India Vs West Indies 2nd test match 2nd day highlights, Cricket Highlights

India Vs West Indies 2nd test match 2nd day highlights, Cricket Highlights

You Just matt has already had plenty of ebbs and flows you access As things stand it’s India well ahead in Is right now just three runs behind is where the Indian team is 308 for four at the moment 85 not out is rishabh bunt then also 75 not out at the moment our gene Kiara hani that partnership between the 246 runs that’s what’s taken. India 2 3 0 8 4 4 just three runs behind the West Indies total of 311 that they got in the first innings I did a garter and caught me watch with me while I keep asking them questions if you have any questions of your own and if you’re watching us on our YouTube channel or the Facebook page do write in your question and I’ll try and take some of those while we discuss I’d start with You Courtney, it was a golden opportunity. We were talking in tee time for for West Indies to really rest the initiative you’d reckon They’ve missed out on it now I mean India played well the session of losing any peridot we get I thought just before it’s you and they got Julio who have sort of giving them a leaf and you know something good to work with but I am Did well I Probably was not as I probably could have the beginning of their after the new batsmen in ends I’m yellow and they get settled in and it shows it’s still a good button track Take nothing away from batsman. They’re played extremely well, they should patience. The shark selection was good. They warned of Uncomfortable face India as it is now to eat for for definitely That’s more or less as far as I’m concerned level of the Tesla’s with India slightly Vantage’s position as good. He says are you we were talking about West Indies getting a first inning lead as things stand right now They’ve got a you know tough task ahead with what in just in six wickets, man Yeah, I think they missed out a little bit I think Probably didn’t attack and by attack don’t mean that magic. Yeah, four or five slips or not that sort of surface I think the right bowlers didn’t bull after T Basu ball really well be forty almost created a chance again spun, you know a punt is going to play a certain way After T Maybe it was almost decided off spinner will come and Bowl Rozlyn case just comes on both straight away bitch who doesn’t Bowl for a while Holder holder again. Just fourteen hours in the day the best bowler I don’t know whether it’s a case with coming back from an injury, and that’s what Maybe restricting his bowling. Should I bowled a lot more the way he’s Bowl through the day and Gabriel They’re probably their best bowler. Not quite at his best today that’s called again You know what? We said at the start of this game keep a roach Could have made a huge difference and and it’s not hindsight I think everyone said it at the start of this match, you know, suddenly unless you have two or three good quality spinners Who are going to make a difference in the game then it’s fine otherwise You need to pick your four or five best bowlers and and my opinion Roach is certainly one of may have made a difference that Catch of course could have been interesting if their who held on to resharpen but apart from that, you know, I think Western is Possibly didn’t attack with the best bowlers for period or time marketing. Okay. We’ll talk about the rotation of the ball as well But I take that point as you mentioned Hema Roach Ajith mentions Courtney West Indies really missing him badly Yeah Someone like him on the bench and not jealous. He’s not fully fit He’s our best fastball as he shows us his stats shows that The last couple of series really dominated his confidence aside, so I’m not sure if he came about chet legardie Pray to Siemens, but that’s a risk I would adopt a guess but for two reasons one Because of injury, we don’t know how well that might stand up is a possibility might not Over Another backup and that backup is tomorrow Oh It certainly in the top two. He’s been dominant And if they had him in because He’s one of the guys who on this day Chan will attest much for you So you need to have him in and if it meant having him at the expense of either a subpoena or another bus button I love going for the option of leaving Not one day finally on the backs time not it’s not a case of you drop in them But you’re picking on also courses because this this is a case much you want And I think they have missed Then not me never the heart is XP Yes didn’t for a little bit more because you Give it enough time to Rico You What said that he may be fit to bat may not be really fit to Bowl that ankle still probably troubling him We really don’t know he’s bored about what all the more reason then you go in with two seamers. Yes Yeah, which which is hard to understand I mean the three spinners was steady, but at no point that they look like, you know bowling in doubt It was both the Seema’s who look like getting a wicked every time they come I had a better chance of getting a weaker when they when they bowled so Yeah, they’ve got that decision wrong. Unfortunately West Indies Okay, the other point Ajit makes a coutny about you know Really resting the advantage at that time one is of course again aggressive feel place when the other that he talks about is he’s picking the right bowlers Did you get a feeling that the windi’s were probably just you know, captain hold? I had that in mind that he’s got five bowlers at his disposal including himself So rather than you know pick the bowler who’s and for more always looking good He went for rotation of the bowlers and ensuring that everyone gets an equal opportunity to go Maybe I mean that’s the way to look when you look here but I mean what I said about Bishop o’linn, so Wells before the break you expected him to start off with a break because he was looking unsung you look as if he could get away kid and Shawn with as he said you lost off I’ve said you could have so many from the button just a certain Chris Wheezes I’ve gotten back into the And it’s 75 not Marty wasn’t looking if the fluid best that we’ve sometimes seen him but important runs for him. Yeah, just Grind out that he thinks he needs runs. He knows that you can see it in his body language or the way He approaches his innings at the moment just Made sorry bad it time And without Kohli initially with him and Irish up on both planning so fluently. I took that pressure off him as well But a really important means not just for him but in the context of the game as well I mean India at one point, we’re in a tricky situation You break this partnership early on and then you suddenly have a general matter dwell and Ashwin who can bad but under a lot of pressure with a lot more runs for the West Indies to play with so important ins For him particularly, you know you can see short of confidence at the moment But played played time played took his took a little bit of extra time that maybe on other days when he is a bit more confident would have but Really good innings and a keen he’s okay this partnership for Courtney 146 runs Effectively the partnership that’s kind of taking the game away from the wind ease at the moment It all could have been different as Ajit says it had this partnership being broken earlier those two dropped catches one Of course we saw the keeper let go the one in the outfield as well a punt right to hit a you know ball over the infield you Think West Indies now would be left wondering what might have been had they got hold of those chances Well for sure, I mean especially the one off here because it was a Taku short time and he was fresh estilo So unconfident. Sue them, you know bred into his attack. Yeah It’s you know, you’ve probably In that spell but it wasn’t to be so there was value in the chances that chance would have been a coup show on and It’s love given in Manila and the bola But an Ashley, but if they come in on a little bit of pressure obviously It’s gonna take a toll on them and to have been good to see how they cope with that solid pressure Saw a big misstep by the Westin laughing, okay Generally should you have you with fish off first and then you have jewelry up one they all the t20 generation They’re back like that in tester Yeah, but I mean the you saw a shop online, but we shall both can still defend the ball, which is why they’re succeeding I mean we chiffon has just Changed how this Indian team suddenly Changes the game. We saw it in England a couple of innings and we’ve seen here 19 the previous test and today What a luxury for without Kohli to have if he keeps improving like he does You know at number six because can change the game in a matter of a session and still Plays, you know normal cricketing shots Has been really impressive in what five test career and two three. So again carrying on from that previous innings that yet, so Yeah, just sets the game up very quickly for in depth 308 runs in were 80 81 overs Today in spite of being under pressure at times through the course of this Headings and West Indies, you know in that session after lunch bowling while still scoring at are really healthy rate So yeah, these two guys are going to be key. Hopefully they keep on getting better as they want. Okay? We’ve got a question, you know based on because I was talking about Arjun Khurana You’ve got a question here from David Scala He wants to know, you know should rouhani continue to be the anchor and in allow rish up to just freeze arms I mean, it’s the second or the test, you know, someone who’s a little bit low on confident We saw how that the start is. Well trying to get into his innings a bit There’s nothing wrong, you know is you obviously picked up later on Like I said on another day once you’re thirty forty you might have started to you know Take a few more chances early on but I think that’s still a crucial innings So for the team and particularly for his confidence because it doesn’t matter whether whether he plays as an anchor as long as he’s there others can still bat freely around him and India needs part now they put themselves in a position where they can the bat in the next session or session and a half well you know, they’ll probably The biggest difference between the two side We’ve you’ve seen the track pretty easy for the batsman, but the difference effectively has been you saw some Windies That’s when get great starts But then they would give away their kids when they reach one thirty thirty-five forty whereas we’ve got to see the Indian batsman Most of them who got good starts have gone on to get you know Seventies and eighties and that’s been the biggest difference between the two things Yeah, what I’ve mentioned up from the first test much that you know once you get a start Especially on these Indian condition as much then once you get to 15 20 25 M you’ve got to give you should be able to try the bar ticket in excess or 60 or 70 and not Get out softest of a speaker I think that I mean the big difference once the Indian batsman getting they try to back up on I Mean they all get close to 50 You I mean, they’ve got a little bit more experience than the West Indian batsmen are some of the West Indian batsman But hopefully they’ll learn from that to realize that I mean in good muscle See that he probably said that you know the 20 came quickly what Would have been better secondly Lindsay did that he made of adjustment he got a 50-something give him confidence and Advantages position at the moment West India would now try to be the more defensive team because they’re you know chasing the game What do you do from here on because the pitch looks good for batting? But I hope they’re not defensive first thing in the morning because if they can still prize India out In the next one 50 60 maybe 70 runs India still have to bat last they will naturally be somewhere in there. It’s the third day tomorrow it does look good the pitch, but you don’t know how it starts behaving by the end of third Dean and the Sub-continent things start happening very quickly. You can see the cracks. We don’t know whether they lose Yeah They’re very well Might so they they don’t they wanted there to be chasing anything in an excess of 150 once inside maybe 200 on that last day if if it turns out that way so I don’t think they should Sort of be on the defense you I think the new balls do now They’ll probably take that in the morning again if they can break this partnership. We’ll get these two out Fairly early in the still three behind them That’s the way they should are. Ideally they should look at it. I mean, they need wickets. It can’t just wait for India to You know make a mistake because at the moment both bunt and rania doesn’t look like they’re going to make any mistakes outright That’s all that we have time for Cody watch. Ah, gee Thanks so much for joining us as I said plenty of ebbs and flow in this match at the moment It all looks even just even as far as the squad is concerned But you got to remember that India still have six wickets in hand. We’ve got an exciting day of cricket coming up day three We’ll be back with ESPNcricinfo matchday tomorrow, but for the moment, that’s all that we have You You you You

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