I Wrote a Song for Another Girl PRANK on my Wife! **BAD IDEA** Matt and Rebecca

I Wrote a Song for Another Girl PRANK on my Wife! **BAD IDEA** Matt and Rebecca

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  1. I love my wife, I hope she doesn't get too mad with this prank!

  2. I think RZ twin tricked you

  3. I have a crush on Alice

  4. Tea is actually not bad and my grandma has tea allll the time literally

  5. Matt and Rebecca I know the passcode it’s 951

  6. I love you Matt and Rebecca i watch you on a daily

  7. I looked at the GMI's YouTube channel and the passcode is 951 for mr x's identity box

  8. Daniel is trapped with

  9. Matt has such a awesome and beautiful voice I would be able to listen to him for a long time

  10. I think the code is 451

  11. I love you gee rebecca send me mercy call mom 9202296691

  12. i think rz twin likes matt

  13. I think this song is made for Daniel because he's going to be there for mi-2 and it's a code song

  14. the code is 951 for Mr.X's Identity

  15. REbebecca had whine in her cart

  16. REbebecca had whine in her cart

  17. What does BMI stand for

  18. Who is a fan of Matt and rabbeca before 2019. ??.

    I am.

  19. The combo for the identity box is 951

  20. I hate tea ew grost

  21. The code is 951 matt and rebbecca

  22. i hope Rebecca is not skored

  23. MI2 is on my mom's B-day!!!!

  24. Or it is 915 I forgot sorry!

  25. the code is 951
    like it if u think it is

  26. I thinck mat is doing the song for alice to perform to the gmi that agent r likes alise

  27. I am watching this three hours after

  28. #prank #song #musicvideo

  29. I maid songs but shorth ones and maid it out of songs

  30. Great job gamemaster network

  31. The code is 951 I think

  32. The code to Mr.x's box is 951 please shout me out ? love u Rebecca ♥️

  33. I watch the gmi youtube channel and the code is 951

  34. Wait this song I wrote to Alice?

  35. The numbers to the MRS X'S Indenety box is 591

  36. My birthday is on November 30th

  37. Can you show us Thanksgiving with the agents please

  38. Passcode is 951 I think because I was spying on the gmi?

  39. Matt prank her with clothes for your future baby

  40. is it just me wondering who was recording rebecca while she was at the store because daniel is missin and the code is 951 so you do not have to have the GMI come to your place because what if they figure out that Matt was writing the song #RebeccaZamolo #MattSlays #MattandRebecca

  41. Can I get a shout out on Rebecca YouTube channel please

  42. Rebecca and Matt please reply my birthday is on November 30th I love you guys so much?

  43. Rz twin gave Matt a note

  44. The code to. the mister x identity box is 951

  45. Matt is going to make a mask and make up with the GMI Rebecca do not tell anything to Matt Matt have a song for the jam I GM I please respond me back I love you Rebecca is the Mollo Rebecca is the Mollo

  46. to Rebecca rz twin breaks into your house to give matt a hidden secret message he needs to write a song to perform at the mirror initiative that's why he made you leave the house

  47. if you don’t want them to take your channel why don’t you just call the cops???

  48. Who is filming I thought Daniel is gone I hope your not lying about everything your filming cause I hate liars

  49. Nov 30 is my dads birthday

  50. Rebbeca could I please have baby Cornell's please my address is 420 Screvin ave

  51. i'v written a song before

  52. The code is the 951

  53. Hi I’m Sydney and Molly, Sydney got a note that said game master must capture and then it said GMI

  54. The code to the safe is 931

  55. U know u can just look at the GMI video to figure out the code?

  56. Matt don’t forget mr.x identity is for Mi2??

  57. My b day is on November 30

  58. If you go on the GMI video
    They have The password

  59. Matt come on and o no. What the heck.
    Please leave a like if you have been whatching this for a while

  60. Matt is taking about agent a of a song

  61. i wanna know why she enlarges the heads for her thumbnails

  62. Hi Rebecca and Matt. Please stop and read the messages. I think that Matt is a clone, because he is cold all the time and he always rubbing his neck. ???.This Saturday I think it have to be happen and Rebecca I think you shouldn’t go please. Don’t be mad about Matt he only do what RZ twin told him to do. The song is about Alice your ex friend, who ever did the words went to get GMI separate and also that why the words. I have not seen Daniel today and no messages. ???????????. Go for a data both of you please for each other.???☀️?????????????????❤️???????????????????????

  63. Rebbeca you so the code is 951 don't tell the gmi

  64. Yes im early btw i love your vids rebecca

  65. I know I hope she doesn't get. To. To. Mad Matt

  66. MI2 is on my sister's birthday.

  67. Your videos are getting VERY BORING

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