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Polly wants a picture of you all they want is a picture of you hey everyone look at the comments below I pray who are you David hunan it sure would you leave your comments below and some of them are some of them oh haha as an epic moment in this show and it only go comment of the week today we speak about Manchester United losing to Southampton our old chapel for the first time in 27 years we talk about our school getting a little win over there at Stoke City we speak about Liverpool just give me the night they win at Sunderland and Chelsea getting a win at Newcastle although I feel like I’m forgetting something vuch the Ballon d’Or did Cristiano Ronaldo deserve to win it but we start off today at the stadium I liked it was a decent performance as a mark of Richmond me did score you know what we had 21 shots they only had five parts accuracy we beat him at that chance is created 14 to free you know what Sunderland at home were actually bloody awful as jet Laguna says said they were so negative and he was so bad oh it did seem they were lacking motivation more than anything even the market which goal the defense was very shabby and even when they could see them like heads down yeah it was no kind of up for all I comments under and it was just kind of our we’ve conceded and towards the end there was a no one left the last five minutes right now I just feel like Sunday look like a club with no future let’s talk about the positives and you know you’re a positive man well mmm something that i’m totally not positive but I is fine because that is like however Lazar Markovic played really well for once I don’t want to get too carried away but you reckon are signing though slowly snarling uh huh but I feel like you’ve got a long way to go maybe you’re showing a little bit of promise but mate it’s not you know let’s not get excited about foreplay well I mean for me you know away from home I think it was a sterling performance and you know another another sterling we want to talk about is Raheem who is on holiday in Jamaica given a much needed break past does he get a winter break look in Jamaica he just wants to nellies going clubbing gone clubbing going club and he looks like ready shrim ered yeah you know that guy no flex so no plex so no matter whoo leave some comments last night Liverpool fans and how you feel when Sunderland fans are you happy of Gus player at this present moment in time but it is time to leave Anfield and move over to a place has got loads of money it’s got a Russian billionaire tell ski JoJo’s McKenzie says chelsea get revenge on you cause of a good tuna win oscar getting man-of-the-match thoughts honestly that first half Newcastle will all over him like a rash me mr. Cobb are the gaffer at this present moment in time going plane in the attractive style of football so so called me she’s banged it in top corner because that really would have put Chelsea under a bit of pressure obviously losing the last game five farina Premier League I just think if they went behind at home I would really have liked to see how they actually are going to respond much else in really are getting the best out of Oscar because he has actually got the same number of assists as he’s had with the previous two seasons combined Oscar’s apne I really really like last season when he you know tore apart arsenal I said to myself you know this boy had the potential to be one of the world’s best players but you mean Chelsea did it play well Michael turnley shall see the first off worst I’ve seen from them all Cesar day one is that former champions yes it is because even with Man City closing Chelsea down same amount of points I still don’t feel Chelsea you’re going to lose it it’s enough about Chelsea start to talk about some other top four contenders in tactical analysis it is time for manchester united vs southampton all right first practical analysis all 2015 we kick it off at old trafford manchester united vs southampton they recorded a loss at home to Southampton for the first time in 27 years bhuj you know what you know the red devils and end the saints the saints are very happy anyways it’s a victory for Christianity 120 the devil’s Satan Satan lost the mental battle was you know it was it was crazy obviously pitch and they play on a football pitch Old Trafford just so you guys know in a midfield battle it was also Hampton really didn’t mean it was just they dominated the ffensive LY there was superb and I still van Gaal was tactically out done by his tell the part that’s kind of part yeah why would they so good we were careful with some time said what was different between sup how they weren’t that good come forward no damage forget sure yet should forget shit but come on bitch go that was it me super sub super sub give me up fuck him did you hear that pun he was the super sub can they make top four because if you take a listen they’re kinda expensive who now because man united lost their first game in 10 games I her Arsenal beginning to creep up the table my fingers little poor creeping up the table I hope it’s not believable I’m surely biased i think it’s going to go arsenal or unit it copper fab what do you think has manchester night is luck run out is it Dom again ossip Hampton got a making it to the Champions League and I told you what for meeting Matthew letizia alone I would love for some time to make the champ and cabbage the super side are the super sub tell us what you think leave some comments who’s going to be in the top four will it be Southampton at the expense of Arsenal or possibly at the expense of magician own it’s now time to talk about the world’s best it is the Ballon d’Or congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo but winning the ballon Elias have a nice good year unlucky messy unlucky no annoy your unfortunately for you you’re probably never going to get never dance but but other well done two years in a row next year hopefully make it a hat-trick here at copper night you made a piece of us to say thank you Chris absolutely amazing it’s by Richard swarbrick and I love the fact we’re mixing art with football on screen right now is a link to this video I want you to watch it we also need somebody else to see it and that man is Cristiano Ronaldo now on screen you can see we’ve got a kristiano company we’ve got a tweet we want you to send it’s also in the description below I want you to copy and paste it at Cristiano Ronaldo at Coppin IE send it to Cristiano man i want to get response let’s take a look at easier on the earlies is to fantastischen 51 games yeah 56 goals people real madrid for portugal nine games five course a total of sixty games 6161 called trophies one champion Spanish Cup super cup and the club world cup the Champions League I mean in the final okay he’s got 18 18 goals he scored in the Champions League yeah overall an amazing contribution in the final time you take ramos his door where that situation made a flake comedy with on the double I feel those four trophies added to the tallies of goals is good it just met it’s just too compelling however a manner which I feel has been undeservedly ripped of it is Manuel Neuer and I totally agree the keeper is anyone apart from an attacking or a metal plate am I going to win look at these clean sheets poet 56 games in tol ya 31 clean sheets that’s ridiculous and won the world cup and it wasn’t a bit-part player he was an intent moving lay up in that German side hasn’t wanted and he hasn’t won it i think it’s just that it did Ronaldo deserve it you know what is the poster boy the gorgeous boy when I you leave your comments leave your comments I want to know you guys let’s have a comments belong door for now don’t know yer or messy just right or now though messy or not I want to count these up I don’t want to see who would have copper voted all right let’s leave the whole Ballon d’Or situation let’s speak about something that’s a little bit more important a carpet Sanchez where would we feel about Sanchez you would probably be in no position right now I reckon we’d be playing the relegation battle for modest of you Sanchez deserves the Premier League the champions need the Ryder Cup wondering everything he has been amazing and sunday was no different what we need is one hundred percent commitment from every single person on that field and I feel like you know the most committed players you’re looking at sanchez you’re looking at Coney such a committee player and another man that I think they looking to become an unsung hero if he stays in the site my doll piggy should come out is a frost crackling that’s enough of a slit all is good tie around three two one why do you hate tumblr weight would you agree I should call it cost of it we never got a walk-off left bug and this is our weakest I’d me Madrid we prefer ski weekend people said they would lead to eSports via Skype not how I all right I mean fella birthday swap deal could be a dealer persuades cover color would you and what do you what do we do to see marathon occupied see him if in the work or what apartment premiership will you put they would finish right edge but tell you either out out set loose and Ricky okie pluralistic you blow visit guys talk about age of government are still chance to win it however they’re going to win it but building tonight inputs leave emojis bossa nova hello okay Moyes Sheffield United Super Cup team know what the fenders do you think i should add should sign destroyed but we don’t brad childress knew immediately who did you have to see your team bite nothing Charlie’s a sauce to put England thought Stefan open if I decide to retire with 2 z’s excuse me that maybe the gears close to moving away between devils oh no breaker breaker let me keep said of towards what school channel hi ok people a choice and Harry came you’ll bleed a player I carlos vela thoughts yeah well it’s Layla will be good for or Albion thoughts on Emerson not good enough Pardew good to polish 23 that was 23 thank you for your comments please keep do keep leaving them we are moving on it’s time for the part of the show where we address the millions hi billiards a couple any fans all across the world not on tumblr so that i don’t like tumblr it’s just no longer there copa my conf instagram facebook it’s the epic moment in the show that can only be described as in macedonian la la Tour d’Auvergne elsa what the tortoise is doing their birthday simply shell a break and we said I heard jared is right in a book about his time with Liverpool the only problem is that she doesn’t have a title that is funny that’s really quite funny now we are the part in but before we do the part into the world that i like to call the unknown young man make sure you leave your comments about all the football this week a sport or gather to manchester over game 3 points not one we’re not going for a draw so i tee up or coming here for all three we want blood also transfers a transverse transfers transfers transfers transfers transfers transfers rumors rumors rumors rumors rooms but rumors rumors rumors so yeah but she lost all the stories about the rumors Cristiano Ronaldo send the tweet i wanna c ronaldo tweet copper night you that’s my dream to see we’re not all tweet copper night you let’s live the dream copper fan and most importantly subscribe to copa90 it’s time for me to leave I’ve got a game for home take care have a nice have a nice

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