I Tried Da Vinci’s (Insane) Daily Routine: Here’s What Happened

I Tried Da Vinci’s (Insane) Daily Routine: Here’s What Happened

I think it’s cool to study the lives of very successful people from throughout history. I don’t think that’s very unique of me It seems like a very common thing actually for us to try and understand what made you know exceptional people Exceptional I think it’s a deep-seated human desire to want to leave an impact that far out Lasts our time on this earth However, this whole concept of studying people’s lives and trying to emulate them can be a very slippery slope But we will come back to that a little bit later I’m currently living in Milan right now And this year marks? 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci was doing his thing in Italy and so I’m seeing his face and his name absolutely everywhere And so it occurred to me it might be interesting to try his daily routine I mean the guy was a genius clearly he was doing something right. So I think there’s a good chance I’ll learn something from this whole experience but here’s the thing I was doing some research about this and it turns out his daily routine was Ridiculous and so I’m telling you right now I’m giving this a very low probability chance of actually being successful And I think you’re gonna understand why in a second a lot of famous people throughout history have had kind of strange sleep habits Charles Dickens was famous for always sleeping with his head facing north because he believed that if he aligned himself with The Earth’s magnetic fields, it would boost creativity But what Leonardo da Vinci did was a lot more extreme than that He’s well known for doing what is known as polyphasic sleep more specifically the uberman sleep cycle Which is basically a 20-minute nap every four hours which equates to a grand total of two hours per day Two hours of sleep per day this cannot possibly go Well, okay the main benefits to this seem to be that first of all, you have way more time awake Let’s say for example You live to the age of 72 and you sleep eight hours at night that would turn out to be 24 years of your life sleeping But if you do this boob in sleep cycle and only sleep 2 hours a day You win back 18 of those years or 3/4 of the time Assuming you started from the day you were born, which would not be the case But anyway, you get the idea another one of the major benefits that I was reading about Is that human beings seem to go through a short? Boosted phase after sleep of productivity and creativity in focus. So in theory if you’re taking six naps Throughout the day you’re maximizing the amount of time that you’re in this state in theory The Vinci is said to have done something very similar to this about 15 or 20 minutes Every 4 hours and he did this apparently four years of his life, believe it or not Let me be clear There is really not a lot of research showing that polyphasic sleep is better than monophasic sleep, which is basically just sleeping at night So do not try this at home Or if you do do not blame me instead allow yourself to be entertained by my probable descent into hell Without further ado. This is my best attempt at Leonardo. Da Vinci’s daily routine. Oh My god, here we go Morning it is 10:35 a.m I spent most of this morning so far doing boring morning stuff that nobody cares about but I am going to do some journaling now So as many of us know the anar da da Vinci would write backwards I think it’s kind of funny that nobody really knows why he did it Some people think it was to keep his hand clean cuz he was left-handed Or to make it more difficult for other people to read what he was writing Whatever the case He wrote backwards. So I’m gonna write backwards. I am an idiot So I had to look up how to do this because I I don’t know how to do this I’m gonna do a couple of tests and see if I can get a hang of it She is how the passes are so difficult, okay the first attempt Leonardo da Vinci seems to be a huge proponent of journaling which I think is fantastic I’ve spoken about how important it is for me to get my ideas out of my brain and onto paper or on to some other Medium doing this allowed his work too far out last tip I mean think about it if he didn’t write down his thoughts then we wouldn’t even know about it I have spent like half an hour on this one damn sentence Let’s see how this looks in a mirror, but this is what it looks like I had to use this website where I could to kind of type in my message and it would give it to me backwards That’s what I just copied down. Oh my god It’s kind of creepy actually to look back at it like this and it makes perfect sense and it looks normal ish I’m gonna do more journaling like this Wow if you look at another way like a journal is if I just write Like this but this is gonna be very complicated. Oh, this is harder. Oh Okay, that’s worse. That is considerably worse. All right So let’s talk for a second about what my schedule is going to look like. My focus here is to be as productive Creatively as possible. It seemed like art was a huge motivator for Leonardo da Vinci. So beyond my periodic naps I’m going to be spending as much of the rest of my time as possible video editing writing reading and painting I’m gonna pretend I’m working on masterpieces and that fart jokes. Don’t still make me laugh All right, it is time for my first nap I’m not much of a Napper so we’ll have to see how this goes. The schedule just makes me laugh I just feel like I’m three years old again 20 minutes is super quick I’m gonna have to learn how to fall asleep super fast to just make it happen take advantage of that time Otherwise you just miss those 20 minutes. You know, I’m it takes me a while to fall asleep. So There is definitely a community of people out there that do this I was doing some research on the adaptation Period that is required to kind of incorporate this into your life and it’s pretty intense I Was just I feel like starting to fall asleep when the alarm went off or maybe I slept for five or ten minutes I actually feel good. It was kind of rejuvenating. Yeah, I read that it can take weeks to fully adapt and that you have to pass through this kind of zombie phase where your Cognitive ability is just not optimal. Okay? I was not able to fall asleep this time But you’re still good to lie down for a bit and I guess now it’s back to work Not only that but it seems like the success of a system like this is very much based on Being super strict and consistent with it. I’m feeling a little bit drowsy right now So hopefully this nap will be the boost that I need to keep things going. Hi, Perry fall asleep a Schedule that you create for yourself has to fit around The things that are most important to you the things that you want to focus on I mean, that’s the whole point right and it’s easy to get carried away by obligations or other things people impose on you and I think that’s how many of us end up with kind of a schedule or a routine or a lifestyle that Doesn’t actually fit us Each time I go to bed and they get back up. I’m a little bit more disoriented It’s kind of like dunking your consciousness in and out of water I will say I am seeing the benefits of lying down for a little bit It feels like it contributes to a bit of a boost of energy and creativity right afterwards, but I’m a little bit afraid that this is gonna lead to Diminishing returns. I got really hungry. So I’m eating a spinach frittata How did we end up at this point my ability to get any meaningful work done and More than anything stay focused has greatly decreased over the last few hours. So I’m gonna switch attacks and I’m gonna be haen’t He’s pretty well known for doing that so a few days ago I bought some art materials and I got a lot of time on my hands That’s what I’m gonna do now. So I wanted to paint a photo that I took once in Florence It’s not anything special really but I like it Florence is in a region of Italy called Tuscany which is where the pitches from that’s also where the Italian language is originally from although Fun fact that accent from there. It’s very strange. They don’t pronounce seeds. So coca-cola is Cola Basically with the local accent over there not like you needed to know that but I felt like sharing me and look You’re choosing to be here with me at this odd hour of the day Let’s get cracking. If you set aside how bizarre it would be to actually live like this It was kind of cool to have all this extra time to work Then the Sun came up and I realized it comes at a cost When I’m really tired random stuff starts sounding a lot funnier, dude, I’ll give you an example The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering in a work of art Leonardo da Vinci genius With a thing for feet, I’m feeling pretty brain dead right now and just in general super scattered Usually I have a lot of motivation to do stuff and I’m not feeling any of it right now I figured I’d go to the supermarket Get a few groceries get out of the apartment for a little bit my ability to speak Italian right now Is that like a 1 point 5 out of 10? I? Have just such a jumble of words come out of my mouth when I was at the register Trying to pay I just feel sleep-deprived and honestly, that’s exactly what’s happening I mean the the naps are not doing much who would want to live like this honestly, this is the opposite of productive This doesn’t make any sense 15 minutes ago, I felt like crap but I threw onto mr Bean movie and now us all of a sudden I feel all this motivation to paint. So I’m on this sort of weird emotional rollercoaster right now, okay He was becoming very apparent to me that I was no longer capable of any sort of high quality or deep work whatsoever And so as a night approached once again, I decided to bring things to a close I’m not sure what being art of them would say my man leo. Woo In total I did this schedule for about 36 hours, you know two days I would have liked to keep going and I think I could have kept going but at what cost? it’s been a week of so I’ve had some time to kind of reflect on things and I look back on those days that I dedicated to doing this as a little bit emotionally turbulent and I read some of stuff that I wrote and it just doesn’t feel like It was written with clarity and huh? If anything this gave me a lot of appreciation from a very boring very normal sleep cycle sleep schedule I slept like a rock for at least 10 hours and woke up a new man. Just Enthusiastic and positive and basically just myself again It felt like I was able to glimpse the value that da Vinci placed on time his approach doesn’t quite work for me but I did see the power of napping and how useful a tool it can be for if you’re going through kind of a dip in energy by the way here is Where I’m at with the painting I was working on it’s not going done yet If you want to see the final result, I might post it on Instagram Like I said the beginning of this video I think many of us idolized Famous or powerful people either now or from throughout history, and that’s fine I think there’s a lot we can all learn from these people but no matter how hard you try you’ll just never get the same results because Inevitably the circumstances are different the cultural context your access to resources even things like your physiology Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that it’s a beautiful thing to be curious and experiment with things but just don’t force it You know, okay, his sleep schedule doesn’t work for me. But there’s so many other things that we can hold on from this genius I guess I’m advocating for cherry-picking, you know figuring out what works for you He said learning never exhausts the mind and I’ve absolutely loved this mindset. I think that it’s just true I think learning things has given me so much energy Let’s not forget that the internet and everything that it has to offer didn’t exist in his day. I Think I’m happy to thank Skillshare for sponsoring this video and this channel and giving me the opportunity to do very strange experiments like this one I really like them as a company they offer tens of thousands of courses on a wide range of different topics and the Skillshare originals are really really well made there’s a link in the description below to get a two month free trial to any of those classes and if you decide to go Beyond that trial it costs less than $10 a month There are few classes that I specifically wanted to mention that I personally enjoyed and I’ll link to them down below as well I like this class on developing skills in a pretty general sense I feel like there’s value here for literally anybody and also this class on creative writing or journaling and this one I’m drawing if you’re looking for an alternative to journaling. So yeah, consider using the link in the description below Anyway, I’m thinking of making this into kind of like a little series so let me know if you’d like to see more of this kind of video and Yeah, thanks for watching. I’ll see you soon

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    Davinci was gay

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  16. I think a big part of this to recall is the availability of light. He would still have had an understimulated circadian rhythm. And I've been to Leonardo's house in Vinci, it's any wonder he had a crazy sleeping schedule given the amount of siblings he had in that one small house. :p

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  20. Don't we all go through cycles? Maybe he did this for ONE project because he felt like doing it, but he NEVER really followed it as a general lifestyle. Now there comes the modern man, takes it literal and deprives himself of healthy sleep cycles. I tried many years to gain time by cutting sleep – and it simply doesn't work. Slowing down makes us more productive than speeding up.

    Awesome video and experiment though.

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  26. You have to find what works for you. I started messing with my sleep "schedule" years ago with the intent of making it malleable, so I could adapt it easily. I started by just staying up all night, writing, exercising…using the extra time. I got used to sleeping less , finding that I really didn't need more than five hours. It probably helps that I sleep deeply and well, but I've come to where I'll do two to four hours a day and feel great. I also slip into REM very quickly, which my brain probably found to be a necessary adjustment and probably helps the situation overall.

    I'm also ambidextrous, so writing backwards is simply a matter of letting my left hand follow its natural inclination. Unguided, the handwriting then is a mirror of the right, moving from right to left (or outward from the center line).

  27. But how long did da vinci do this for? Probably not all his life. Also, there's no point writing backwards for no reason. He was an artist so you doing art doesn't make sense…you're not an artist.

  28. I think writing backwards is just a common trait in left handed people; I used to, although I eventually grew out of it.

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  35. write and draw something Ever day even if it is just a doodle or random thoughts try setting a timer for 15 minutes and just write, stream of consciousness getting in touch with your creativity. For Sleep try tensing and relaxing your muscle starting with your feet and legs then thighs then belly, then chest, then hands, arms, neck and head after a few tries you will fall asleep very quickly after you do this.

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  37. I sleep for 11-15 hours when I have a day or two off from work. And then I'm in a zombie state binge watching YouTube videos, replacing my meals with chocolate. I'm 28 years old soon. I think I have a problem.

  38. So I tried this a few years ago. I found this sleep schedule the last week of college. I decided to try it because I had three big classes, I had a lot of work to do and I needed to pass. I did this for three days. On the last day, I needed to give a presentation. I was worried about it and I felt horrible. Right before the presentation I felt sick and had to throw up. After that, I felt better but was exhausted. For some reason even though I did not have two I wanted to continue this sleep schedule for a bit longer. But my phone died that night so my alarm did not go off and I fell asleep for hours. I passed all my classes and graduated. I don't know if I could do it again.

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    3:00 p.m. rise

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    3:45 cocaine

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    4:15 cocaine

    4:16 orange juice, Dunhill

    4:30 cocaine

    4:54 cocaine

    5:05 cocaine

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    6:00 grass to take the edge off the day

    7:05 Woody Creek Tavern for lunch-Heineken, two margaritas, coleslaw, a taco salad, a double order of fried onion rings, carrot cake, ice cream, a bean fritter, Dunhills, another Heineken, cocaine, and for the ride home, a snow cone (a glass of shredded ice over which is poured three or four jig­gers of Chivas)

    9:00 starts snorting cocaine seriously

    10:00 drops acid

    11:00 Chartreuse, cocaine, grass

    11:30 cocaine, etc, etc.

    12:00 midnight, Hunter S. Thompson is ready to write

    12:05-6:00 a.m. Chartreuse, cocaine, grass, Chivas, coffee, Heineken, clove cigarettes, grapefruit, Dunhills, orange juice, gin, continuous pornographic movies.

    6:00 the hot tub-champagne, Dove Bars, fettuccine Alfredo

    8:00 Halcyon

    8:20 sleep

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  52. Writing backwards is easy if you mirror it with your other hand simultaneously. Your brain seems not to have any problems with it if you use both hands together. One for the normal writing, and the other for the mirrored version.

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  56. 90% sure that it's literally impossible to live if you only sleep in 20 minute iterations. You don't get any REM sleep which will after around 2 weeks result in your organs shutting down if I remember correctly.
    More likely he just slept based on what he was doing. So 2 hours 1 night, 1 hour another, 6 hours followed by no sleep for days with naps every so often, etc.

  57. My college roommate tried this. He lasted about 72 hours, then slept for about 36 hours straight.

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  60. I follow that sleep schedule naturally. It's because I'm always tired. Every few hours I crash and sleep for about 15-20 minutes. ;D

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  67. From what I gather from what I gleaned from seeing experts talk about this, and the natural sleep habits of people in places without artificial light, polyphasic sleep does work in practice, but only to a very limited extent.

    Biphasic sleep seems to be optimal. People who live in places without artificial light will fall asleep right after dark, will wake up for a couple hours in the middle of the night, and will go back to sleep until morning. This ultimately takes less time than sleeping in one big chunk. In modern society, an example of this kind of optimal biphasic sleep would be sleeping for 6 hours throuh the night, then taking a 30 minute nap around noon.

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  70. Ok so I have something to say. First you can't start sleeping for 20 min. Just like that from normal 8 hour sleep. You need to sleep first 6 hours, when you body addapt and don't feel tired anymore you can have only 4 hours of sleep for 1 day. When this is normal and enoght sleep for you to not feel sleep deprived then you jump to 2 sessions of 2 hours sleep. Separated by 10 hours awoken. When your body adapts to this rotine witch it may need months/years. Then you can try 1 hour sleep 4 times a day. You still get 4 hours of sleep tho or you can jump to 1.5 hours sleep 2 times a day. There is no clear cut here. But with the body and the right mindset you can be just like him. Sleep like his insane schedule. I can speak for myself how for 3 years I slept for 4 hours for 6 days of the week and the last 7th day i slept for 10-12 hours and I felt great doing that. I didn't think negetivly for what I was doing. You just believe 4 hours are enough sleep and they become enough. Leonardo probably believed 20 min. are enough that's why he slept like that.

  71. Considering the fact that in order to consolidate your memories and repair your mind and body, you need to enter deep sleep phase which takes about 30-60 minutes and remain in it for some time, only taking 20 minute naps and sustaining productivity without going completely insane or dying through health problems that would stem from lower immunity is a mortal impossibility…the only conceivable way this could be possible is with some supernatural assistance ?‍♂️

  72. Anybody else like to sleep longer hours and then stay up until the next morning and continue the cycle??? Time keeps getting later and later. If I didn't have to follow society's ways, I would prefer this…

  73. My husband was on this exact sleep schedule for years. It takes a minimum of a week to 2 weeks to adjust and before you can have any real experience or understanding of the benefits of it. That first week will be extremely challenging and will require an intense amount of motivation, desire and willpower to see it through.

    Some weird experiences will happen before it can stabilize as a natural sleep schedule for you. During that process, your sensory experiences will be warped and you may feel like you are losing touch with reality. This is part of the process of adjusting.

    At first it will stop all your thoughts and you will likely not be able to function properly because your brainwaves will be scattered and you will feel very disoriented, just as he did in this video.

    Eventually though you will be living in a natural Theta brainwave state, which is where you have full access to your subconscious mind and your creative abilities. This becomes like a living meditational state of being.

    Theta brainwaves is the state that advanced, expert level meditators ("monk level") reach in their meditation practice.

    You have to be a little crazy to go all the way with this, as the average person would never make it through the initiation phase.

  74. The morning is the most powerful part of the day. However you decide to start your day has a drastic impact on the way you will conduct the rest of it. Great content dude. 2 legends in 1 vid. subscribed 🙂

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  76. I think the reason he wrote backwards is becuase it felt more natural to him. Maybe it's a dyslexic thing but I find myself writing backwards as a left handed dyslexic just randomly and naturally. I don't think I'm anything close to him but it's my personal theory

  77. You fail to understand that these people are geniuses. For them time is everything, they have a work drive that they come into the world with. All they wanna do is work and for them sleeping is a waste of time. You can’t practice this, you just have to have it in you. Look into important artist past and present. Majority of them were alcoholics. Painters all they wanna do is paint, writers write etc,… it’s an obsession to be exact.

  78. Loved it! Can you try Bertrand Russel?

  79. I tried the Uberman sleep cycle years ago. Lasted about a week. I felt awful, I started to get sick, and I got painful ulcers in my mouth. Was hard to be productive at anything…plus half the time you couldn't sleep when you needed to. Was not worth it.

  80. Da Vinci's sleeep pattern is Pomodoro gone MAD

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  82. Tim Ferris addresses this in the 4 hour body. This is the most extreme. But you can adapt to it slowly. The are incremental schedules of longer work periods and long sleep. The more sleep breaks you take the shorter and shorter they can be.
    Jumping right to the most extreme version might be doomed in the planning of it.

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