Indoor Pickleball Shoes Too Slippery? Try This!

Indoor Pickleball Shoes Too Slippery? Try This!

You’re looking for better traction on
indoor pickleball courts so you’ve invested in a pair of either volleyball
shoes or basketball shoes. Some type of indoor court shoe. However they’re still
kind of slippery. What can you do? I’ve got a new product that I’m about to
try out. You’re gonna want to stay tuned. Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson. Back a
couple of videos ago I talked about the different types of shoes for pickleball
and one of the things that I mentioned was indoor versus outdoor shoes.If
you’re playing indoors, volleyball or basketball shoes which are specifically
built for the indoor court surface can give you additional traction. Now
unfortunately not all gym floors are created or maintained equally. It’s not
like you just resurface a gym floor and then it’s done. It has to be maintained
on both a yearly as well as a weekly basis. If it’s not that surface is going to
become slippery and that’s exactly what’s happened to the courts that I
play on. And because of that I’ve taken a couple slips and I’m very aware that I
could pull a muscle or that I could fall. The solutions that
I’ve used till now haven’t really worked. One is to wipe the shoes with the bottom
of my hand and I know that sounds awful and here’s what my hands will look like
after a day of playing pickleball. But that’s the only way I’m going to get
traction. It’s gotten so bad at the gym that I’m at that they’ve added a sticky
mat. It’s a temporary solution and as you can see this mat is extremely dirty
already. Then I ran into this product on Amazon. It’s a product called court
grabbers. It was 24.95 there were approximately 50 reviews and
it got four and a half stars. It’s a device that attaches to the top of your
shoe and it holds a traction gel so you can wipe the bottom of your shoes on the
traction gel. I haven’t tried it yet. I thought what I would do is open up this
box put it on my shoes use it and give you my own review because my guess is
I’m not the only one who this problem. So let’s open up the kit.
There are three things in this kit. Number one I have a traction grabber gel.
Let’s see what else is in here. I have two clear pads. These attach to the
laces on your shoes. And then I have the traction gel pads so the gel is put
right on to there. Lastly I have a set of instructions. Here’s one little word to the
wise they’re pretty small so if you need reading glasses I put those on first. So
these are my indoor shoes they’re an Asics volleyball shoe. If you missed my
shoe resource guide make sure that you click up above and it’ll take you to the
video that will help you pick the best pair of shoes for you. But this is my
indoor shoe. A lot of dirt has accumulated from the floor that I play on
so the very first thing that I’m going to do before I put the court grabbers on
I’m going to take these over to the sink, use a little Dawn dish soap and
wash them so they are nice and clean. All set let’s go play some pickleball. So how did it work? Pretty well and look
at this no dirty hands. What you will see is this is really dirty and that’s only
after one use and we played for just a couple hours, What they say you can do or
should do is pop this off. The little black part pops off so you pop that off
and you wash it after every two times you play. The good part is the part that you
put on the shoe, that stays on the shoe so you don’t have to go through
relacing it. I give court grabbers a thumbs up! So
what I’ll do is I’m going to put a link down in the show notes below so that you
can find them where I did. I got them off of Amazon they’re about twenty four
dollars or so I think. If you got value from this video if you wouldn’t mind giving
it a little thumbs up or share it with your pickleball playing friends because
together we can Train Smart, Live Bold and Age Well

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  1. CJ ur d bestest!! What a find. Coach mike p

  2. Mele Kalikimaka, CJ! What a great subject. Coincidentally to your topic, the one court where I play has a tendency to get slippery. Some of us have found that wetting a towel or paper towels and placing them beside the net where we can go wipe our shoes when we start slipping works well. We all share the same towel so it's not like everybody has to bring their own towel. We may have to do this several times, but it really works. Also, the walls are concrete. If I'm playing next to a wall, I just go wipe the bottom of my shoes up against the wall and VOILA, no more slipping. And no…the walls don't get dirty. I only wear my pickleball shoes for pickleball so no outside dirt on them. Take care and have a joyous HolyDay season! 🙂

  3. I too had trouble with slipping and sliding on indoor basketball courts. I too found Court grabbers and they work wonders.. I agree with CJ.
    good demo too. Still prefer tennis/pickleball courts indoor or out for best traction.

  4. Would this product work on a linoleum floor ?

  5. Hello. Am wondering if using this product could leave any type of residue from the gel on the gym floor? Many gyms are pretty sticky (no pun intended) about marking or staining their floors.

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