INSANELY Easy Defense Technique that will Shock Your Friends (For beginners)

INSANELY Easy Defense Technique that will Shock Your Friends (For beginners)

Hey everyone, this is Gerald and I’m back
with another video. Today I’ll be covering this insanely easy
technique that will shock your friends. You know if you’re a beginner, just learning
how to play badminton, this defense technique will definitely… make your defense game…
bring your defense game to a whole new level. (Intro music) Reason being is because it’s so easy to learn
and yet, is so effective in game. So what is it? It’s the side drive. And as always, let’s start with the video
by the professionals. Oh, that’s unbelievable defense. Clash of rackets. Yeah. And in 2011 back to the USA. So why do I say that the drive shot is very
easy and effective to learn? Beginners can actually learn the simple touch/block
shot where you control the shuttle right in front of the net. I say it’s easier to learn the drive shot
simply because when you’re first starting out in badminton, it’s very hard to control
your power, alright? When it’s hard to control your power, what
happens is that the lack of control of power, your shot will be high. So when there is a lot of high shots, is that
your opponents can kill you very easily. So when you’re first starting out, it’s actually
a lot more effective to practice the flat and hard shot. Even if the shuttle is a little higher, but
it’s hard, it is a lot harder for the opponent to follow up with a second shot. Of course, if you’re comparing with experts
players, yes, if it’s a high and hard shot they’re going to charge and kill you. But your friends are all beginners, then this
shot is actually a very effective counterattack to their smash, especially when they can barely
do a smash and then you can just return with a flat shot, that is deadly, alright? Now let me explain how is it done, so you
see the white tape over here. The trick is basically, to swing towards the
white tape. The way Iike to teach kids is that, imagine
you’re slapping this white tape, “slap”. So when you slap something, you want as much
surface area as you can, you want your palm to be flat when you slap. Similarly, with your racket, when you see
the white tape you slap towards the white tape. What happens is that the shuttle will then
move parallel (to the floor) across the net, over to the other side. If the shuttle is high, what do you do? Swing towards the white tape, so swing it
downwards. If it’s low, again the same thing, towards
the white tape. Same goes for the backhand here, flat, down,
alright?And the next thing, here’s one pro tip. And it’s about the ready position. You know when you’re trying to do a side drive,
your ready position, your racket got to start from the top. So when you’re ready, hold your racket a little
higher, swing, as opposed to when your racket is down, you swing up. What happens is that, say when the shuttle
is flat and your racket is down, you’ll bring it up as you’ll adjust it, this creates a
very awkward drive shot, you see. I’m still swinging towards the white tape. Versus racket up ready shuttle is lower than my racket I adjust (my racket) and flat, you see the
difference? So what happens is that generally, because
of the small change in positioning, your shot tends to be a little more powerful and tighter
as opposed to when your racket is down, and you drive upwards, you adjusting up to drive. This shot tends to be a little higher, alright? So take note, slap the net. Downwards So let me demonstrate how it’s done *Upbeat Music* Now, we’re going to talk about the footwork. So for the side drive, if the shuttle is towards
your body, naturally you don’t really have to move your legs much. But of course, some angles are really hard
to hit, so you need to try to move your body (and legs), well, in this case, this way,
alright? But then if is to the sides, here is where
I really want you to practice, okay so for the sides, if it’s the right. Take a side step and point (your toe) outwards. Sidestep and point outwards. For this side One step Turn Then back Turn Then back Again The key thing to note is that your toe must
always be pointing to the direction that you are moving, alright? Notice Outwards Outwards This is so that you don’t risk injury, because
if you don’t point outwards, what happens is that you put a lot of strain on the ankles,
so take note. Same thing, to the side, to the side. One more time in slow motion Another reason why it’s important to the shuttle
at the front is so that it is easy for you to hit the cross-shot (cross drive) Notice if I take from the side, it’s actually
very hard for me to cross the shuttle (with power). If I take it from the front, it’s easy for
me to aim forward, it’s also easier for me to aim cross, because of the angle, alright? So take note, try to take the shuttle as front
as you can. Of course, during the actual game when you
play with players, sometimes their shot is too fast. So you’re unable to take it at the front,
therefore you take it at the side. In this situation, it’s actually a lot harder
to cross drive (but possible) but now let’s just stick to the basics. And as always, I hope you learned something
new. And if you don’t know (about us), start by
smashing that subscribe button first and I’ll see you in the next episode. In the next episode, we’re going to be covering
how you double your backcourt footwork speed because one of our viewers actually commented,
they asked, he or she asked me how to improve the backcourt speed. And in the next video, we’re gonna cover that
exact technique so stay tuned, and I’ll see you on the other side. I’m trying But, the wind is making me too good :’)

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    When you are practicing defensive drive return. You forgot a few vital points!

    Body position:
    Your body position should be low to the net (do not stand straight up) lean forward to take the shuttle as early as possible.

    Racket position:
    You are correct about keeping the racket up but have it to the side to allow quick rotation. Do not have racket head pointing down.

    Get back into Position:
    You also need to explain its important to be back in position asap to be ready for next return. A little jump before the return shot allows legs to plant firmly on the ground ready to react.

    Leg and feet technique:
    Legs should bent and heel to toe movements stepping to sides and forward.

    Your grip should be loose until the very second of contact with shuttle. Then recoil to gain power. To gain greater control in defensive return hold the grip further up the grip handle (towards the shaft – back hand grip) DO NOT hold the grip in a smash position towards the bottom of the handle as you will loose reaction time and speed also twist your wrist in an anti clockwise position when hitting shuttle out in front of you. Do not try and hit using a tennis swing!!!! Takes too long!

    TOP TIP Constantly change your grip position to the shot type required. Do not have a smash attack grip for a defensive shot or vice versa. So many people play an entire rally using the same grip only SOME TIMES ONLY CHANGING FOR A BACK HAND.
    So many different grips for different tasks!!!!!
    1. Smash = Shake hands with racket (mid to low part of handle – creates power as you utilize the full length of racket)
    2. Serve = backhand grip. Thumb should be touching both the flat part of the handle and the cone part between handle and the shaft. This give max control on serve.
    3. Back hand smash/Drive = Mid position of the grip, thumb on the (diagonal known as bevel) smallest surface of grip. (elbow should be pointing up before contact with shuttle- Racket head pointing down before rotation of contact with shuttle -)
    4. Defensive return = Back hand grip high up on the Handle allows quick reactions.
    5. Net shot = Short grip pan handle, only use index, middle finger and thumb to grip. Allows to stab or dab kill at net depending on your position.

    Some Good grip info here:

    Hope these comments help! (some of the techniques are for advanced players rather then beginners!)

    My Experience – 35 years playing at club, District, Regional level.

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