i Went in Disguise as Hacker to Rescue Rebecca Zamolo and Daniel (Missing Game Master Clues Found)

i Went in Disguise as Hacker to Rescue Rebecca Zamolo and Daniel (Missing Game Master Clues Found)

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  1. I need to find Rebecca! Tomorrow is E2 and I need your help!

  2. Matt what did you order from mc donalds

  3. If you saw when Matt was at the top and his mask looked silver like this comment

  4. I love me. McDonald's McDonald's

  5. Rebecca got hypnotised

  6. I saw something flashing when you play the piano, is that Daniel

  7. Who else thought they saw Daniel at 0:43

  8. i saw danil carrying rebeeca jacket in the back ground in the biging of this video like if you saw to

  9. When you were playing the piano I saw Daniel behind you with a big camera

  10. That is Chloe couture place that Daniel kidnapped Rebecca

  11. Sistam is glitching

  12. Rebecca and Daniel are saving chloe in chloetopia

  13. No😶😶😶😶

  14. R you back to work today and tomorrow I will send you you up with my account and to you too baby girl and I I'm going to order

  15. Matt daniel was sping on you when you were playing the piano 🎹 talking to rebecca

  16. rebecca wear behind you

  17. Daniel might have taken the device

  18. Daniel and Rebecca are spying on you

  19. MATT. Iook. bhid You

  20. When you were playing the piano Rebecca was behind you

  21. Yeah matt when you where playing the piano rebaca and diannel where spying on you

  22. MATT IS CHETING On YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😯😯😯😯😍😍😍😍😍😱😱😱🤐🤐🤐🤐

  23. I saw her behind you when the man came in

  24. Maybe the quadrant got the device and are trading it off

  25. Daniel trapped rebecca

  26. Rebbeca and Daniel were hiding from you because they thought you were the real quadrant

  27. I think that was Daniel’s clone looking at the car and he was holding a tawole

  28. I see rebecca & Daniel behind you

  29. No u passed them like three times

  30. Oh Macdonald Macdonald Mac Donald had a farm E are you are you and all the fun we had at

  31. Rebecca and Daniel a right behind you

  32. 1:06 isint that rebecca

  33. I never had a happy meal

  34. Hey my name is Tymariana

  35. Can u said my name in your YouTube please

  36. MATT!!!! I just saw the back of Daniels head.

  37. She was rite behind you


  39. it is rz twin and DANIEL is bad so don't trust him and he was tricking you and rebeca so don't trust him he is working for the Quadrent and he is trapping you don't do it pls

  40. I saw rebecca and Daniel when you were in the piano room

  41. I love McDonald's Daniel kidnap Rebecca zamolo

  42. this is war Rebecca and Danil got Cloe

  43. Some one was beside you it was maybe daniel

  44. i see rebeccas video and daniel kidnapped her shes need help and that flash was rebecca

  45. Hi I love you all guys and I love McDonald's

  46. Daniel can not be trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Q took Rebecca matt

  48. They went the other way that you did Matt

  49. rebecca and daniel are behind

  50. I saw Daniel walking when you were driving the car

  51. New before 3 minutes ago still behind you find them quickly was behind you right now you turned around the wrong way

  52. What if its rz twin

  53. I think the gm you met is the qudrent why would he send you up in the middle of e2

  54. I just saw somebody behind you

  55. i saw rebecca and danil sneking past

  56. Dandnal was behind you

  57. When you playing the piano and talking to the qoudrant Daniel was fliming in the back round of you see the light

  58. I saw Daniel filming

  59. No no no no no no nothing

  60. I love McDonald’s so much

  61. They are spying on u

  62. At the panio I saw rebecca and danile but they ran away like so matt can see

  63. I think i saw daniel

  64. I saw Daniel !!!!!!!

  65. I Saw rebeca and dinel

  66. There’s pepole at the door at 10:36

  67. That was u in Rebecca's video I thought it was an actual quadrant member

  68. I love McDonald's so much🍔🍦

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