I want to go back to high school – Elizabeth Makau | Tuko TV

I want to go back to high school – Elizabeth Makau | Tuko TV

In January I am planning to go back to school with my child she joins Form 1 and so do I I don’t want my child to go through what my parents made me go through I want her to get education and achieve her dreams so that she doesn’t blame me later My name is Elizabeth I come from Makueni county Mbooni sub county Kyuu sub location I studied at Ukala where I reached class 8 I completed in 2005 I attained 282 marks in KCPE My father denied me further education and said he was less bothered with girls I left the village and travelled to Nairobi to live in Kibagare slums I stayed with my brother for a while before he threw me out after we had a fight It was around 6 pm while I was leaving when I met a certain man who offered to give me a place to sleep he raped me that night and got me pregnant I went to the hospital to seek help to terminate the pregnancy where I was given some medicine I was still naive at 14 years, I placed the medicine carelessly in the house and my brother saw them he beat me up and I took off never to go back to his house again I went to Embakasi where one of brothers stays and he took me back home I stayed in the village until 2006 where I delivered my child on September 1st I used to leave my child in the house to go look for menial jobs to cater for her needs My mother was the bread winner and so she challenged me to also look for jobs in the process I met another man and got married to him when my child was one and half years I was 16 years while he was 31 years old he was such a violent man I think it’s because I was young there’s a time he beat me up until my eye turned green I can’t believe it got healed I look at it and just thank God Nevertheless I stayed in that marriage, got pregnant and gave birth to my 2nd born in 2008 the child died after 5 months I thought to myself that if I continued to live in that marriage I would die I remember I left that house at around 2 pm, and went back to my parents I told my mother I was fed up with marriage after a while, my brother got me a job in Kinoo that was paying KSh 2,000 a month what kind of job? I worked as a house help, just washing clothes and utensils and I had to pay school fees for my child I worked in that house for close to 2 years before I left for another job I would often come to Kibagare whenever I was given an off because it was like my 2nd home that’s where I met the man I am currently living with We were blessed with 2 boys I had not planned for the 3rd pregnancy though, it caught us by surprise I gave birth in 2013 my husband begun falling sick between 2010 and 2013 he was epileptic his sickness taught me a lot, I would sympathize with anybody that fell sick that was in 2011 I would often take sick people to the hospital even when a woman was in labor I would rush them to the hospital I never bothered whether it was late in the night or not my husband got used to it whenever we heard a knock on the door he would just tell me to go another one would come to my house and tell me there’s a sick person in the neighborhood and I rush them to the hospital it was something so deep in me and I felt there was a challenge in our community I would often feel sad because even the sick were not getting proper attention in the hospitals I would sympathize with them and tell myself had I realized my dream of becoming a nurse I would have never left the sick to suffer irregardless of the time I would often feel bad taking a very sick patient to a hospital like Pumwani then on reaching there, a doctor just ignores us and leaves I feel sorry for the sick and tell myself if I had the opportunity to become a nurse I would have never done that to them but all hope is not lost In January I am planning to go back to school with my child both of us will be joining Form 1 how will you feel being in the same class and school with your children It will be amazing, she will work more hard because it will be embarrassing if I performed better than her will you allow her to perform better than you? no Next year when you join High School I will also be there It will be the two of us how will you feel being in the same class with me? I feel good why? because I will have someone to challenge me to work more hard what were your favorite subjects in primary? Mathematics and English Mum too loves Maths It means both of you will have to really compete against each other Tell mum something now that she is panning to go back to school Okay. You too work hard Are you not afraid that you are going to mingle with children nearly half your age Not at all, I am not afraid and I don’t feel any stigma even if they laughed at you? It’s okay even if they laughed at me, I will stay focused because I know what I want which is? I want to live a better life After completing my Fourth Form and doing my KCSE I am planning to pursue a course in nursing I just want help my community and to motivate other people to join me I wouldn’t want to see a girl drop out of school because of fees like me, I want to help such people I will help where I can especially for a girl who is thirsty for education but has no means like me Community work is about volunteering If you don’t have the calling you cannot manage there are some patients like the HIV+ ones who can be so rude they can really insult you and accuse you of being there to extort their money but deep inside you know you are there to offer help and not otherwise You ask them politely if they took their medicine in the morning some people would even spread rumours and say you are also HIV+ because you always visit those patients but you know your aim is to offer help You ask a mom if she took her child to the clinic she feels like you are there to just extort her money yet you know that’s not the case Hi He is now standing on his own? Yes how many months now? 9 months has he been vaccinated? Yes Okay I volunteer to do this job and we are given KSh 300 for lunch or KSh 500 You can’t spend all that money you must save something I am also a hairdresser I learnt the skills through hardship and not because I studied for it Yesterday I slept at 3 am because I was plaiting some clients How much do you make from that in a day? Like KSh 500 -1000 and at times I go without a single cent I use that money to take care of my family, pay rent, school fees for my children and I save some for my school fees too I feel good because I will have someone to challenge me to work hard I don’t want my child to go through what my parents made me go through I want her to get education and achieve her dreams so that she doesn’t blame me later Unless she is not willing but as me for me I will use all means possible to give her the best and make her achieve more than me My advice to girls is never feel ashamed because of a pregnancy when you are given a second chance to go to school grab it and study hard because a time will come when you will wish you had the same opportunity but it will be too late for the ladies in the slums like me because I have lived in here in Kibagaye for so long never feel ashamed to walk out of an abusive marriage like I did, because you might get killed there You meet a lady who has been battered but she will lie to you that she was hit by the wall yet she knows it was her husband never keep silent, if I had done the same I would have committed suicide by now I am here today because I opened up to someone who advised me It’s not because I have a lot of money but because I have decided to live a stress free life

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  1. It’s never too late until you are six feet under

  2. go go go girl , everything is possible

  3. don't go to school please do business

  4. Its possible my highskul we had 39yrs old man who joined form one ad he finally finished last yr ad performed so well in kcse..

  5. Everything is possible mum
    I did my KCSE this yr and I scored a C
    And am 29yrs so dont give up

  6. I know it pains to lack something you wanted dearly in life..But I won't advise you to go back to school at your age..I know you want knowledge..My advice is tafuta desktop computer ya 15K na modem..Alafu kuwa unajifunzia Youtube kile ungetaka kujua. Tumia hiyo time ungetumia shule kuinua maisha yako na yale ya mtoto..Going to school at such age won't guarantee employment..let your child acquire what you missed..

  7. The interview is very shallow. But oke.what happened after rape? Were there legal steps taken? Ama iliishia hapo hapo? And many more questions…………..

  8. U have a beautiful daughter guide her and please God first n see how God works miracles

  9. Najua watu watanitusi but ni better asomeshe mtoi na yy afungue business coz yaliopita si dwele

  10. Utapata job juu by the time utamaliza utakuwa mzee na tunajua kenya wazee ndio wana-ajiriwa.Good luck my sister

  11. Kama kuna kasauti kanakwambia urudi shule "DO IT WITHOUT HESISTATION" there's always a reason for everything.

  12. Na mimi pia natamani nirudi shule…..

  13. My father chased me out after my kcpe. .commanding me to get married that's how my own dream of becoming a journalist vanished now am 22 years but I still hope one day I will go back to high school it's just I have no financial support to pay me school fee

  14. Go back and pursue the course if that will make you feel better. Not to discourage you, but I have come to understand humans as suffering creatures. Nothing is ever enough. You go back, even get that degree or diploma in nursing. You practice for a year, but then you realize there is nothing special about it. Meanwhile, the most intelligent woman I have ever known on a personal level schooled only up to 8th grade. And mind you, I have gone up to college, and I have met women with even a master's degree. Not saying that education is useless, don't get it twisted. You go back and do what you gotta do.

  15. Bt ningekuomba mama jikaze tu utafudie mtoi asome. Coz ukienda shule nyumba utalipa aje. Na uko na watoi wengine bado wanaitaji malezi.. plz weka bidii kwa kutafutia watoto wako ukiwadia bidii ili waone mbele

  16. This interviewer neeeeeeeeds to brush up on her skills if any. If you cannot do a thorough interview and you reasonably expect "we the people" to help her out, its an injustice to her and a waste of precious time to the viewers!. Where is Lyn Ngugi?

  17. Never loose hope so go back to school

  18. Me to nataminingi kurundi high School but Kama naweza Soma online…

  19. I got my undergraduate degree when already in my late thirties, age is just a number.

  20. Wacheni kujifanya hamjaona huyo mzee anakimbizana na bata ??…anyway it's never too late to learn. .go go gal. You will succeed. Elimu haina mwisho

  21. I'm truly sorry. But naomba subscribers please ?

  22. Kyande aliimba mkumbuke Mungu wakati una nguvu kikiumana ni ngori sasa huyu mama alikuwa????Mwambie akae chini aache wana afanye biashara hata usome siku hizi "" wajinga nyinyi""" walijilimbikizia kazi kubwakubwa upate wapi????!!

  23. Wenye tunafikiria hafai kurudi shule wapi likes

  24. I went back to high school in 2014 at the age of 26 and completed in 2017! And now am happy with my certificate at hand.

  25. Go back dear,follow your doing my kcse 2020 at 30yrs n l must b a nurse too??.let's hold hands

  26. I'm back to school with my 3 Boys,my fast born is in college,the second one is in form 3 and the third one is in std 6,.I'm doing my high school education,You can't imagine how happy my kids are, They always call me everyday to know how I'm doing,Mum how is your homework ???,I feel encouraged, motivated and loved.

  27. I dropped out of school in 2002 engaged in drugs ( changaa' ,cigarette, kuber,bang and sexual immorality )but thanks to the almighty God he salvaged my life and decided to go back to school in 2013 .joined form one .in 2017 i did kcse got a c+ then proceeded to the university (Rongo) .so i would advice you to trust in the lord and he will make your dream come true .

  28. Hata mm naback to school ngoja kwanza watoi wangu kwanza wagrow narundi form one pia

  29. Imagine we ni stoner unaenda chuo na budaako ?

  30. Never give up God bless you dear

  31. Yes you can do it wise thought masomo haina uzee wishing you all the best

  32. Tafutia Watoto chakula wacha ufala, yaliopita sio dwele ganga yajayo

  33. Stop blaming parents

  34. Please usirudi shule. ….weka salon God will bless you na other businesses….us we are done with university years down the line bado tunahustle

  35. Hiyo pesa ya kurudi shule..fungua si kila kitu..our Somali men n women can't even speak English..n yet they are doing biashara..n ikona faida….

  36. Knowledge is an investment!

  37. Nikakaaa nikakaaa. Eish! Wakamba tunafa kusema kugongwa si kungonkwa

  38. Congratulations Elizabeth on your decision to go back to school. I will be praying for your success and your family ??.

  39. Azisha hio salon Ju hko na experience na itapik trust me, God will help you

  40. Nani mwingne. ameona kuku..inakinbizwa

  41. Hope your dreams R valid Liza God Is there for you

  42. You're so young rudi utasoma na ufaulu.
    Wakamba tusome

  43. Wow may God fulfil your dreams n desires

  44. Pia mmi sai nikiweza ulizwa l can't go Bank to school

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