India Highlights || India Women Vs England Women || ICC Women’s Cricket match

India Highlights || India Women Vs England Women || ICC Women’s Cricket match

two early wickets claimed by
rub salt but of course there was chant for an early for Montana getting
off the mark but then shrubs all really got into the groove and Kamini was
struggling to get off the mark she did so but then she didn’t last long Kamini
out the two caught by Taylor of the bowling of shrub salt Kamini playing a
loose shot and they comfortable catch there for Taylor she’s not going to drop
those and it was to be a very good opening spell for shrub salt there is
Kamini out for to the second wicket as I say not too far behind
caught by night for one row Jane once again off the bowling of shrubs
salt getting a little bit of extra bounce this time from shod sole and it
carries well tonight who takes a good low catch career that the start it
really was all England but then the rains came we had a couple of brain too
late what wasn’t very long at all it was only about five minutes the players
actually stayed on the edge of the boundary they came back quickly and
Mandana really started to play her shot the frustration there from the shop salt and also equally backed up by captain
Raj these two really settling the ship for India after that poor start March
coming in and playing a captain’s innings and backing up Mandana who was
hitting boundaries all around the field as was Rajesh people come into the
attack Raj he was such an important player for this Indian side doing a good
job but once again they had to go off for another rain delay this one was a
bit longer 45 minutes this type it meant that 50 overs was reduced to 47 but it
didn’t affect Mandana and Rodger carried on in that vein of form until Raj was
caught behind and it was gone the prolific bowler who’s got the most
wickets in English women’s history and just add that one to the list as well
getting the dangerous Raj a sex Montana do’t who kept on playing a shot getting
a little lucky there once on her return to the site fold with
some good taste but wasn’t able to break through with a wicket and then tonic
closing in on her highest ever score in ODI cricket that was 51 she marched past
that again very comfortable on the oxide getting that past century and really
putting India in a good position after as I mentioned that four start but then
caught was caught caught by Charlotte Edwards off the bowling of night for
eight and that was a good breakthrough because there really were looking
settled those two Montana kept on playing a shot again
sending that to the boundary and also beneath that was playing well as as well
in company and garnet marching past 71 Bonita as well getting in on the act
sending the white ball to the boundary it was all looking rather comfortable
for these two a very good partnership until there’s a real mix up and Mandana
was run out the real big wicket that for England it was good work by gun but
Montana a wonderful knock 74 of 99 balls and then there was another run up as
well again it was done it’s a very sharp work at this time because Ronnie
sent packing and that was the end of Bonita Knights who came in to call the
good spell kept it tight also getting wickets as well this to be the last
wicket of the innings bowled by nightmare and Janet that’s the four runs
excellent work from Knight again but there was still time for a few flurries
of shots Panday and bish trying to play expansive cricket they hit some good
boundaries in the last over while the rain delay during India’s innings meant
to Duckworth lowest adjusted target of 195 to win off 47 overs for England and
they got off to a wonderful start with Edwards and knight in fine form really
worth taking the attack to India because why me the tall rangy bowler just
struggled to find her line of length Edwards taking full advantage of that
wide one and night following suit as well just
finding the boundary with ease in the early portion of this one need to open
is setting a really solid foundation for the innings to come just going all
around the wicket and the locals and discover absolutely loving it it was just showing her ability with the
cut shot and it really was a captain’s innings
from Charlotte Edwards just kept on finding the gaps even with a bit of help
from the fielders and they’re in Jannah as well also suffering in first two
follows expensive really we’re in a dominant position England after just
four overs 38 for no loss but then the rains came has has been a story here in
Scarborough after just five overs the rains came and that meant we had another
adjustment to the score they target 184 off just 42 overs but that didn’t affect
Edwards tonight they’re thinking still to be on the front foot be aggressive
and Edwards was flying towards her 50 not much that the Indian bowlers had to
smile about the captain de co-pastor fifty forty third one day international
fifty she is may run machine Charlotte Edwards then she was gone perhaps one a bit too straight to be
cutting just the bottom edge and then Charlotte Edwards had to walk for 57 but
England in a very strong position 110 for one Edwards doing her job at the top
of the order and it’s one that perhaps she’ll be a little frustrated about it
didn’t deter knight who followed suit and made it to her 50 and of course she
got three wickets in India’s inning a fine match for her sick one day
international 50 but then she was gone as well
caught in the deep and with England in such a strong position perhaps a shot
she didn’t have to go for caught by Vanita off the bowling of guy a quad and
a bit of a needless shot she was gone shortly after Charlotte Edwards but then
it claimed Winfield who really settled very quickly just as 6:30 I went built and she found
some very good boundaries then she was gone as well again with such a strong
position trying to play the aggressive shot and just calling out there to the
baton hero Mandana of the polling of hasami when fields gone to 50 and then Taylor
and Greenway had just about an over together before the rains really came
again and the umpires took the players off and it really was dark and gray here
in Scarborough at that point you

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