I’m Just Confused… Black Desert Online 2020

I’m Just Confused… Black Desert Online 2020

Good morning, afternoon, evening, whatever
it is for you guys. Most of you guys will know I had my beginnings
on youtube rooted in Black Desert Online. It just so happened to be the mmorpg I was
into at the time I started making videos, so it’s pretty obvious to me I have a lot
of subs that either follow BDO or actively play. So I’ve been thinking about and talking about
returning to BDO now for months, I haven’t played since the week the shai released whenever
that was and even then it was only for testing that class. Just to say I may even start streaming on
twitch when I start actually playing BDO again…Maybe, let me know if that is something that might
interest you guys, or streaming mmorpgs in general, since I’m playing them anyways might
be worth a crack. So today I decided to log into BDO for the
first time in a while and prep my account for when the Guardian releases which is apparently
on the 22nd of January and holy shit I had to make this video to talk about how this
game makes me feel trying to log in now days. It’s just too crazy not to. Everyone knows that BDO has that big stigma
attached with the p2w, the constant discussion revolving around this game is just p2w question
mark? P2w trash, you know how it goes….And I don’t
blame people for this because let’s be honest, even those of us who like bdo and can accept
the design of the game in the way that it is, which is basically just try your level
best to drain the wallet of every player….It’s acceptable at times for the unique game, BDO
is just inarguably a super popular mmorpgs despite these terrible business practices
right? So I’m usually on the side of yes it’s p2w
but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing. I’ve got a
video talking about p2w already but that was from a long time ago when I was awful at putting
my thoughts on paper. I’m a little better now so I’m going to ramble
on for about another 8 minutes about this shit and you guys can let me know if I said
anything you agree with. Alright back to today, I log into bdo for
the first time in months….And there’s your usual stuff as a barrier for entry as a returning
bdo player, the thousands of random items you have just flowing out of every hole in
your body, the fact everything is different even the UI…But then I’m like 5 seconds
into looking at the screen and I’m being sent large notifcations on my screen about new
items in the cash shop. I’m like oh come on bro, really? You got to do me like that? So what was this item they were promting me
to take a look at? It was the Secret book of old moon. Which if you guys like me have no idea this
thing existed…It’s basically another buff you can buy from the pearl store and have
running to give you boosts to your playtime. No big deal right, pretty much every non subscription
based mmorpg has an optional subscription type buff right? If you’re new to the game or have no idea
what other buffs exist, in a vacuum this doesn’t seem terrible. But as someone who knows better, I just can’t
help but feel like Pearl Abyss have absolutely turned the monetisation on Black Desert Online
up to 11 and are starting to push the boat out massively. Everyone knows over the years Pearl Abyss
has pushed the boat out an inch at a time to not make everyone quit but to accept these
small steps of more p2w or more quote “convenience” items for years…Now they’re pushing it out
3 inches at a time since the crimson desert announcement which they’re claiming is the
flagship mmorpg of their studio now, where previously of course that was black desert
online. So back to my original point, this buff, secret
book of old moon. This gives 100% exp, 50% skill exp, 50% life
exp, reset your skills freely, change skill add ons freely, buy villa scrolls via your
campsite without having a villa invitation, stable slot +1 for all regions and wharf slot
+1 for all regions. Okay in a vacuum again, this doesn’t sound
terrible right? Well this also all stacks with the current
buffs, so the value pack and the kamasylves blessing which are two buffs you pretty much
always want if you want to be super efficient right? It’s not terrible on its own in that vacuum…But
when you combine the fact this new buff stacks with the others and makes the already amazing
50 dollar tent item even better to have it’s like come on bro. And I do want to say now that this is not
a deal breaker or the biggest thing in the world, there’s definitely been bigger and
more controversial things to talk about than this but I still think it’s worth talking
about. And I don’t want people to get crazy in the
comments and be mad at me for talking about this shit because people do get upset if they
feel like you’re trashing on their favourite game. Just know guys, it’s actually technically
my job to talk about this stuff and we can have a discussion with opinions you guys don’t
agree with and be civil about it. I still like bdo at times and maybe you do
too but come on bro you can’t be telling me this stuff isn’t getting out of hand now? It has been crazy for years but they really
going hard recently by the look of it. Just how many buffs do I need to buy every
month to play the game in the way you want me to?Now of course I saw this and I was like
okay surely people are up in arms about this right? Checked reddit and then saw that they’ve also
massively buffed the kamasylves blessing in Korea last week which means pretty soon that’s
another buff that goes from being optional and perhaps mandatory for the committed player
to being just again even better and even more sought after….Then I saw they just buffed
artisans memories AGAIN. So I’ll explain artisans memories real quick
for people who are new to this game. Basically in bdo when you try to enhance your
gear with the willy wonka chocolate factory crazy convoluted system that is complicated
purely to annoy you to spend money, you lose durability on your gear. The better the gear is, the more it costs
to repair, to the point where you basically need memory fragments. Memory fragments are a pain in the balls to
get, they are quite expensive and they typicaally are seen as a bottle neck to upgrading gear
to high levels, specifically boss gear which is what everyone wants to have at end game. So to make sure the enhancing system fit with
the cash shop, they added in an item called Artisans memories, which you buy for cash
and they make your memory fragment repair more durability. It used to be repair 3 durability on boss
year when used. Then it got buffed to 4 durability sometime
in 2018 if I remember rightly and then just recently, no idea when, they just buffed it
to 5. So basically since release of the game, this
item that everyone complained was mad pay to win is now almost twice as strong as it
was when it released. Is this this worst thing ever? Probably not. I mean at this point I think I have a decent
outlook on this game for those that are interested in hearing it. Them repeatedly buffing these quote convenience
items, or pay to win stuff, whatever you want to call them….This isn’t killing the game
for anyone who was already into bdo or already playing. Artisans being buffed by another 1 durability
each is more p2w…But if 4 durability didn’t bother you, 5 durability isn’t likely to maake
you suddenly quit. If having to have a $50 dollar tent and $30
a month of buffs before didn’t make you quit so having to have $50 dollars of buffs a month
probably won’t make you quit. Hell I’m pretty sure most people will still
not use all the buffs most likely but to be honest…It’s just adding more and more on
top of the already super high barrier for entry to the game. I mean the more stuff you add in that costs
money is stuff that probably are likely to be bought by vets and not new players and
BDO number 1 issue right after the monetisation I think in terms of growth is probably the
new player to vet power gap…So in my previous BDO video which are few and far between now
days, I talked about their future plans for the game and how they’ve just basically said
they’re adding in seasons because they know that new players need to catch up, but then
in the same time frame you’re adding in more stuff to help vets keep that advantage…It’s
just really backwards logic to me and it’s obvious both those things can’t exist together. You’re adding in systems to make noobs become
vets faaster but you’re adding in shit vets are going to buy to make that gap bigger,
it’s just contradicting thought processes. I mean I’ll tell you right now whaat they’re
actually thinking. Let’s give the new players a lot of stuff
and make them feel like vets faster so they become the people to buy this new shit, right? Makes way more sense than the PR friendly
version they giving us. I don’t really want this whole video to be
me just bashing on the cash shop or the recent monetisation…to be honest I’m probably going
to play some BDO over the next few weeks and release a few videos on the game because I
do still feel like it’s unique enough that for a few weeks or a few months every year
it’s worth a play for me, as someone who has already put money into the game and got some
decent progression….But I do feel the need to just talk on this subject. I really like BDO as a game, even knowing
all the issues I never tell people not to try out the game because I honestly think
that it still can be a really good game for mmorpg fans if they go into it with the right
mindset and don’t get tricked into buying a bunch of stuff, or if they approach it not
super competitively which let’s be honest…Most of us now in this genre are adults, we got
jobs, kids, real life commitments, we know we’re never going to be in that top bracket,
that top 5% of players….Even in a game with zero pay to win, there’s no way I have the
time to compete with people, so money or time, I don’t have enough of either to win in these
games. If this game had zero p2w but just as much
of a grind, I’m under absolutely zero illusion that I would still not be competing at the
top end, I just don’t have the time anymore. More power to the people that do, enjoy it
while it lasts guys. So I treat these p2w games like that, I know
I’m never going to compete either way so I play the parts of the game that are fun without
competing, black desert online luckily has a lot of these. At least that’s how I look at it….So my
complaint has never been about how p2w bdo is, it’s about how much stuff a casual player
needs to buy to make the game not punishing…So like cooking outfit, alchemy outfit, pets,
stuff like that, the things that make the mundane tasks take like 3x as long to complete,
they are the things I have an issue with as a person in this mindset. I
don’t know. I guess this video is a bit all over the place,
treat this like a big of a podcast format I’m just venting my frustrations. I’m scared to look through the pearl shop
to be honest, there’s so much new stuff in there I’m legit terrified what I might find. When Crimson Desert got announced I thought,
oh no worries guys they look like different games entirely, they’ll keep black desert
online alive and serve that market and just work on both right? I still think thaat’s the case but them ramping
up the cash shop in BDO more so than they already have done over the years, in such
a short amount of time does seem pretty ominous to be honest. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, I
hope I’m wrong. There will be more BDO content to come though,
can’t say when but it’s on the way for you guys. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
comment, subscribe, play with my bell. Join me on discord for more discussion, follow
me on twitter and Special shoutout to my youtube membership
squad for the extra support, Chillie Hue, Rowan, Miss Yun, Ramms, Duo T, Jack, Joe,
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  1. I just don't spend money on the game and I still have a lot of fun. I can understand its pay to win or pay for convenience, but meh I can't afford to pay all that. It took a year but I can comfortably do node wars with my guild, grind mid-high level spots, have ranks on the leaderboards (especially bartering where I can usually hit rank 5). I earned all my pets and costumes from grinding and I thought that was enjoyable. There's so much to do in the game (although a lot of it is repetitive grinding) and not having to pay a subscription just makes it that much more appealing for me :D. Sure someone could get ahead by paying $100-1000+, but I don't plan on being number one so it's not a problem at all. Plus any of the free pearl items they do give out is a nice little treat for me.

  2. I don't really think this addition is really a sign of them potentially abandoning BDO or them going into "milking mode", if anything it's just them doing what they've been doing for years now… making the game more profitable for them, and let's say that the mobile version of the game didn't help…

    BDO's cashop has always been that way though… they did that stuff in the past so of course they would do the same… it's a korean MMO made by a big Korean company that now makes millions upon millions of dollars every months or so, of course they will try to keep monetizing further, that's what they've been doing for years now haha.

    As for whether or not BDO is P2W or not… I just believe that ANY games with a cash shop can be considered P2W as soon as you put something in there, I've seen countless people calling Dauntless P2W because there was one of two systems that touched the progression a bit, it's all up to the individuals, people have different "tolerances" to these type of things. For me, P2W is outright buying fully leveled gear off the cash shop or straight up buying a pack that makes you unstoppable at the detriment of others, I'm very tolerant when it comes to this because I play games for fun and to chill… I'm literally the opposite of competitive haha

    BUT, BDO requires A LOT of tolerance… that most people don't have so yeah… we can consider it P2W

  3. Book of old moon combined book of combat, and book of life. + some other stuff.

  4. The sad thing is that the game really is unique enough to want to play, but you'd be completely valid for making an entire video complaining about the cash shop; It's oppressively awful to play the game without all of the 'bonuses' you get from shelling out cold hard cash.

    Absolutely predatory, end of story.

  5. I would be interested in you streaming .

  6. they are making it more and more obvious as time goes by, they wanna squeeze out our wallets like we wanna squeeze boobs. It's a great game but it's going in the wrong direction with all this ''convenience'' stuff i hope they are gonna stop before it's too late.

  7. Been grinding BDO for a month or so now, and what really made me fall out with it is the whole building fail stacks to upgrade your gear. You dont get rewarded for playing the game, you get rewarded for being lucky. Upgrading you weapons, armour & jewels passed PRI is fucking awful.

  8. This game is a masterpiece in terms of cash shop, they know how to force players to spend and fuk me if they spend so much, is just insane for a west market.
    I'm lucky that I stop not for spending to much money on it but because I just couldn't digest the RNG orgy that is the gear/weapon upgrade ><

    Honestly if they make the game even b2p full price + monthly fee but without p2w cash shop ( cosmetics only) it will make twice the money that makes now.

    BDO Unchained !!!! 😀

  9. I just started 1 month ago. I got the game for free havent put any money in yet. The quest give pets the events give 100s of mills the quest gear is ok got my 1st tet the other day and just got another last night. The adv log gives like 2 100 stacks for free upgrades. I'm a musa and its alot of run. I most likely going to out money in the game because I have already put more time in this game then a hand full of AAA games that i bought for 60 dollars. So I think bdo can have some of my money for the fun I'm having. Also I will wait for deals when I do buy something

  10. You really have a good voice. =)

  11. when you play games like this…
    you have to accept some things
    we live in a western world,where companies make games to MAKE MONEY.
    not for art or for the personal enjoyment of freeloaders.
    im not sure how asking a customer to give them a few dollars for a game many people play for bad.
    if im enjoying the game,and have since beta.and play it every day…20$ a month seems about right to me.
    about the price of a sub for one of the mmos that ive played in the past.

    you dont need any of the p2w items…you choose to want them.

    and that vext guy sux.youre in a clan with him huh?
    tell him to fuck off for me ok?
    i think hes shit.and a blowhard…you can use those exact words if you'd like.

  12. Time and money valuable resources contributable to guaranteed placement amongst the elitist. As you stated the Same, our priorities change as we grow older limiting our resources we contribute to the game in reflection of our current positions and states. To simply enjoy the game for what it is and appreciate what you can about it not being bothered by others opinions and remaining the best you you can be in game is where it's at. Yeah Pa/Kakao are making some loopy foreshadowing concerns in the way of trying to change directions from the OG flagship BDO to CDO , and milking the consumer community for a scary projection of direction change unfair to bdos original community base. This doesn't mean we can't enjoy the game where we can still. Nice video Scholom

  13. I had never been more stressed and mildly angered at just looking at someone plan this watching this horse stop his high speed and do a little skid every 3 seconds. Like watching a video that stops to buffer every 5 or having an FPS drop. Oof.

    Also my takeaway from the video is that this game has an daily 80 dollar monthly """""optional"""" sub. And then some. And people complain about XIV or ESO having a 15 bucks sub. Jeez.

  14. hmm…. quote "play with my bell" … lol in asian context, that is very "LOL" don't mind me. i just burst out laughing at that point. lol

  15. if u dont like BDO having this P2W shit going on, why do u use BDO content then to make money on youtube ? just stay away then 🙂

  16. Well, I had the best experience with an mmorpg in many years, bdo can take my money, was worth every cent to be honest.

  17. How else are they going to pay for Crimson Desert? The money couldn't come out of their own pockets, that would be absurd!

  18. I'll be totally down to visit if you're streaming on Twitch. But I would like to know, if you have decided yet what type of content you're streaming and if you have a consistent schedule.

  19. Just want to be the first to say it “Filfhy brit” or whatever nobody said xD

    Imo it was the pop in and enhancemnt system that ruined it for me..

    P2W? Honestly.. as one who got the money , but not the time to grind, I embraced it here.

  20. If this was a Western MMORPG, there is no way they would get away with half the slimy shit they've pulled with BDO (Clearly I love this game which is why I'm quite upset by this). It has been P2W for a long time but not only are they basically upping their subscription status, but the new scrolls lets you respec and let's be honest, for most classes, succession = pve and awakening = pvp #RIPrangers. Your suspicions seem reasonable. I just came back to this game after a long break, but I might take another one with the way things are going… cyberpunk in just 92 days! 😀

  21. The way I always described is that BDO is not pay to win… it's pay to not lose. Not lose loot (pets). Not fall behind (buffs). Not lose silver (value packs). Not run out of space and weight (inventory slots and weight capacity increases). Not lose enhancement levels (extracting cron stones from outfits). None of these things will make you "win." You can get clapped by anyone better geared and a better player than you 1v1 with them having zero pay to win and you being full on credit card warrior. So… other people "paying to win" has zero effect on my fun in this game. Me paying "to win" doesn't give me any real advantage over anyone else. I'm not "winning" and they're not "losing." I'm having fun. For some folks, "beating" it without paying a single penny of real money is some kind of challenge for them and that's their kind of fun.

  22. BDO is one of those games that come along once in a gamer life…. its literally worth the money spent, and Ive spent $600+ over the course of 3-4 years.
    I have the pets I want (I =may buy more for the knowledge buff, when Im ready), but combat boost and skill boost, my pets give me that tier 3 tier4 numbers
    -My fairy is a tier three and im feeding her.. if I get a tier 4, I may spend money to run a few rolls to get a good skill set.
    -The games great though.. battle system is the best and the world is alive and real.

    Ive always said this game is for the working class man, that can afford to spend a few hundred now and then.

  23. Oh boy are people not going to like you mentioning crimson desert lol. Every time I say the monetization is going to get more and more aggressive approaching crimson desert people downvote the absolute fuck out of me.

  24. I love BDO. Playing it for so long. Its a breath of fresh air compared to all cookie cutter mmorpg out there, an alternative, a new way of playing a mmorpg. That being said, i have seen it changed in terms of monetization. They took it to an extreme. I remember the value pack drama, the non pay to win comments from Kashkao, the hacked accounts drama… I feel sad. I still play it now, and its a magical game. But the introduction of costume extraction, and artisan memories, all the buffs like kamasylve, and now this secret books is flatout disgusting. Its a shame that BDO will go down as the best mmorpg ever (in my opinion), but at the same time, as the most controversial and highly pay to win mmorpg out there. Just think what BDO could have been without those money grabbing douchebags at Pearl Abyss and Kashkao. I don't think there will ever be a game as mesmerizing as BDO, but the in your face pay to win is just absolutely disgusting. And before people say you can play this game without spending money, the reply will be, no. No you cannot. This post is already long enough but its easy to say : If you dont pay in BDO, you are a NPC

  25. I don’t bother with BDO. Looks nice and combat is fun, buttttt it feels like a disjointed community, has no story worth mentioning, and no real “why play” draw for me

  26. I could never get into this game because of too much pay to convenience. I felt like they restricted me way too much just with the intention of getting at my money. I would even prefer just flat out p2w than restrictions like that, (not to say that I want either in a game) it triggered me hard. I was blown away by the combat it was really special for an mmo but that nagging feeling of being held back unless I paid them just made me quit pretty quickly.

  27. Well of course you don't buy those absurd items from the Pearl Shop. Artisans memory is meh. Only thing you need is pets, inventory, weight and perhaps a butler or two. Everything else is pretty meh tbh. You can buy value packs from the MP like I do. If you got bad gear, just buy an axe and life skill for more money than grinding with bad gear. You can easily make 50m an hour by chopping trees… I enjoy the game because I've accepted the way it is, however I never feel the need to buy anything from it, because I'm fine without.
    One important thing. Many people play it like a race and gets burnt out. Hence why people dump money on artisans to stay ahead of the majority of the player base. This is a stupid way to play, because there will always be some putting in double the time of what you do. Set personal goals and play when you feel like it.

    Memory fragments are actually really cheap now. When you can easily make 80m grinding in high end ish spots, or life skilling (without much knowledge or gear) an hour, buying memory fragments isn't a bother at all.
    The most progressed people in BDO buy gear instead of enchanting it though. That way you can skip the cash shop all at once, and it's been proven to yield you faster gains, because you sell everything you grind. For the free stacks you get, you can try enchanting accessories to either duo or tri to make profit. When you've played like this for 6 months, the Pearl Shop becomes quite "invisible".
    I understand your point though, perfectly because I was in this mindset for the first few months. I highly, highly recommend you to watch Anders's video "STARTING OVER Episode 12 | The Finale | One Year Later… 265/269/301 (2020)"
    He explains it perfectly. About the cash shop, pay to 2 win, and the state of the game, early in the video

  28. fuck man the texture pop-in in this game are making my EYES BLEED. couldn't ever play more than 20 levels of this game, trried it 6 times or so.

  29. crimson desert is going to be just as bad

  30. I used to be that guy defending bdo saying its not p2w lol not anymore. I still play because I've already invested but yeah i understand the p2w aspects now. Its still a GREAT game tho. If you take it with a grain of salt that is. I love bdo still. I'm hella casual these days. Auto fishing, auto training etc

  31. The pay to win is getting cranked up week in week out. It has totally ruined the game from my point of view but the things I hate most are the melting costumes for cron stones and the ability to turn money into game currency by selling pearl items. I am basically done with the game even though I still have fun when I play but I can no longer continue with supporting this egregious money grabbing.

  32. I think BDO is not pay to any do have to buy a value pack once every few months when you run out of the free ones they give the cash shop items are most of the times ridiculous and they do market them heavily..but you dont have to buy them to be good at the game..can you argue with this fact..end of argument..Thank You

  33. I've never seen the black spirit that far in evolution before.

  34. Kira you upload some very good content..stop spreading this pay to win seriously is not..most MMOs are free to play and the developers have to make some money to stay in business..most of the cash shop items in BDO however are either just convenience items or just Vanity ones like costumes..that should be ok

  35. Yeah, BDO is undeniably P2W. I enjoy the game but I've only been able to tolerate it this long because I just do my own thing in my own little corner of the world and gave up on trying to keep up with other players. Costumes and non-RNG items like inventory space? Sure, I'll grab a couple of those. But PA can kiss my entire ass with everything else.

    I haven't spent a penny on the mobile version though, and that's not changing. BDO gradually inched it's way towards what it is now. BDM grabbed everyone by the hair and went balls-deep on day one.

  36. MMOs need lot of effort to maintain new content..that is the reason they are dying..BDO however is not and I think there is a reason for that..constant classes and a never ending list if things you can fo in the can never win or beat this game even if you play 24×7 and spend endless $$$$.. there is just too many things to do

  37. P2W + pop in texture = never ever worth my time and money

  38. All Corean mmo is pay to win and for casual gamers, same engine and same contents, is normal from comunist people Money grabber.

  39. I get all the rage at P2W stuff, personally I hate p2w and encourage pay for convenience if it's done right. They have to make money somehow after all. I applaud you for voicing your concerns and being willing to hear other opinions in a civilized manner. That said, as a person that has been here since beta, in my opinion BDO walks that line so carefully it's hard to really call it one or the other due to the way the systems are in the game. Especially with no clear definition of what "p2w" actually is. Many people have differing definitions. While it can be considered p2w, the only real way to do that is so costly that it's not worth it and not many could afford it.
    The old moon buff, while i don't like them adding things to it, wasn't that bad considering almost all of those buffs were already in the shop for a long time. It's just cheaper to get all the buffs now unless you are going for one item, in which case you are getting a lot more with it for the increased price. I can see where if you are playing to be the top or if you are sprinting to the "end game" these buffs might seem mandatory. I have never felt that i needed them though and always buy them from the central market myself. I don't always get them as fast as i would like, but it doesn't bother me.

    I just continue to play and have fun. They have done a lot to reduce the impact on the new players like adding three or four free pets through quests, reducing the weight of and the amount of trash items you get at lower areas, reducing the weight of silver and eventually making it weigh nothing, giving exp for doing side quests for those that don't want to grind, giving free up-gradable accessories for the main quest chain that are not too shabby, removing pvp on olvia servers etc.

    Artisans memory or nearly all cash shop items aren't needed nearly as much as people often presume. At least if you play bdo to have fun in it's world and not to be competitive or at "end game" quickly. I once saw someone say "BDO is a marathon, not a sprint" and that is the most accurate statement i have ever heard about it. If you hurry through it, then the p2w can seem overwhelming. But if you put forth effort and play to have fun it's not as bad as it seems in my opinion. The way I play BDO and in my opinion the best way is, the destination isn't nearly as important as the journey there. I would suggest playing it at your own pace for a while and not worry about p2w stuff and see how it is. It might affect you much less than you may think. I know this is long winded so sorry about that.

  40. I wish they made a fresh start server or rework Olivia channels to be for new players only, lasting 6 months.

  41. It is not just buy this shit once either(outfits) over and over for each and every character you create.I have also not played for around a year now.I have over 10k hours on my account and fook tons of €€€$$ spent,but i had to walk away.God i so hope New World is a game worth playing.

  42. Totally new player to the game. I love casually just playing shit and relaxing. Is this going to do it for me?

    I hear all the P2W novels people have written all over the internet. Am i really going to login and regret spending my $10 because I /really/ feel disadvantaged if I don't pay for more stuff?

  43. Too much random items and rng is 💯 how bs monetizing works, you seen bns itemization? Its bloody horror

  44. Try find an MMORPG without pay to win… BDO just gets all the flack, people are willing to pay hundreds of pounds a year to play WoW but noooo BDO is the big meanie always…

  45. I just started playing and it’s very overwhelming, luckily I met so many new people open to helping and teaching me! I don’t really care about spending money just playing casually in this world feeling like a badass is extremely fun especially with friends.

  46. I love you accent. Irish? Narrate everything in my life. Been playing for 3 months.

  47. If you want to have everything fastfast and quiet easy – you will have to pay. I dont, i want to play a Game in my terms and speed, so, i dont realy care if other people habe crafting in 2 Day from 0 to Max or have max Gear or Billions of silver every Day – Go for it or let it be. Im happy if i make my stuff normalspeed and way – THATS whats playing a Game means to me. Taking the spped out of RL and not hunting down an Pixel Progress. The onlything making me sag is all the afk crafting i have to do and in this time i cant realy play. thats the only downthing on BDo in my opinion. Because i dont let my PC on just to craft… so i dont craft that often and i dont run for Progress. Its a Game – have fun in it an People who have the Time – they are missing on other things most time. BD allway has been like that and will never be divernt, and CD will be the same i guess. Just a nother Money making Maschine, like 99,9% of the MMOs on Market. Andy one thing – its the Player Mistake that its like that – THEY want everything easy ans fast. BDo just making what companys make: deliver what makes customer happy and theyr Money. Its a Company not a charitie.

  48. u spent alot of money thats why u r confused hhhhh. ufeel nad thats why ull always come back. complaining will not do you good. im sure you are feeling stupid

  49. I paid $5 for my BDO account on a sale last year, and have never bought any extras. As you said, if you don't play competitively you can still have fun and enjoy the game without buying all these new things. The game is still p2w, but it can be somewhat enjoyable as long as you're not trying to be the best of the best.

  50. pets are free they give away about every event

  51. you dont have to buy these buffs to have fun xD you just sound weak in the way of your wallet

  52. Ok, to be clear i have 5K hours in this game , and i live in a shithole country and our currency fucked (20=1 dollar) , since i've started playing bdo i never thought about buying anything in game due to the reason i mentioned , the first 1K hours into the game for me was only leveling classes figuring out everything learning PvP mechanics etc, after 1k hours i've decided to buy 3 pets only i never paid more , since i had 2 , one kuku they give for free , one penguin i got back in an event for free aswell, during the old market getting pets or outfits was near impossible, it was so damn hard , but after recent changes by adding Trial characters with free gear etc , u can test pvp , free 3 quests that gives a Hawk , Cat , Dog for free , recent events where everyone got a free value pack , kamasylvia blessings , free classic outfit , free 2 maids , 16+ inventory slots , +200 Loyality weight limit, the game is soooooooo much easier now than it used to be as other may say p2w , you can literally put an order on a premium outfit and get it in 3 days or even less when events happen, same with pets , with everything , yes other whales can pay a lot to get pure silver selling outfits, but lets be real that's like 1 person in 1.000 and u'll come to the point where u have enough gear to kill any player and enough DP so plebs can't one combo you, enjoy your game enjoy your class play the game as it is, we benefit from the P2W too !!!
    Edit : i would consider BDO a 20$ game bcuz you NEED the pets, and 20 is a good fkn price for such entertainment u'll gain for years !

  53. My main issue with this game is that the gear progression is a psychological trap. Everything from the failstacking to that sound it makes when you succeed in an enhancement. It's all designed to keep you addicted to the rng but somehow make you fool yourself into thinking that you can control it. Some days I will be playing for hours on end and not have any fun because I'm basing my enjoyment solely on how much fictional currency I put into my bank or how many dings i get with successful enhancements. Playing like this makes the game feel more like a glorified slot machine rather than an mmorpg, only because I'm a f2p player rather than money I put in obscene amounts of time for little returns. I spent the past few weeks playing 8-10 hours a day trying to enhance my gear And I finally got a tri blackstar weapon (I had a tet kzarka but since the game says tri blackstar is better I sold it for other enhancements) as well as tri awakening and offhand. I thought that since I had made so much "progress" that surely things would become easier to. But I barely felt any difference in my time to kill mobs and forget pvp. It feels like to get anywhere in the game you literally have to have the best of the best and as a f2p player that means countless hours of becoming a grind zombie just to have a shot at getting that next enhancement. I've been looking for a way out and thankfully my free value pack from the event ran out so now I can't even make money reasonably. I've taken a step back and decided that it doesn't make any logical sense to progress in this game. I'm starting school again soon and just won't have the time to commit to the kinds of grinding i've been doing for the last couple weeks. It's better just to resign myself to casual life. So I got rid of all my gear and swore off gear progression. I'm just going to enjoy the world and the vast amount of content that there is below the high end at a reasonable pace. If I want to do pvp there's trial characters. Sure I won't have the best of stats but it's much better than what I've "achieved" by slaving away at the game. And I can get those stats instantly and free. i can at least do damage and get some kills so It's pretty good.

    TLDR: Gear progression is crack and I'm done with it. Only gonna use my main character for exploring the world and trial characters for pvp.

  54. i luv bdo , but as a returning player, it still has several features and monetization problems…..still i find ways to get around the issues tht would other wise make me leave the game for good. The guardian update ws what got me back to grinding for silver to get some decent gear for her cos i avoid the horrible rng by just buying already enchanced gear most of the time. wish they would remove forced pvp and give peeps the option, but not a big deal breaker,..i just like to be able to grind in peace every now n then wihout having to defend myself from some op , n better geared ,higher level player who has more time spent in bdo than i . i dont know how long i,ll be playing till i hit some brick wall that turns me away for good, but guardian at least got me back in for now.

  55. As an active BDO Player who is only doing PvE content for a good year now, I'm still enjoying the game everyday and am also really satisfied with how the game has been managed in 2k19 and look forward to all the upcoming additions in 2k20.
    The 'P2W' aspect has never bothered me as im not here to compete, i just want to grind and enjoy the beautiful world and the amazing classes.
    I've dropped quite a few Euros on it but not for the reason i felt forced to do so in order to have fun, but because i wanted to. MMOs are a big passion of mine for years and i gladly support the hundreds of people working on the game i enjoy every day.

  56. Would be nice, if you would inform yourself more!

  57. Its not p2w for me if you dont get weapons and armor in shop, we dont have any 100% enchant succes scroll in shop. I do not care about faster lvl up stuff etc. Since we got like 3-4 pets from q you dont even have to buy it now. New buff from shop? No1 in my guild is even sliglty interested in buying it its just meh.

  58. People complain about p2w in BDO like having some items is gonna give you godlike RNG nope it does, You could probably spend $500 just to buy crons and you'll never get that PEN or even TET. but someone that hasn't even spent 1/10 of what you put in cash wise , might one tap all the way to TET or PEN, RNG is RNG…if you don't wanna p2w even though there's nothing that really give u an edge unless you're spending money on costumes to sell on the MP , which i highly advise against. just play the game how you want to play the game and stop looking at other ppl

  59. Games great! I don’t believe you need to buy anything from the cash shop to have fun. I’ve not felt the need to buy anything in fact. Perhaps the problem is with the consumers for buying stuff in the first place? I’m so uninvolved in the cash shop I don’t know what’s game breaking from it. I intend to keep it that way!

  60. This book is really ridiculous. And the thing is, it's pretty much endles how many duration buffs they can sell. It's like 60 a month just in buffs!!! What kind of MMO has a 60 bucks subscription!!?? Pearl Abyss???

    To make a new character/class costs 105 bucks! 1 character!

  61. I've spent $5 for the base pack and I am already full TRI t8 horse and 6 T1 pets. The game these days gives so much for free, all you need is time. My slow mission now is to go towards full TET, I don't care about PEN. I am geared enough to grind 3/4 of the end game areas. It was very P2W but they give away so much. They gave new players around 1 billion silver with the latest xmas/nye events. But yes, if you throw down 1-2k you can bypass gear and get the best, but then you have nowhere else to go.

  62. I think a lot of people look at the advantages you get from spending money in the game, and they end up not seeing how much more the game has to offer outside of that. Now, before you torch me, I agree that it is a bit too much, but it has always and will always be with these things, because we are always thinking of how much better the game would be (as a game, not a business) if it didn't have any of that crap. And yes, it does detract from the experience as a whole. But anyone that let's that much stop them from enjoying the game is just using it as an excuse and didn't really want to play in the first place. In the end, you don't need any of the cash shop items as long as you accept the shortcoming you'll be faced with and that progress will take a bit longer.

  63. This game is literally OG maplestory on steroids.

  64. Going to disagree on the p2w aspect. It would be p2w if there was a WoW like progression, with constant expansions upping the gear and stuff. But there isn't in BDO. If you have a PEN Kzarka, it was the best weapon when it came out years ago, it still is the best weapon, and it will always be the best weapon.

    If you buy the buffs, sure you get to reach those items faster, but then what? There isn't constant new raids coming out, with [insert number] gear score gating the content. If you get full PEN, that's it. Your character is literally maxed out from now until the day BDO closes down.

    Nor is there an unlimited inflation that always puts these items out of reach. Every item has a price limit. No matter how much gold players have, a TRI Bheg's Gloves is never going above 875 million. New and casual players will eventually reach the same power as the veterans, because veterans will get capped out.

  65. Artisan Memories being upped to 5 from 4 wasn't a big deal , since only a small fraction of whales ever bought them. They upped the weekly limit for selling costumes to about 35 per week for the big time whales that want to throw 500$ a week on the game, and there a a few dozen of these people that exist, with every guild usually having 1 or 2 of these guys that you could ask to buy for you. Even at 5 dura, Artisans would only be a last option available if they wanted to spend over that limit. Arctic Foxes were also added for a Item Loot pet like the hedgehog, and the Moon Books were changed to encourage a spending spree on the old books (those effects will stack). Those 2 changes were worse in the last month and Artisans are inconsequential.
    On the plus side, the increase to marketplace value on costumes kept the 1:1m Cron ratio and made it possible for 20+ costumes to sit on market during peak. It isn't hard to preorder a few types of costume for every class and recieve it within the day, even at a non-cap value. That was a big benefit. Blessings and Books are still the sore spot tho, and preorders take awhile, sometimes up to 2 weeks.

  66. The #1 thing wrong with the game right now is successions ruined any chance of balancing since theres even more of a powerspike and armor is now basically useless

    Its i 1 shot you you 1 shot me before you at least had to combo

  67. this is why I am not subscribed to your channel, you just chat so much, not even going to advantages and disadvantages. Just say they added new item, yo udidn't even mention that they replaced it, not ADDED. IT WAS REPLACED.

  68. The best feeling is getting to the top without spending any money. and casually even.. BDO I can do it so

  69. Thank God, i watching this video before buying this game. Alot of people suggesting me to buy Archeage Unchained because it don't have p2w 🙂

  70. Wow. U are really replying to all comments, just wow. Was getting so accustomed to all those youtubers babbling for 20-30% of film about comment & subscribe and never to read 1 comment.

    Back on BDO topic. I was playing BDO from head start, a lot for first 2-3 months and then like once a year for a few weeks in last 3 years. Remember how there were 3 servers in Eu – booming with people, all spots were overrun on all channels most of times. Constant fights and harrasment with high stakes – it was when u lost xp on pvp death.

    And then came cash shop big time with "P2W" or convenience – trading real money for ingame silver (selling costumes – 5 a week capped). Boom, 3/4 friends gone instantly, after a few months developers: well, why 3 servers, one is enough for now. Most of those who left from ppl i know were buying 50 or 100usd game versions. How is that one server can be enough for all players with non-instanced world with game being on sale for 5USD and sometimes free (basically F2P)?

    So how did this happen? Well, basically by a surprise factor. BDO started in a middle of an WoW expansion, i guess a lot of people are less invested in a expansion of an mmo when freshness of new stuff went away. Players
    used to play single player games or established mmos like wow, were used that u have to earn everything by your play. Time, player skills or combination of both. Lets say beating a game on a hard mode or getting pve title in a mmo for difficult raid boss. U have to get skilled team and play on character that u have mastered and geared/prepared.

    BDO was great at start – elements game had at start most polished are also true for today:
    a) graphics
    b) character combat movement and control
    c) advanced skill/life system

    Many players myslef included jumped on game thinking it is some kind of action theme park game. After a month or two everyone got that it is sandbox grinding game and it is very good at what it is.
    Most of your progress is in character skill and exp and even more important, in silver. Silver you have plus silver your gear and storage stuff is worth.
    Game letting real life money to ingame money transaction by costumes made biggest run away from a game most of us have ever seen.

    And Pear Abyss is like doubling each six months value u can get from real money things.

    In 2016 many ppl bought 1 costume not caring about looks – 10% bonus exp was too important. After 4 years, fresh player vs "i bought every buffing pet/scroll/advantage" for my wallet gets everything 4 times faster and 2times more. If thats not enough, he can always print some silver by buying some outfits for markets and a few hundreds of artisians.

    And yes, u can have fun in BDO not paying. Most ppl have for first month or two, but after advancing in character, be it combat or life skills, most of them see crazy advantages in spending real life money in territory they play the most. I would say by game population most of them go away – some got invested in game, more invested they are – easier it is to sell them bigger and bigger advantages for real money. They have already spent a lot of time, money or most likely combination of both to go away.

  71. I don't understand but it aggravates me (even though I was one) with the people who complain about pay to win but won't ever get far enough for it to really matter. If blizzard makes you pay extra every month on top of the sub to access mythic raiding is that pay to win if only 1%of people ever get thier? I just got back on bdo after quitting right after launch because I heard it was pay to win and I could not be happier with my experience so far thier is so much to learn and do I can't wait I haven't been this excited about an mmo since I was 14 playing RuneScape. I feel like a noob agian. 👍😁 Thank you for all of your videos about this game and especially you video about the cash shop it really changed my perspective and opened up playing this game for me agian after not having a mmo for the last 4 years.

  72. Im brand new, can you go over how to get started in life skills.

  73. Im soo lost in this game! Came over from FFXIV (still playing some here and there, I have a House over there), I want to start crafting/farming but its sooo grindy too! Im thinking about to just leveling up first!

  74. Pause… he using mem frags on reblath gear… with artisans? @ 4:50?

  75. …and then theres a private server, where money giving is valued, but completely optional. Lol.

  76. I never warm up this game.
    I tried to play many times but every single time same result 10 or 12 hours later ok i'm done.

  77. There is a way to get your time back/…. but here is the catch…. You need to ditch social life. No wife, NO gf, No friends outside of your guilds , just work , eat and do important real life things like car maintenance etc ( and food obviously + bills). Its kinda like trading 1 life for another 1. U just have to set up the pros and cons. Wich life is better for U cant have both. if u try to get both ull end up with 2 deficient ones.

  78. Thing is the new scroll actually added 2 books into one that were both the same price. Also added more buffs to the scroll. I know it’s super p2w but no one uses it anyways

  79. Heard subscription is coming to BDO and if they still hella push p2w gonna shake my fuckin head lol

  80. "Super popular mmo"… Oh u just wait… Untill Lineage 2 remaster is finished. Even in old client private servers millions ppl still play… And been waiting till NCsoft does anything. And yeh they finally decided to remaster L2 to unreal engine 4

  81. It's pay for convenience…now if you're willing to blow thousands of dollars them maybe a bit of pay to progress quicker off cron stones from outfits, but honestly you can be the best by simply grinding.

  82. Buy costume sell on market get some money buy PEN item. Pay to win!!

  83. Was thinking about returning myself. Will the guardian release on all systems on the 22nd or just the PC?

  84. They need more funds before the game die soon

  85. Tbh I went from I need to be like this for my guild ( was a musa) now I'm like fuck it and went back to fun and casual. Play Valk and Ninja now mainly pve and its pretty fun. Some sexy awakenings.

  86. you really should go to Mixer.. you tube and twitch is run by trash who will delight in harming you financially,and backup your content to bitchute if your really smart

  87. Love your vids homie ❤💛

  88. BDO is a mobile game made for PC. I fully expect it to be abandoned for BDO Mobile. I also expect Crimson Desert to basically be BDO 2 with even worse monetization

  89. you can turn off the cash shop notification thing just saying

  90. Anyone got a idea on archer release for ps4

  91. if you ask me, bdo is not pay to win at all…it's pay for convenience but it won't buy you pen gear(unless you're some mega whale throwing your entire paycheck for costume selling/artisans/etc), there are other games FAR more p2w than bdo. I'm not even some fanboy and quit the game out of not having that much content(pve wise, although enjoying the rifts a lot now). You can easily ignore the shop and now they added artisans to the dice game as well.
    So honestly it's just fine, unless you're a sweaty tryhard needing pen right away you'll be fine+there's lots of gear up on the marketplace and you can buy pets from it as well+value packs, tents you honestly don't need..I've been grinding "oldschool" with just pets and trusty horse perfectly fine and not to mention that they're just throwing free stuff at you with events(maids, scrolls, gear, pets-penguins, shards etc etc etc). Bdo isn't a race, you're supposed to take it slow and steady or you won't enjoy it, period.

  92. These mfs are selling Time im sleep

  93. well its a choice, its not like you have to pay everytime in order to play… you just play and enjoy.

  94. Still.. lots of players are super rich even with zero pay to win..

  95. kama blessing says 20% drop rate buff, but is it really 20%? i have a different feelings

  96. yes its p2w but thanks god there are still some functional up to date private servers xD

  97. Anyone who's arguing for BDO not being P2W is going to lose the argument… In regards to the Old Moon Book, none of the buffs are especially OP, the problem mainly lies in that they REMOVED the old XP book and Armstrong skill change items as individual items so if you wanted to buy those you are FORCED to spend more to buy a bigger "more worth" bundle.

    But with that said, I'm 269 321 and I've never bought a single Kama Blessing or Value Pack (still have 7 left from simply ordering it every possible moment) and haven't paid money to BDO in half a year. BDO is definitely P2W but the items are also Pay for Convenience, you don't NEED them. BDO's monetization isn't remotely bad compared to other Asian games (as someone who grew up playing Chinese and Korean MMOs… geezuz). For references, Justice Online (逆水寒) allows you to play till lvl 35 and FORCES you to pay money BY THE HOUR to keep playing the game. You can keep leveling up but you can't drop items and eventually you can't even play the main quest. In addition to that, their enhancement system also REQUIRES a shit ton of IRL money to fund. It's not like BDO where P2W is an option where you can use Arts but just be 5x behind without using them, in most other Asian MMOs you're REQUIRED to spend money to play.

    I don't think BDO is fine as it is, I don't think they're heading in a good direction as they're just going to keep exploiting players for money. But I also don't think it's unplayable and there definitely are worst things out there.

  98. its a f2p game moron… end of subject, if you want to buy pretty things that make you look cool, FINE.. but not one cent is needed in this game to reach the sky from pvp to pve to all life skills. Bye posser.

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