Impulse – Ep 1 “Pilot”

Impulse – Ep 1 “Pilot”

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  1. they can’t make a decision bout someone’s belongings with out them

  2. Who came here from Instagram?

  3. how am i watching this rn i don’t have premium wtf am i a god am i the chosen one

  4. 36:29 Ted Mosby is that you?

  5. In my small town we have the Calcutt’s Chevey Motors this movie is relatable asf

  6. Who else discovered this on IG?

  7. I think it was supposed to be "practise like you play" who is watching it his November?? Hit a thumb

  8. I am the only one who passed by the ad of this serie many times before giving in and now we here ?

  9. Wait am I paying for this?

  10. "Another cool way to get ytpremium in 2019 is this one: pretty cool that it works!"

  11. हिंदी आडियो कहां है।

  12. This worth watching ?

  13. Henry the girl with a mans name is kinda ugly.
    Does the beginning of the movie remind anyone of the movie jumpers?

  14. Algum br por aqui??

  15. Vamos a ver que onda esto tengo que pagar?

  16. Esta serie parece estar geniaaaal

  17. Is this movie platform only youtube?

  18. I am a whaman my life is so hard

  19. 1st Time Watching & Im Spellbound! 5 Starz

  20. That was a whole lot a cheeks at the end that I didn’t not pay to see

  21. "Quem pegou minha caneta azul"
    "Roubaram minha caneta azul"
    Só me lembro da música,Caneta azul

  22. Fgs Turkish subtitle PLEASE!

  23. one of my favorite show..

  24. who else came here from instagram? XD

  25. Cadê a caneta azul… azul caneta do cara?

  26. 16:20 Ariana grande with her Korean bbq tattoo

  27. ليش مافيه ترجمه عربيه

  28. She says she'll pay the fine and the next morning the parents are selling her car…give at least a chance to pay the fine ffs.

  29. For the people in the comments who say they are confused, go watch the movie "Jumper". This show takes place in the same universe.

  30. Subtitle indo dong

  31. Why tf isn't this age restricted?

  32. Hey guys – is this good? Worth watching?

  33. Подожду дубляж…

  34. alguien habla español?

  35. Traducere în limba romana dece nu ați pus?!

  36. Is this like Jumpers film?

  37. All this late mf be watching now lol lucky u don't have to wait for yr since s2 is out now too and I'm waiting for s3 ?

  38. Isn't that Donna's husband???

  39. Harika bir dizi çok beğendim

  40. 26:53 I almost get worried about his Sosig

  41. I've always been a fan of the Jumper movie. One of my favorite action movies. I just discovered this series existed after rewatching the movie today. I still haven't finished reading the novels!!

  42. is this lawkey a lowkey or?

  43. I love that black officer lady she is a very good officer???❤

  44. I dont like her character but it means i will watch next episode cuz curiousityyyy 😀

  45. Eu até quero assistir mais legendado não dá mesmo.

  46. Esto es interesante alguien más habla español?

  47. Love seeing all these Rookie Blue actors.

  48. Are there more full episode shows like this on YouTube?

  49. A poderes em nós que não conhecemos. Somente o extremo nos fará despertar.

  50. Alguém Brasileiro??❤️

  51. YAw aq buna tr alt yazı ekleyin

  52. And no one knows this Is a jumper sequel and someone oneday watch jumper and says: oh this Is Like Impulse…….

  53. Hem premium oluyoruz hemde Türkçe altyazi yok ne anladım bu isten

  54. ONG KAREN IS THAT YOU? R/entitledparents

  55. The pilot sold me
    I'll take 12 more please.

    Actress who plays Henry is very endearing. Naturally pretty too.

  56. it's the best series on youtube

  57. her eyebrows are bushier than his. also, awesome cliche rebel.

  58. Gracias esta superior bien muy amable de tu parte.

  59. Lowkey a decent movie

  60. eu invoco os br #BRASIL

  61. Yok mu bunu Türkçe altyazı izleyebileceğimiz bir yer

  62. おもろすぎわロタ

  63. 자막은 없는거나요 ㅠㅠ

  64. 4:30
    What's the name of the song ??

  65. Impulsame esssta ?

  66. Want to have a Thai subtitle

  67. Что-то так себе серия. Очень темный сериал, напряжно смотреть. Особенно когда зимой за окном и так пасмурно.
    Не рекомендую

  68. My friend suggested me to watch this
    Lucky to have friends like him ?✌️
    It seems real intresting with very different n unique concept.


  70. Estás dañado la mente de mi mom estúpida

  71. Why didn’t they put a Turkish subtitles? I don’t understand anything 🙁

  72. Henry reminds me of Madonna when I was young, as in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan!

  73. Ok but we all agree that the way that teacher grabbed her was totally inappropiate like if someone had grabbed my arms like that i would have just pepper sprayed the heck out of them

  74. I came from David Dobrik when he posted a guy teleporting

  75. если есть русские

  76. Oh is this a jumper spin off or what???

  77. Amazing like the movie jumper

  78. Me, who did not come from ig:*confused *

  79. A series about an obnoxious misfit teenage girl. Not too original.

    Só dark it's difficult to see anything. Irritating trend.

  80. Almost 65 million views.

  81. Turkish subtitle ??

  82. Jumper the series!

  83. ليش مافي ترجمه عربي الله ياخذكم

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