Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe, the Photographer | truTV

Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Joe, the Photographer | truTV

[ Buzzer ] I saw Sal,
and I outdid him. [ Laughter ] Thanks for
the inspiration, Sal. [ Laughter ] That’s great. I need some, like,
crazy shots for my website. You need some crazy shots?
Okay, yeah. Yeah. If you want to jump,
we’ll count it on three. One, two, three. Great. “Also just don’t tell me
how to do my job.” [ Laughter ] That’s great. So we’ll
do something like this. Oh, my God. That’s really good, right? So you don’t have to
tell me how to do my job. I’m able to… [ Laughter ] Okay? Yeah. Okay, ready? Now I want you
to just move around a little bit in the space. Move around? There you go. I’m — I’m
the photographer. That’s right. I am a photographer,
and I know what I’m doing. [ Laughter ] Should we get some seated
on the floor maybe? Let’s do — Yeah, if you
want to get on the floor. Again, I’m the
photographer, though. Lay on the ground
with her, too. I’m gonna get down
to your level again. Send in Chase,
and have Chase give him a kiss on the cheek
and walk right out. Don’t say anything. Q: He’s one of
our producers. I’m gonna try
one of these, too. Murr: Here we go. [ Camera shutter clicks ] Joe: There you go. [ Smooch ] Thank you, babe. [ Laughter ] Okay, so, now I’m gonna
have you do some seated, if you don’t mind.
Mm-hmm. Since she’s sitting,
you should be sitting, too. Go back and get
the ball in the corner. All right, Joe, sit on the ball
and never stop bouncing. Okay. You sons of b– [ Laughter ] There you go. Bounce higher, bud. Okay.
Change the expression. [ Laughter ] Look at him! You look like a [bleep] idiot! Joe:
Yeah! There it is! [ Laughter ] ♪♪ ♪♪ [Bleep] the fedora.
[Bleep] these fake glasses. [Bleep] this scarf.
There you go. [ Ding! ]

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  1. #Joegang
    JOEY 😀

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    Joe says "UNCLE BOOBS" 100 times

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  16. He doesn't have any shame

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