Ice Hockey Champion vs Fitness YouTuber – Buff Dude Tries an Olympian’s Workout | Hitting the Wall

Ice Hockey Champion vs Fitness YouTuber – Buff Dude Tries an Olympian’s Workout | Hitting the Wall

I don’t know about this. Got to learn the brakes. (HITTING THE WALL) Hey, my name’s Brandon White. I just came into Calgary,
and as you can tell, a nice warm welcome. I’m here to meet
Rebecca Johnston, Olympic gold
medallist hockey player, which is kind of intimidating,
really. Gold medallist, hockey player,
she’s probably pretty tough. And I’m sure she has a tough
workout in store for me. But I’m about to find out. So
I’ve got to try and find her. (OVERHEAD LUNGE) Oh, yeah! – I figured I’d hop right in.
– Yeah, come join me. I’m Rebecca Johnston. I’m a
two-time Olympic gold medallist with the Canadian Women’s
National Hockey Team. So I train about
six days a week. I’m in the gym at least
a couple hours a day. And then, depending on whatever day that is,
I’m on the ice as well. Ankle grabbers. Is that what
you call them in LA? Yeah. I started playing hockey
when I was four. (QUAD STRETCH LATERAL LUNGE) I grew up in Sudbury,
Ontario, a smaller city. And hockey was
the main sport there, so… Yeah, go figure, you know?
Canada and hockey? I just fell in love with it. To
be able to represent my country,
put that maple leaf on, was a pretty amazing
experience. But it was a goal I had ever
since I started playing. (SINGLE LEG BALANCE WITH
MULTIPLANAR REACH) As easy as these might look,
in this half squat position, this leg, the supporting leg,
is having to have an isometric hold where
the muscle’s constantly contracted to hold this
position, so you get a real good burn in the quad. But not only that,
you also have to balance on this one foot.
It’s really hard. (BOX JUMPS) We are at
the Canadian Olympic Park. And many of the Olympic
athletes train here. It’s pretty motivating. Wow. You are spoiled, in the
gym aspect of it, at least. Oh, my God, this is amazing.
I’m in, like, heaven right now. – Yeah?
– Yeah. I’m going to take you through a
workout that I normally will do throughout the week in the
summertime. Kind of more your
off-season workout you do. This will be an
off-season workout. – Lead the way.
– OK! First we’re going to do
single leg jumps. Let’s try it out. Oh, yeah, there we go. That’ll wake you up. Eight reps on each leg.
About five sets. On the ice, you’re never on
two feet, you know? So to get that power, that
push-off, you’re on one leg. It’s all relation to hockey, and you usually take about
a 30 to 45-second shift. Oh, OK. And then you have
about 60/90 seconds rest before you’re on again. OK. Oh, did you need help with
that? – I was… oh, no.
– It’s OK, I got it. – You’ve got the prowler here.
– Prowler, prowler pushes. Feel like I need to add
a drumbeat. You want to make sure
that you’re using the right muscles
when you’re doing this, because you can get away with
bad form. – So, bad form would be like…
– Hunched over, yeah. – Hunched over.
– Yeah, perfect. We have the form down pat.
Now it’s more of a run. – To get the full extension.
– Full extension. We have 15 kilos
on the sled right now. Oh, yeah, that’s going to be
heavy enough, for sure. We’ll see how it goes. Right, no ego lifting
around here, all right? Oh, man. Here we go. OK, next exercise we’re going
to do med ball side toss. We’re going to be throwing
the ball against the wall as hard as we can. So, shuffle back. This will directly
translate to… Shooting. A lot of it is that transition
through your core, yeah, and that mobility. You want to make sure
you use more… – A little bit more twist?
– More twist, not as much arms. OK. This feels good, you know? If you’ve had
a bad day, like a hard day, you just let out your anger
up against the wall. Ah, the noise of the gym
soothes my heart. All right, we loaded up
the hex bar. Again, same theme, working on
explosiveness. There’s a theme here. Yeah, there is a theme! – Just like that.
– Thanks, good job! That’s one hell
of an exercise. I feel like I’ve got to do some
kind of work right now. Now, what? This looks like a
torture device. – It does look pretty cool.
– Yeah, it is actually cool. – We’re doing high pull chops.
– OK. Basically, you just
turn this machine on. It’s high pressure,
and you can release… – Oh, the air creates weight.
– Yeah, it creates resistance. Is it hot air? I feel like me and this machine will get along
if it’s full of hot air. Let’s go with that, hot air. You just want to pull down
quickly, keeping your arms straight.
Don’t bend them or anything. – We’ll go ten reps each side. – Quick manner here.
– Yeah. And then you want to
slow it up. And then slowly bring it up,
and back down. Do you feel following your chin with your upper body
helps rotation? Yeah, I like to basically
follow my hand. That was a great workout. Sorry, I was adjusting
my resistance here. Putting it down, right, because
you’re a little too tired? Absolutely. It’s really cool
getting to experience – what you do on a daily basis.
– Ready for the ice? But I feel like there’s
still a workout ahead of me. Maybe not for you. It’s a walk
in the park for you. It’ll be a challenge for you,
I think. Oh, yeah. As long as I just
don’t break anything, I think I’ll be happy. (WINSPORT – CALGARY, CANADA) Ready? Let’s see where you’re at. That scared me. We’re going to do
a competition. OK. Shoot all these four pucks
in the net the quickest. We’re going to start
at the goal line, and skate all the way,
get the puck, go down and shoot,
and then have to touch the goal line again before you
come and get the next puck. – How do you think you’ll do?
– Uh… – You might get a couple.
– Since I don’t know how to stop, I feel like this
is going to be interesting. I can’t stop! Got to learn the brakes. Humiliation is probably the
first word that comes to mind. Which is totally expected,
actually, you know? For an LA guy, I think you
did pretty good on the ice. Yeah, all right.
I’ll take the compliment. What an amazing experience,
I mean, really, going through your training and just seeing
how intense you go through it, and just seeing some of the
exercises you do and how they translate here
right onto the ice is really impressive. I’ve got to
say, much respect to you, – and hopefully a third gold.
– Hopefully. Yeah. I’ll be tuning in and
cheering for you. – Cheering for the Canadians?
– Yes, absolutely. – Hey, don’t say that too loud.
– Secretly, secretly. – Absolutely.
– Awesome. OK.

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