Inspiring Higher Education: 2015 Clontarf Girls Academy Showcase

My name is Vicki Ward, Program Manager for Curtin AHEAD. Curtin AHEAD is a federally funded program, it’s an outreach program to engage with people
who are traditionally under-represented in higher education. We do that through a
variety of sessions, on campus visits, information sessions, reaching out into the
community through not-for-profit agencies. Curtin AHEAD for the first time has
hosted the Clontarf Girls Academy showcase here at Curtin University. The Girls Academy is actually set up by Role Models and Leaders Australia and they’ve got
about eleven or twelve Girls Academies around the country. And so they look after a lot of the health and well-being aspects and support students of the college. Over
the road at Clontarf, there are about a hundred students living a boarding house. Many of those students actually haven’t been to university campus, even though they live across the road. There almost seems to be a bit of an invisible barrier, so for us, this program is a great way to
engage a lot of those students and bring them onto campus. And particularly with the connection through Role Models and Leaders Australia and the Girls Academies around the state and country, we’re able to bring a lot of students from all over the place to Curtin University and just create a different opportunities for them to engage in this space, in a safe way that they feel comfortable. And so that’s why the basketball was a pretty cool component. So in the area there was a lot of fun and again they can relax and feel comfortable in this area, in this place and it’s also something they are familiar with. My name is Desiree Delcoure and I run the Clontarf Girls Academy. So the purpose of this event is to bring all of our Academies, we have 12 Academies around NT, WA and New South Wales, we bring them all together and we called it the Academy
Showcase. This year we actually have the Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash, open
the event which was amazing. And so it is so exciting for me to be here today and to be a part of what is a really huge part of the Role Model and Leaders Academy. It’s great to see so many people, Aboriginal people, Aboriginal girls from all over Australia. When we say Wadjuk Nyungar Boodjar, when you say you are on your country, your people have been there for over 40,000 years. Over a 1000 generations. You’re the only people in the world, making it very special. Hello, hello and welcome to Wadjuk Nyungar Boodjar. This is my mother’s country. I use the grass tree and sandalwood to make this smoke. This is the smoke. May the breeze spread this smoke to bring the good spirits to this gathering. So it’s a time for all of us just to get together, and really celebrate each other, celebrate the hard work of our girls. All of the girls selected to come were selected based on their attendance, their participation and then their behaviour in school and with their Academies, and so every girl that you see here today has done a really
great job at school and just given it their best effort. Yo, what’s happening? My name is Rhys, last name Pado. What we actually do is we bring high school students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students onto this Curtin University campus. So we run through different kinds types of workshops to basically boost confidence and aspirations. Basically just to show the kids that they can aspire to do anything in life. They can go to uni if they want to, they can go to TAFE, they can get into the workforce, it doesn’t matter you don’t have to just be able to play football or go to the mines, to be Aboriginal, you can be a doctor or lawyer. Anything
you want to be in life. [Rap song] Hi my name is Chelsea. I just want to say it was an awesome 2015 showcase. Thanks for everyone that came down to the Showcase. And it was really fun, being the chance to meet all of the other Academies. Playing basketball, going touring the Curtin University. Hopefully I can see all of the girls next year at the 2016 Showcase. Thank you.

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