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Well, I know it’s
been 200 episodes. I’ve been there
for every one. I know. What? I just got
the memo. ♪♪ It’s Joe Gatto from
“Impractical Jokers,” and I just found out this is
the 200th episode webchat. 200 episodes. Everyone, bring it in. Okay.
Here’s what we’re gonna do. You answer questions —
You ask questions. I answer them. That’s the way
this webchat thing works. I just got this memo
hot off the presses. It was printed out
and handed to me by none other than the
world-renowned Pete McPartland. James asks, “When are we
getting the movie?” Announcer:
On February 21st, the world’s greatest jokers
are coming to the big screen. You’re the
Impractical Jokers? Yeah. I love you guys. It comes out in theatres
on the 21st, with some sneak peeks
in certain theatres on Thursday night. Don’t tell them
I told you. AwkwardDragon —
that’s a great name — asks,
“What’s your most embarrassing moment on the show?” Dude, have you seen —
there’s 200 episodes. At the count right now,
it’s 537 bits. I mean… Inside of that,
there is 30 jokes. You do the math.
I’m not doing math. That’s, like,
at least 70 things I’ve done. So, still, one of the most
embarrassing things, probably, that I have ever had to do
was the baseballs with Noah Syndergaard — when he was throwing
the signed — I had to take the signed
baseballs from people. [Indistinct] Thanks.
-Oh, Joe got it. Joe got it. Thank you. Q: Look at this guy.
Look at this guy. Give me the ball!
That’s wrong! This one? Stop!
That is wrong! [ Laughter ] I’m as big a Jeter fan
as any. That still, to this moment,
is one of the worst things, collectively,
we think. Pttrfn asks —
that’s p-t-t-r-f-n — pttrfn asks,
“Have you guys generally felt like you took
a punishment too far?” Uh, no. I think, at the end
of the day, we’re friends, so we try to make sure that
we all stay friends, ’cause that’s important. My phone better
be in here. [ Laughter ] You understand
what I’m saying? Ugh. Is that diarrhea? [ Laughter ] I will never
forgive you! Joe:
Arrivaderche. We have some ideas
for taking punishments too far, one of which
is in the movie, that we actually did, and I thought we
took it too far, but it ended up being
just the right amount. So, you’ll know what it is
when you see it. Danny G says, “Will the sexy
Vanilla Clown ever come back?” Danny G being Dan Green,
who just wants to be back on the show
as the Vanilla Clown. Dan, we’d love to have you
any time. I love Danny Green
as the Vanilla Clown. Bah! [ Laughter ] Thanks, everybody. [ Laughter ] Vanilla Clown. Mr. Yash asks, “What’s the
funniest name spoken ever at the name game?” I really — I really liked
Mother Coconuts. Obviously, the walrus
has huge jugs. Voiceover:
Mother Coconuts. [ Laughter ] Mother Coconuts
was a fun one. But Cranjis McBasketball
is always the best. Yeah, we’re looking for
Cranjis McBasketball. Hold on. Cranjis McB…. [ Laughter ] Cranjis McBasketball. [ Laughter ] Devin — “Now that Murr
is betrothed, does his wife know
about the blanket?” She does,
and she thinks it’s odd. I still sleep
with it. We know. But you know what,
you’ve got to love every piece of the person
you’re with, no matter they’re small,
weird things. And you don’t judge people,
and you just love love, and you just have to accept
people for what they are. [ Cheering, yelling ] [ Yelling indistinctly ] That’s all the time we have
for “Ask A Joker.” Guys, thank you so much
for tuning in. Thank you so much
for 200 episodes. It’s not lost on us that none
of this would be possible without you guys. We love you so much.
You are the best. And make sure you follow us
on the Twitters, and the Instagrams,
and the Tik Toks, and wherever else
you find any of it. We love you guys.
Come see us on tour. We have our new tour
we just launched. Go see the movie.
Please go see the movie. It comes out on February 21st
at a theatre near you. Love you guys. ♪♪

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