Imma Let you finish, but Beyonce had the- SHUT UP! This is a channel 3 news special report Good evening. I’m Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West was known for many things Musician, Hobo Fashion Designer ,arrogant dick bag, but he was also known for being our president for eight years. [we’d] like to look back at some of the highlights of his presidency it all began when he was sworn in. I now pronounce you president of the United States of America Uh Kanye how does it feel to be president? This is the happiest day of my life Then why aren’t you smiling? I am smiling *Silence* And who could forget president west’s first press conference… And for my first order of business. I want to make weed Legal but [sir] making weed legal for the entire us could take years girl legalize weed to space But we don’t own space. We do now I made that shit! That’s a globe of the moon, which now I own. I made THAT shit. Ha ha oh moon politics. And who can forget when Kanye finally got his cabinet together? This is solution got to put caramel, but I’ll wear sometimes – Caitlin told me that Right here. This is a solid oak. I hand sanded it and finished it myself [fail] [of] Where are the cabinet members? You ain’t gotta answer you be? Nice talking to you Chuck and Who can forget Kim’s important work as first lady? I just think it’s a travesty that so many children in this country [have] to go to sleep [each] and every night without access to the internet, [I] mean How are they supposed to build out their instagram following or how are they supposed to make a trashy macy’s clothing line? How are they supposed to get famous if they can’t even upload their sex tape? It’s time for 4 p.m.. Instagram Valencia filter. You still have to blur out that fat guy behind me. Make sure to use the hashtag think about the children. It’s hard to hashtag think about the children when I’m hashtag thinking about that ass and who could forget about his Revolutionary vice president I want to introduce y’all to my new VP That’s just a picture of whitney Houston, and she’s dead. What happens if you get killed who will take over? I can’t be killed man. I’m immoral. I think you mean immortal Yeah [that] [too] and I y I Will always love me. I will always Love me I’ll always love you too Kanye. And who could forget when he renamed the white house and made a hit reality show We now return to the black house Ma’am we’re late for the Grand opening of your plastic surgery center for all the starving children in Africa, shh? If you listen close, you can hear it whispering poems unfortunately the show only lasted one season because by 2017 the American people finally got there together sh*t and realized that literally anything is better than watching the Kardashians!! But let’s not forget president Kanye’s most ambitious project. We need to give my face up there on mount rushmore like right now There’s no room. Yeah, we can blow it up. Then that would kill thousands of people Didn’t we can build a bigger one next to that one that would cost trillions of dollars. nah, bruh. I can do with my mind That was seven and a half years ago and as far as we know it. He’s still out there Trying to make a mountain with his mind, but we could take comfort in the fact that he has given us our best president yet President picture of Whitney Houston has the highest approval rating of any president in this country’s history Many people think that’s due in part to her vice president Kim Kardashian for president picture of Whitney Houston’s first Act she would like to focus on education [and] cut back on military spending so we could have a balanced budget and our next Generation can be further equipped to run this country forward That sounded almost intelligent. Do you think making Kanye president was just a ploy for her to take over power? Look at my butt. I’m so pretty haha. She’s just the same dumb Kim. totally! Take them out they know too much Thank you for watching and subscribing to my genius if you want to see some next-level Bloopers click on the box to the left I made – I can’t stop That’s how you get pink eye. And click the video on the right to watch our new animated series Super Smosh where we get videogame superpowers Superpowers, I’m gonna let you finish, but the princess and the frog was the greatest animated film of all time It’s a me Anthony Alright if you happen to be on the dope-ass mobile device all the links are in the description below so click it for yeezus

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  1. guys subscribe to smosh I MADE THAT SHIT

  2. 2:40
    I could not stop laughing

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  8. Anthony killed it xD

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  11. the jokes here are ok back then but now someone would go to jail for saying those things lol

  12. kevin hart: being potrayed in a smosh video

    keith: aw sh*t, here we go again

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  14. Speaker of the House would be president if the VP is unable to replace the president.

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    For president


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    That was a perfect movie trailer moment.

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    Drop the mic it sounded like
    And I will always love you

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    Take Them Out They Know To Much

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    Those vocals

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  73. It’s a tragedy that kids can’t go to bed without media?????
    Me as a kid watching this at 3:00am: wow Kim wow

  74. 3:40 oh my god this made me lmao so hard ????

  75. I like how in the back when “Kim” is talking it says the White House and not the black house

  76. When Anthony was still in Smosh ? R.I.P One of the OG creators of Smosh

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