Immersion – Destructibles in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

Immersion – Destructibles in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

Don’t try this at home. One of the most satisfying activities in video games is destroying every single thing in your path. Destructibles like barricades, pots, and even large wooden crates are easily smashed to pieces in the video game environment. But come on, it couldn’t possible be as easy to destroy those same objects in real life… …or could it? [Intro music] So… We’ve come out here to our Rooster Teeth archival facility, where we can spend countless man hours and endless resources, to build a unique obstacle course only to watch it be destroyed. That’s the plan, at least. And to help us execute that plan, it’s our favourite returning lab rats: Gavin and Michael. – Gavin: Ayyy.
– Burnie: Ayyyyyy. You guys look sharp. I think I look like an idiot. You know what you look like to me? You look safe. It’s kind of a lot, like… – Michael: What are we doing here?
– Gavin: Are we going to get shot? Yeah, right? Guys, what’s the motto at “Immersion”? Fuck us up. Safety first. I don’t… I don’t think so. So, how do you guys feel about breaking stuff? Love it. – B: Yeah?
– M: Yeah. Well Michael, you might have some fun today. Working as a team you will have 10 minutes to complete the course. The first room will have a single wooden crate. Just like Gordon Freeman in Half Life 2, you’ll have to break into the crate using only a crow bar. Inside you’ll find a key that opens the door to the next room. You’ll then enter our Hyrule market that’s filled with dozens of jars. Just like in Legend of Zelda, search for the key to the next room by smashing the jars. [jar shatter] Once you’ve found the key you’ll enter our Rainbow Six Siege room. Now in Rainbow Six, players simply punch a hole and vault through the barricade. Today you’re going to need to use your brute strength to get through the plywood barricade. Also, be on the lookout for a second key. That will give you access to a very special bonus item. Once you get through the Rainbow Six room to get through the exterior wall, – B: you’re going to need this brick of C4.
– M: Oh! – B: Yes Gavin, you have a question.
– G: Is that a real bomb? Yes it is! And to keep you motivated, do not forget I said you only have 10 minutes to complete the course. So keep an eye on that timer, because you don’t want that thing going to 0 while you’re holding it. We’re at the point now where he’s handing us bombs. With timers on them! Handing you bombs and walking away. So, good luck guys! – G: Here, you hold it.
– M: Yeah I’ll hold it I guess. Alright Michael and Gavin, don’t forget you only have 10 minutes. 3 2 1 [Horn beeps]
Go, go! Alright. – G: Crowbars!
– M: Get the crowbar. First I want to try this. Hang on. – M: [grunts]
– G: Does that hurt? Kind of. Nothing. How does Gordon Freeman…? He’s just like, little love taps. That is not going to do anything. Dude I smashed an Xbox like this once. – M: That does something!
– G: Woah! Die, die, die! In the video game, Gordon Freeman would hit a crate just 3 times with a crowbar and it would completely fall apart. In the real world, it doesn’t really work that way. I was raised in New Jersey! I did it! You put a hole in it! Good job! Dude, I’m fucking tired. So we gave them 10 minutes. Maybe we should give them about half an hour. Oh I’ll pass it to you. That did nothing! Oh you’re getting it! You’re getting it. Why won’t you die?! Yeah! – M: Alright.
– G: That’s doing it. Hello? Oh there it is! Alright, so Michael and Gavin have found the key to the first door. Now they’ll be heading through to the Hyrule market where they’re going to be surrounded by pots they have to break. – M: Go for it.
– G: There we go. Alright. Yeah, sup. Okay. Sort of… sort of took me out of the ah… the moment there a little. We need to be as careful as possible when dealing with- – M: Ohh!! That sounded awesome!
– G: Bloody hell! How did you not break it? I think I broke my foot. Now, Michael and Gavin are looking for the key to the next room but also hidden in this room is a bonus key that will lead them back to the first area, where there’s a hidden item that will help them later in the course. [Michael singing the Zelda main theme song] Michael, watch this! Owww!!! Gavin. You got that one. Do you need help? Gavin, not the smartest. I’m angry! 3 left. Motherfucker. There it is! It was literally that last one. Hang on. I’ll stay here first. Why don’t you get the door? Yeah. Time’s running out man, go! Alright! Oh my! It’s Rainbow Six dude! Gav, open the door buddy. – G: Open it?
– M: Open that door. – M: Ow
– G: Ohh! It was all head! Maybe you weakened it. Agh. – M: I weakened that brain.
– G: No! Cool slide, very cool slide. It was [a] sliding football tackle. Now in the video game all you have to do is punch a hole in the barricade, and then climb your way through. These 2 trying to punch a hole in plywood? – B: We can be here a while.
– M: In the back, in the back. In the back room, there’s a… – G: In the what?
– M: In the back room! There’s another key to something. – G: In the pot room?
– M: Yes! What pots didn’t we break? We broke them all! – M: Oh here it is!
– G: Oh! We had it the whole time. It was right here! Where does it go? It’s gotta be ah… this! Oh dude, we can grab the crowbar too. I hope there’s a gun. Alright. Ohhhh! Peter Gabriel! Hang on. I got the crowbar! I hope this works. – G: Oh! It’s working!
– M: Oh, damn dude! – M: Kill it!
– G: Sledge.. hammer!! Dude, there, I’ll get it going. Swap out. Woo! Come here, you slimey bitch! Gah! Oh yeah, it might work! Ah, it’s stuck. Want some? – M: You got this!
– G: I got it! Great idea! – M: Oh!!
– G: Woo haha! That worked amazing. God! that was incredible. Oh God! The timer is gonna go off! – G: Get it out the window!
– M: Here, you take it!
– G: No, I don’t want it! No! Agh! You take it! No! [Bomb smokes]
– G: Woah! Pfffffttt.
– M: [coughs] – M: [coughing]
– G: [gagging] We failed! – G: We didn’t do it.
– M: We didn’t, but we’re alive! God, but, they really got us, like, cause I think it’s asbestos. Well guys, you clearly didn’t make it. What happened? What do you mean “what happened”? It was hard! Alright. Well here’s the deal. We’ve decided we’re going to let you run the course again, but this time we’re going to replace the real world props with props that you would expect to find in a video game. You should be able to breeze right through ’em this time. In fact, the Legend of Zelda room you even got 2 master swords that you can use to smash all the pots. – M: Okay.
– B: But just to keep you motivated, we have another block of C4 here for you. There is a timer set on it. Unfortunately, this timer is set for 5 minutes. So, good luck guys! Such an asshole! And we’re way more injured. Okay guys, you ready? – G: Yeah!
– B: 3
– M: It better be easier! 2, shut up! 1 [Horn beeps]
Go! – G: Agh!
– M: Oh super cool kick, super cool kick. Alright. Well now the crates that they have are much more video game-esque. Meaning, with just a couple of hits from the crowbar they should be able to break it wide open. So this didn’t work last time. But maybe this time… In a video game world – G: Yeah.
– M: I should be stronger, theoretically speaking. [Gavin bursts into laughter] – G: It totally worked!
– M: It totally worked. Huuugh… Keeeyy! – G: Oh you found it!
– M: I can break yours though. – M: Go for it.
– G: I’m just going to wail on it while you open that. Oh! It’s so much easier! Oh! – G: Oh that’s just way too much fun.
– M: Just in case we’ll grab the co- the crowbars. Hello, my sweet pots! Swords! Agh! Hoo! Link never had 2! Fun fact, Gavin, Link’s left handed! Alright now, Michael and Gavin have the master swords in the Legend of Zelda room. This seems like it’s a lot easier than it was the last time when they were picking up the pots and throwing them all over the place. Serving you up Boy! Wooaah! And you know I did like, a quarter spin. It was more like a slash. Ugh! Keys! – M: Where are you?
– G: Agh! Haha! Did you hit your dick? I punched it and it didn’t break! Gavin looks like he’s set to do a javelin kind of a thing. – M: Where the hell is it?
– G: Oh, shit!
– M: Jesus Christ! I gotta… I gotta go again! Got it. Oh dude, dude. Damn it! That’s awesome. Oh Shit! It’s this fucking spiritual stone of water. Look at that! You know, or whatever it is – M: but you get it in Jabu-Jabu’s belly.
– G: Hurry up! Guys, you’re working on a limited time limit! We got it, we got it! Alright, so this was hard as shit last time, right? – G: Give it a little tap.
– M: Gavin, ready? – M: Holy shit!
– G: Oh, dude. We don’t need this, right? You got that one, I’ll get this one? I’m scared. Alright, high-five! Oooaahh! Go! [Slow motion sound effect] – M: Ow, God!
– G: Woah. – M: I sorta fell through.
– G: [laughs] I sorta made it a Gavin, but we did it! Where’s the C4? Oh fuck! – M: I never got it!
– G: I wetted myself. – G: You haven’t got it?
– M: Hang on! I’m taking it back out! – M: I got it, we’re good!
– G: Where’s the C4?! – G: You’re.. you’re getting so much better at that.
– M: It’s alright, I got it! Put it on there. Okay, I’m… Alright , the device is planted. It’s a little wobbly. – M: We’re good! We’re good!
– G: Go, go go go!
– M: Take cover! It’s gonna blow dude. Woah! – M: Woah! God!
– G: Flippin’ heck! Damn dude! God! look at this! – G: It went p-
– M: Holy shit! That is a charred wood of victory, Gavin. Okay! So I think we uh… had a little bit too much charge in that last one. Little bit. – B: Apologies about that.
– M: We were carrying that thing!
– B: Yeah. The whole way through. Okay guys, so our big experiment for today was we were testing the destructibility of objects in a video game environment versus the real life environment. I think, basically what we proved today is that the video game objects are WAAYY easier to destroy. We have to pick the winner for this week’s Immersion. And Gavin made it a little bit further because he threw – B: his weapon out.
– M: Well, he did. Well Gavin, congratulations. You are the winner for science this week. I will take it. Alright! Well, if you enjoyed this episode of Immersion and you would like to watch other Rooster Teeth employees go through our video game obstacle course then just become a First member. Thanks everybody! [Outro music]

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