India Vs West Indies 2nd test match 3rd day highlights and analysis, Cricket Highlights

India Vs West Indies 2nd test match 3rd day highlights and analysis, Cricket Highlights

you it’s been a day for the bowlers a total
of 12 wickets have fallen in just two sessions on day three of the Hyderabad
Test match she is feeling creaking for match day I
am Nicola nas and alongside Ajith a Gurkha Courtney watch West Indies at the
moment effectively 24-6 that after the loss there’s six wicked sir they were
training the member India by 56 runs for 56 run lead and now it’s 76 for six West
Indies and I said effectively that is 24 6 MH other the star once again for India
picking up those three out of just six wickets that we’ve had so far
okay Courtney coming to you straight up is there any way back for the West
Indies in this test match well you know one of these when they get bigger than
trade and some on the other tools were but another another fifty there are 62
sada got a huge it’s a big task gonna be a very very big ass it’s not me on them
their boats for centuries son of us got first class under so this
is a good test where is this metal right now I’m the pujas were exam is
approaching this is the I mean that’s why it was important for
the Western is not to let India get that lead and yeah losing some of the wickets
in that session and his right to crucial 200 kids some good delivers one most
Adam Eaton to uphold well cut the ball to do a little bit and spin off Jesse as
well actually I mean they’re all Indian bowler sport well there was probably one
softest so but you gotta give credit where it’s due
the tornado wickets not saying that sure bit ticks down but some good delivers
our bowl and some bad shots play but at the moment in there on top okay we’ll
talk about those dismissals IDs but it’s day three also the last day of this test
we have massive task for Western alluring older still there obviously is
look they’re one of the better players some reason chooses to come number eight
why don’t quite understand but and Angus has looked much better in this inning
you know played played quite carefully a lot of the batsmen have looked good
unfortunately I’ve just found a way to get out there like Courtney said they’re
a couple of good balls that donations last couple of the kids really good when
the balls reverse reverse one that first wicket didn’t help real bonus for India
down the leg but after that I mean you know Powell just poking at one outside
off shy hope looks so good throughout his innings again you know ok
the ball spun a little bit but again you know going off the face of his back to
slip they need it a lot more resolves once they were in it still feels that
the spinners don’t have a lot of purchase from the pitch which normally
doesn’t happen on a third day pitch in India so you know once they were ending
its the CIMA that we’ve done the damage I mention this but hit Meyer again you
know Barrett so well till then just you know Russell blood so yeah West Indies
are themself to blame to a large extent I think whether they can survive today
it’s very very difficult at this point in this session okay let me throw that
question to quote me because Ajit mentions about you know the skipper
coming down at what number eight on all other circumstances seems fine but you
you have a situation with door–which who hasn’t even been on the field for
two days coming behind him actually I thought you would’ve come a bit earlier
you even for me looked well I don’t know the extent of the origin geocirrus it
was what Ivan said that’s good of me a little change on it chase muttered back
to that fight when all that six or seven I’m Justice or the split up youngsil together and got a partnership boy and
then you know the next less experienced player
a little bit more so I would rather to see hold a button at 6:00 or 7:00
especially in this situation that coming down at it now he’s the last man
standing so to speak in terms of and Bishop can have them sell or can he let
them sell for tea it’s a lot is depend on this part should know within the
numbers okay the one thing you can clearly notice is ohm is getting the
ball to reverse swing that didn’t happen for the Western baseball why is that oh
they did get a little bit but not enough fighting difference different kinds of
bullets you know both more hit the deck yeah I thought that was in DC was bold
was well – I mean they just bowled for different attacking lines people tried
it a little bit bowling full yesterday was a little bit of target I had a tough
day yesterday in spite of getting the wicket so know just different kinds of
bowlers which does bowl a lot full of men maybe those two guys and it’s day
three generally with a spinner opening the attack for India as well the balls
got gotten stuffed up very very quickly although they’ve change the ball what
twice so price now we lost count I think different balls coming out you don’t
know some some sometimes there’s a ball that you find which reverses a lot
quicker but I think it suits the style of bowling as well okay as a coating you
mentioned good bowling by the Indian bowler so credit there but then some
poor shots as well I take the example of a hit Meyer you know for a change but a
good start going who’s looking good and then goes ahead and finish that
particular shot yeah must have been a rush of lottery
laughs the school lost his concentration because he did look relaxed he looked
composed you spot an extremely well and just shows a good saying goes when you
lose one they might lose two and I’m shocked that he player was necessary at
that time you know that we were there as well in the in the previous test sock
initiative curve that instinct and you just try to back back to 30 I mean when
you get in you get a star you look for the next session Plus eat at big screen in the other
Dunham because you know you could see his body
language when he was walking up PMON of luck
no matter how big an Indian fan you would love to be watching his
fishing hope he looked so good would it be fair to say that the only mistake he
made he was saying my god fortunately yeah sometimes when you on when you’re
going for raw fish period the first mistake you make is the last one the
Ranger probably bowled it a bit round Amish more than usual and it did grip
the surface but even so I think he’d been disappointed with with getting out
that it looked really good even even again spin till then again school deep
look comfortable against pace he always looks good so yeah that was a big wicked
again you know like the first innings he looked set kumail’s got him out at that
point like before again just it’s key we could actually real bonus because
eurasia apart from that hasn’t really looked
menacing on that pitch apart from that yeah so a big wicket because he look
really good to do it it’s that that was always going to be the key I mean you
wondered if West Indies could back up they perform a batting performance in
that first innings in the second one losing six wickets in one session never
edge ok let’s talk about the other mainstay of the wind is batting Rustin
chaser Courtney would you say that there is a problem there when he’s facing up
to some good quick bowlers or fast bowlers as we’ve seen with Romeo mesh
picked him up today against the spinners of course he’s looked outstanding noe
look good right so this is the first persons you got a good one I think
hamish line the line that’s it ball was a lot better today
yeah asked a lot more question another from a ball in perspective when the ball
is softer it instruction hitting the right here is consistent like that
regardless the whole grid up there you are you’re gonna be a question and you
know you’ve gotta give the boy liquidity was is lying on a lot better the land
was much much better he was asking the right questions it in the right areas
more consistently than he probably has don’t show the rest of the Test series
so today I think he was at his best in terms of the consistency and the reason
I asked that particular question is what are the stats
seem to suggest that what he’s gotten out seven times either bold or lbw to
fast bowlers in the last thing yeah maybe there’s a little bit of but I
think in the first innings there was a bigger gap I think maybe use a little
bit a lapse of concentration today’s 100 but today I think you were
still close to his body the ball you know great length came back in it’s
still taken and inside I hit the pad and then gone he’s not missed it while
driving so now I think God who gives credit to me I think he’s like what he
said corrected his line a lot more today and the length was good so yeah not on
today’s evidence but we’ll have to keep a watch if that is that is a pattern
with it okay going ahead into the final session you expect to see a bit of
Ashwin now we haven’t seen towards the end of that previous session yeah looks
like who makes we’ll keep going at least for a few more overs yeah I think he’s
got enough time to put his feet up after this so all you need is a weight in here
and then it then it sort of opens up to tail in do I know be shook and bad but
there’ll be a lot more pressure in rotating spinners and either Ashwin or
Khalid need to start from the other okay I think they look more like getting
because then there is the question that I asked Kourtney right at the start was
is there any way back for the wind ease at the moment just 20 what do you think
would be a target which would actually worry if they were to stitch together
200 from where they are I think a 150 would be a bare minimum that they need
I mean how to idly said anything about 175 would it be interesting days in the
last innings but where they are are 24 6 they get anywhere over 100
I still can’t see them making a match of recommend that they’ll require a problem
all right we know at the end of the day as I said
24 6 effectively are the West Indies if they want to make that 150 as Ajith is
mentioned and you know you have to have Jason hold up doing some runs to the
table and only then can they really put the Indian team under pressure but
whether this is the last day we’ll find out final session coming up coutny watch
as you thanks so much for joining us we’ll see you again at the end of this
thing you you

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