’s called “Dear Tapeworm”. Leave. (book slamming) (laughing)
(fingers snapping) I have no factual proof,
but I will look up the symptoms of a tapeworm
for you real quick, hold on. You just keep talking in that
deep, deep voice of yours. Sim, erm, sim, is there a P in symptoms? I been pronouncing it
wrong this whole time. Sim pa tums, uh, a tapeworm. A constant feeling of hunger. Loss of appetite. It goes against the first one. Constant abdominal swelling. Signs of vitamin deficiencies. Diarrhea that comes in waves (laughing). I don’t have any of those. I’ve already decided I have a tapeworm, those don’t, shut up. When is WebMD ever right anyway, huh. I am going to redecorate this entire room, by taking everything out of it, and putting none of it back into it. The tapeworm told me to do it. Where are tapeworms? They’re in the stom,
they’re up here, right? So I have to remove all of everything, so I’m gonna go ahead and do that now. You see all this stuff,
with the power of editing, (fingers snapping) It’s gonna take me like three weeks. I’m tired. (gasping) That’s one of the
side effects for a tapeworm. I have a tapeworm, I just. It’s like a bookworm except he don’t read. My tapeworm keeps telling me
that my house is cluttered. I don’t really know
what this video’s about, other than me sweating randomly, and the tapeworm, of course. (groaning) I don’t feel good, you,
oh I told you that. Y’all don’t listen. I have to clean, what am I doin’? Y’all don’t have to stay, I’m just gonna be
cleaning for a bit, okay. Hey, me again, Brandon. I’m about to find a dollar, spoiler alert. Hey, I found a dollar. Oh that’s scratchin’ the wood, okay. Hm, uh, stop, I’m sick. Transferring things from
one shelf to another is not gonna help my situation. Here come the sweats. I’m a put a table over here. This video’s not gonna be funny. This is not a funny video, tapeworm. I’m a put a table over here. I’m a paint the walls white. I’m a put my guitar stuff behind me. How did I get my tapeworm? Oh, that’s, I was eatin’
tapeworm eggs, got it. Or poop water, what have I been doing? Got it, steer clear. I also wrote a poem for
the leaf blowers out there. It’s called “For the
Leaf Blowers Out There”. Leaf. I may have a tapeworm, but I still got it. (slurping) Honestly at this point I
think I’m just complete, Brandon by the way, completely baffled, but there’s just still,
still leaf blowers outside, in army, hold on I’m
about to say something. There’s no more leaves. Y’all wanna see me do a cartwheel? I’m pretty weak. I’m just tired and weak, and sweaty. (sighing) Y’all I’m just sitting
here sick, with a tapeworm, eating my cheese and crackers, and I saw a video about how
our rainforest is burning down. (laughing) It’s not funny. I didn’t hear nothing about it. You can see the fire from space? You can see the fire from space. They’re saying it’s not a big deal. You know what you can’t see from space? Everything else the news is talking about. (laughing) What?
(crunching) How do I help? You know what is in the
news right now (laughing)? Jeff Bezos’ party with Katy Perry, at a concert for thousands
of Amazon employees. It’s the wrong Amazon. Uh, the easiest way to
give your morning a glow up is to change how your alarm sounds. Mm, or the rainforest is
burning down (laughing). Florida panthers and
bobcats are walkin’ weird. Lemme see this video of
these panthers walking weird. Hey if something’s going
on with the bobcats, you help them, but can you
see the bobcats from space? The things that get chosen
for the news baffle me. I don’t like reading the news here, I don’t like reading the news anywhere. There’s a little Dr. Seuss for ya. Oh here we go, at the bottom of the page, Amazon rainforest is
burning at a record rate. Now’s not the time for an ad, Metamucil. I need to know what’s
going on in the forests. An estimated 20% of the earth’s oxygen is produced in the region alone. (sighing) Why is that not higher in the news? (fingers snapping) Tapeworm’s gone (laughing). I don’t even remember
what I was talking about in the other video, (laughing) something about tapeworms and
forest fires, I don’t know. Cheers. The point of a cheers is
you get your own glass, you don’t cheers and then drink
out of someone else’s glass, that’s gross (coughing). I’m fine, I just want y’all
to be a part of my life, okay? Is that too much to ask? Dad? Shout out to my dad, love you dad. You’re a grandfather now. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat. (funky guitar music) (gentle guitar music) ♪ Cat ♪ (laughing) Did y’all see my mouth movin’? I do that. (gentle guitar music) Move your head (laughing). (laughing) She don’t like that song. Love y’all, don’t be
sick, don’t be a stranger. Mm, cat.

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