I Made a Rage Room & Smashed Everything Inside! (Anger Room Stress Relief Challenge)

I Made a Rage Room & Smashed Everything Inside! (Anger Room Stress Relief Challenge)

– Welcome to the Rage Room. (upbeat music) So this is the Rage Room. I’ve seen this on YouTube before, a news company went and showed it. Apparently there’s a company
that lets you do this. We’re doing this ourselves. I think David Dobric recently did a vlog as well with this so this is kind of where I got the idea from. So I’ve made my own Rage Room! – [Moon] What happened to other two? – What? – [Moon] What happened
to other two Rage Rooms? – No no no, shhh, no no no, don’t. So this it the Rage Room. It’s full with very
fragile, delicate items. Look at this plates, loads of plates, dishes, pans, cups, TV monitors, we’ve got a sofa here as well. Here is the weapons selection wall, I thought that looked so cool. We’ve got a golf club, baseball bat, what’s that? Badminton racket? – [Moon] Badminton racket. – Crowbar, slingshot, sledgehammer, we’ve got curtain rails, spray paint and we’ve got cake fountains. There’s just a wide
selection there of weapons. The idea is when you get mental, you’re just so angry you come ‘ere, select a weapon and go. – [Moon] I like the cake fountain. (laughs) – So I just wanted to show you that. The next time I get
really angry or anything, I’m going to come here, you
know, let off some steam. Yeah, it’s just nice to know that you’ve got somewhere like this. So yeah, next time I’m
angry, I’ll be here. – [Moon] Why you sit on floor Thomas? Because our sofa is in the rage room now. – [Moon] You took that sofa? – Yeah. – [Moon] I’ve got your sandwich. – Oh yeah, thank you. (dramatic music) – [Moon] What? – Tomato? You know I hate tomatoes Moon. – [Moon] It’s fresh tomatoes! – I can’t believe it, Rage Room! Rage Room! Okay let’s go in. Straight in with the big guns. – [Moon] Safety first. – Oh yeah. You know even if you’re mad, you’ve always got to think safety. – [Moon] It all matches your hoodie. – What? – [Moon] It all matches your hoodie. The gloves, the ear
things, it’s all yellow. – What? – [Moon] Oh. – In with the big guns. (kicking) (smash) – [Moon] Oh my god. – That was so cool! – [Moon] That was so loud! – More! (thump) By the way, all this
stuff was either stuff that was already broken from my house or I’ve bought it from charity. All right, it’s not going to waste. In fact, it’s going to a good cause. I’ve always been into sport. (crash) (laughs) (smash) (laughs) (smack) (smack) (crash) I’ve always liked golf. (smash) (laughs) Oh magic eight ball, shall I destroy you? Focus and ask again. I hate these things. (smash) whoa! – [Moon] Oh my god! – [Thomas] What! – [Moon] That’s so cool! – It’s blue inside! It’s all over the electric box, quick! Turn it off, turn it off! (smash) (smash) Oh the eight ball’s ‘ere. (nope) (nope) (laughing) Cut if out! (Smash) (Thud, thud) Crowbar. (Thump) (laughing) Pierced it to the floor. (Tearing) – [Moon] Oh my god. Oh let it all snow everywhere. (kick) – Whoa! (kick) (laughs) This is the best video I’ve ever done. This is so much fun Moon. Moon you don’t understand
how much fun this is. (Thud) (Smash) (Smash) Did you eject that video out? – [Moon] Ah it were Lion King as well, I really liked that one. (Thud) (Crash) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) – Whoa! It’s just made of paper. – [Moon] Wow! – Oh beer! – [Moon] Some treats! (Thud) (Thud) – Those beer bottles are solid. Yes moon! – [Moon] Skhol. – I don’t like beer though. (smash) I’m filming you filming me! (Thud) (Crack) (Thud) – [Moon] Oh look you put it in the floor! – You wait now and
Killem’s going to do this. You’re going to have cameras
in your floors from now. (Thud) Jesus Christ! – [Moon] How strong’s the beer bottle? (Smash) (Smash) – You think that I’m tough, you think these are tough, watch this. (Smash) (spraying) – [Moon] Do it over your… oh my god. (Thud) (Crash) (Smash) – [Moon] Not a bottle
with pressure Thomas. (Smash) – What? – [Moon] Don’t smash a
bottle with pressure in it. (Crash) – Flintstones? – [Moon] Nah, that were never good anyway. (Smash) – Flints don’ts! – [Moon] Flints don’ts? – They don’t no mo’. (laughing) (Smash) (Crash) – [Moon] Can we play badminton Thomas? – Oh we didn’t bring a shuttlecock. – [Moon] We didn’t bring what? – The shuttlecock. – [Moon] The what? (Smash) – Come on Moon! We’ve got quite a lot there. (Smash) – [Moon] Ow! (laughing) – These videos are a
bit heavy on the racket. We need something a bit lighter. (screams) – [Moon] Oh my god quick! (screams) Quick! – Simpsons? Simpsons? Simpson’ts! Not any more. (Thudding) Picture frame? Picture fron’ts. – [Moon] No Thomas don’t no that’s it. (Crash) (Smash) – [Moon] Wardrobe? – Wardron’t! (laughing) – [Moon] Not any more! – Not any mo’! (Crash) I had to (mumbles) that chair up. I’ve got another chair. (Smash) (Smash) (Thud) – [Moon] Thomas, climb inside. Get in. – What? – [Moon] Get inside,
put it over your head. – I can’t (laughing) – [Moon] I thought it’s
really funny if you go in. – Are you any good at keyboard? – [Moon] No. – Me neither. – [Moon] I might want to learn. (Crash) (piano sounds) – Whoa, hit me in face! (laughing). Hit me in the eyes. – [Moon] That’s what you get. – Safety. (crashing, piano sounds) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) (Crash) (Crash) (Smash) (Thud) (Thud) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) (Crash) (Smash) (Crash) (Thud) (Crash) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) – Clear the area. You ready? – [Moon] Yeah. (Smash) – All of them except one. Two! (Smash) (Smash) (Crash) (Thud) – [Moon] It came all the way over here. I felt it on my ear! Splinter. (Crashing) (Crashing) (Thud) – [Moon] It hit me on forehead. (Crash) – [Moon] Hit your head through it. (Thud) – Oh no it hurts! – [Moon] Try it it looks so funny please! It looks so funny Thomas! – Can’t it hurts! (Thud) – [Moon] Slingshot it. – Marbles. (clatter) Slingshot the painting. (crack) Slingshot the light. – [Moon] Abort, abort. – Slingshot the light. (Crash) (laughs) (Smash) (Smash) Oh! So hot, it’s so sweaty it’s so tiring. I’m going to sleep well tonight. – [Moon] You still mad at me Thomas? – Tomatoes moon, you know I hate tomatoes! Tomatoes (crashing) (electronic music) (ripping) (Smash) I hate tomatoes! (Crashing) (Thudding) (Smash) – [Moon] Ow! (Smashing) – I’m not your little princess! (Smashing) – I’m not your little princess. Don’t worry little Furby,
it’s going to be okay. Everything it will be okay. (Smash) – [Furby] I love you. (Smash) – [Furby] I love you. I love I love you. I love, I, I love you, I, I, I love I love you. – Stop it, it ain’t… (Thud) (Smash) (Thud) – Ow! Ah! I’m so tired! I think I’ve worn all my energy out. Have you ever used a
fire extinguisher before? – [Moon] Oh my god! (hissing) – Go, go, go, go! – Best day ever! Best
day ever! Let’s go quick! (relaxed guitar music)

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