Insane ICE BATH Obstacle: Arctic Enema | Tough Mudder

Insane ICE BATH Obstacle: Arctic Enema | Tough Mudder

[BOOMING SOUNDS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Name’s Nolan Kombol. I’m the head of courses
out here at Tough Mudder. I’m Ashley Ellefson, the director
of events at Tough Mudder. And we load in our
dumpsters, we line them. We build ramps that go up to them. And then we fill them up with
water and then dump a lot of ice into them– between 70,000
and 80,000 pounds of ice to keep it running for the weekend. During the event day, that water’s going
to sit at about 34, 35 degrees all day long. We’ll probably unload about
20 pallets’ worth of ice. We’ll go through two full semi trucks. One fun thing about this obstacle
is we change the color in it almost every event. The best way to get through Arctic
Enema is just not think about the fact that you’re jumping into a
dumpster filled with ice. Because the moment you hesitate, that’s
the moment you’re not going to do it. The second you hop in, all your
muscles decide to work against you. It’s like eating ice
cream and getting punched in the balls at the exact same time. Too many people try to wade
in and try to feel it out, and they get to the board. And like I said, you don’t realize how
much muscle you’ve lost at that point, and you can’t quite work the courage
to get your body hunched over to get under. So one of the obstacles
you wouldn’t think of is very focused on camaraderie. But when you get in there, it’s
such a shock to your system that you get very disoriented. So you really have to rely on the
people who’ve just gotten out, really say, hey, guys. We have to get out of here. [MUSIC PLAYING] I didn’t expect it to be
nearly, nearly that cold. And there’s a plank in the
middle with barbed wire on top, so you have to go under. You have to go under, and,
oh, I couldn’t even move. Couldn’t get out of that fast enough! My mind was telling me
move, but I froze there. You’re just like, [GASPING]
You can’t do anything! You’re just there. I saw some people kind of
inching their way in, and– No, you can’t do that. Yeah, I ripped the band-aid off fast. We actually really loved just
jumping into the [INAUDIBLE].. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. This was the 3rd obstacle at my last Tough Mudder and in many ways it sets the tone for the rest of the event.

  2. Next saturday in Toronto. Wooooooo ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. It was the scariest obstacle for me, but its not that bad…

  4. How do you even prepare for this??

  5. Ball bat to the testes every day for a month.

  6. Cant wait, 17 days away!

  7. Just did this, don't think about it just do it get in get out!!

  8. When the fuck did we get ice cream?!

  9. thanks so much for the encouragement, this is the one comment I will bring to mind when I make the leap on Saturday!

  10. wow… i didn't find it that hard… maybe the outside air temperature was too warm or something

  11. This was by FAR the worst obstacle on the course in Missouri today. The electroshock therapy obstacle actually knocked me unconscious but Arctic Enema was worse.

  12. @1:36 the commentator says you have to rely on someone to tell you to get out. Trust me, after you go under the water the only thing you are thinking is "I have to get out of this as fast as I can".

  13. I can't wait for this obstacle! 1st one in the Carolinas this weekend!

    Side Note: Guy at 1:38 looks like Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber

  14. This is by far my favorite obstacle. Jump in, feel the rush, get under the board, get to the other side and help you teammates!!!

  15. I loved this obstacle. I had no problem getting out and moving for the ice cold events (Whistler 2012). I think my worst ones were all the wall climbs. I posted a vid of my Tough Mudder experience. I skipped the walls and monkey bars lol.

  16. Only 3 days til my course!

  17. Come on, gimme that booze ya little pumpkin pie haircutted freak, come on!

  18. 2 more days! GET PUMPED Temecula 2013

  19. my brains got Cracked after this obstacle

  20. All that ice and water just for this?
    And we wonder why there are water shortages.

  21. Arctic enema is the balls!

  22. 35 degrees? I thought they were talking Celsius for a bit, Australia in just over a week!

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    I subscribed earlier this week. See what goes on. Not to mention the guys emails are fucking awesome…


  25. Seriously? Think before you type. Barring that, don't type.

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  28. I am gutted I can not longer participate, I am signed up for a few days time, but have had problems with my heart ๐Ÿ™ im hoping ill have some answers soon and the go ahead from the doc to start training for next year c

  29. keep switching from excited to bricking it :L North London in one week!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. This obstacle is my worst nightmare. I'm going to ignore it until the day, and at that point my creed will be simple.

    Bring. It. On.


  31. you people will all be fine… its just a cold bath

  32. I agree, this seems like an event for chumpettes.

  33. Chicago, IL. I'm coming for ya this Saturday. Fight or Flight.

  34. Woah I never realized this comment got popular. To give everyone some feedback. Super happy I did it and I always think about doing another one..except I do not want to get shocked again so I probably never will. Seriously..those shocks are the worst.

  35. Eh, it doesn't take physical ability to swim in ice water, but it is fun… So why not right?

  36. I haven't done this, but I have gone swimming in a frozen lake several times this year. Honestly, It's not all that bad. Especially if your only there for a few seconds… Just rush through and you'll be fine!

  37. I've never jumped into 34 degree water… sober.

  38. In water 40 degrees or less your life expectancy is about 15 minutes!!!!! Why would anyone do this!!!

  39. just watched the video…feeling exactly the same as you…doing this more as a "fun" memory with my 2 daughters! ha! I hope I live through it to actually remember the memory ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. doing tough mudder colorado in 10 days. cant wait

  41. Oregon on June 15. HOO-RAHH

  42. I did this in Tahoe 2012. I remember it felt like I wasn't wearing any shorts after I climbed out of the arctic enema. I've never felt cold like that before ever.

  43. Oh man, i wish i didn't watch this. Whistler next weekend !!!

  44. Oh man. If it's anything like Whistler last year, this will not be the coldest water you're submerged in. In 2012 they hacked a hole in the ice on top of a lake and turned it into a twenty or thirty foot swim across. And the top kept trying to freeze over. That sucked.

  45. Oregon on June 15!! Woohoo!

  46. This saturday in Whistler!!!!!!!

  47. Thanks for the movie. Really like Youtube due to this kind of content!!!

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  48. Doing this tomorrow. This obstacle was the worst one for me last year. Oh man oh man.

  49. July 13th in Nordrhein Westafalen Germany! (Fรผrstenau) Excited and nervous!! Hopefully being only 4'11" won't be too much of a disadvantage! LOL

  50. North West Germany!

  51. Tough mudder Tahoe!! Team Hmoob phaj ej

  52. Tough Mudder – Minnesota in 10 days. Go Red Letter Team!

  53. TM Minnesota!!! Go Med City Mudder Muckers!

  54. Tahoe Tough Mudder this weekend!!

  55. Well how was it?!? I go tomorrow the 14th!

  56. This gives new meaning to Costanza's quote, "I WAS IN THE POOL!!"

  57. 1-2 degrees in Celsius

  58. I'll be diving headfirst into that shit on Saturday. First time my head comes out will be at the end of the container

  59. Sunshine coast this Saturday, Boo-yeah!

  60. Pittsburg on the 24th-Team Captain America

  61. the burgh on the 25th 9am see you guys there…..go team dirty burghs!

  62. 2 DAYS!!!! Australia – Sunshine Coast MATE!!

  63. It's fucking cold! Sunshine Coast, Queensland represent!

  64. doing this in scotland Aug 25th…..Oooo Raaaa

  65. YEAH Sunshine Coast, WOOOOO

  66. Doing this 2mro! Aghhh

  67. I'm gonna die of a heart attack in the arctic enema.

  68. Awesome. Im ready.

  69. Artic Enema was my least favorite- gotta get pumped!

  70. Tahoe Fall 2013! Holy… excited mixed feelings for the Tough Mudder. 1 wk to go….phew.

  71. Ill be skipping this event thank you.

  72. Super excited! I'm doing the Tough Mudder this weekend in Tahoe! This obstacle is making me nervous but like they said, you just need to do it instead of thinking about it.

  73. Tomorrow is TEAM NUTREX turn!!!!

  74. This was actually one of my favourite obstacles. One of the tips I saw was to jump in as close to the wall as possible, get under and get out. When I came out from under the wall I swam out, instead if wading out, to keep my arms and legs moving. It was still friggin' cold but knowing those tips helped a lot!

  75. They didn't take kindly to me diving under the board!

  76. Saturday in Houston is my day!!!

  77. See you tomorrow Arctic Enema

  78. I woke up and watched this for mental prep ahead of my tough mudder today…. Think I might go back to bed!

  79. Done this yesterday!

  80. I am doing this this coming week in West Virginia….a little nervous

  81. Doing this in 9 days in Australia! Tough Mudda EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

  82. October 26th, here I come!!!

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  84. Put your feet on the edge, and dive head first. kick a few times and be sure to stay under until you get past the barrier.ย  I just did it this past weekend, and i minimized the shock

  85. This is absolutely the worst part of Tough Mudder. I've done it twice in 40 degree air temperature weather. The most recent time I definitely went into shock coming up on the other side of the barrier – muscles locking up, trouble breathing etc. Good news is I was still numb for the Electric Eel right after this.

  86. Intense! Go, Greg!!!

  87. Was in the 2013 one in DFW. I was in there for a good 2-3 minutes. It felt pretty good even if I had to wait a while to get out bc of the people in front of me. I think the best part is just getting in and relaxing. The more freaked out you are about the temp, the more you're going to hurt from clinching up. Afterward, it's like your body is completely refreshed and warmed back up to keep going!ย 

  88. I wanted to see what ShayCarl was talking about. Holy moly, that looks insane!ย 

  89. You guys are legends ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. This is only the third worst obstacle. I found the shocks to be infinitely worse.

  91. Als ice challenge times infinity

  92. SO gross, think of all the body fluids and mudย in that gross water.

  93. The name is offensive.

  94. 0:22 motorboat!

  95. I wanna do this challenge but I'm 12 … Not 16 (also I would do the one I Scotland cause, I live in Scotland)

  96. Did this on Saturday and found this to be the most challenging obstacle. Couldn't breathe

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