Hello, everyone! For today’s video. I will be sharing another mobile application. where we can earn free Paypal money. But, before we start this video tutorial, Welcome back again to my channel! If you’re new to this channel, Click on the subscribe button and hit the notification bell To keep you updated on my new uploads on how to earn money online. Don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook page and Telegram channel. You can also join my Facebook group. where you can share your sources of extra income. I will put all the links in my description box. Just tap or click it so you can follow me on my social media accounts. First thing we need to do is to download the application in our cellphone. We will not use Google play for this. What we need is the this is where we’ll download a mobile app. Just search it on Google. Then, tap search icon. Then search for Clipclaps. As far as I know, APKs are for android phones only. So this is the application.. ClipClaps: Cash for laughs And then, download it. Just tap this. Download APK. “Chrome needs storage access to download files” Just ‘Continue’, then ‘Allow’ Then wait for it to be installed in our phone. This is the application. In here, we can sign up using Facebook. Thru Facebook is fine. Because when you select login by phone, They will ask for a US number. This is my ClipClaps account. First thing to do is to redeem $1 here on the upper right side. Just tap Redeem then enter a referral code here. For you to redeem a prize. You can use my referral code if you don’t have yet. I will put the code in my description box. So how do we earn in ClipClaps? Let’s go here in ‘Videos’ We’ll earn here thru watching shirt videos. We’ll just wait the timer to end When you’ve reached the treasure box, We can already get the chest, then another chest here. We’ll just wait for it to reach the chests. We can scroll down. Or you can watch and replay. Most videos here are short funny videos. You’d really be entertained. Because videos aren’t boring. You can also like a video or share while watching. IF you don’t want to watch, it’s okay. You can just leave it. Just wait for the timer to end. I have already reached some treasure packs. Now, go to our rewards so we can claim it. I got 2 rewards from watching videos. Let me just open the first chest. So, I have redeemed 200 ClapCoins. Then let me open the other chest. So, I have redeemed 50 ClapCoins and raffle ticket pieces. Another 50 ClapCoins, plus 100 ClapCoins. Then, another 50 ClapCoins. I got these all by watching short videos. My ClapCoins added up to 6,400 ClapCoins. And when these bars got full For example you already got the tickets from raffle For example here in Amazon, You need 120 pieces of tickets. when it gets full, you can already scratch cards. An also here. So, I just lack of 16 to scratch a card here. So here, you’ll get cash or dollars thru rewards. Another way to earn here is to play games. This is optional. Actually they have lots of games here. Just choose. As you see, they have Extreme, Lucky 7, and then this one. And you can also choose here: Lucky time, Aquarium, Brainer and redeem. You can also earn here in ClapCoins thru inviting. So, this is it. Tap ‘Free Chest’ When you invite here you’ll get.. For each friend that sign-ups, You’ll receive a Diamond Chest then your friend gets 1,200. So, you’ll get extra chests. There. If s friend logs in within 24 hours after registration, you’ll receive an extra chest Friends that will login on a second week? You’ll receive another chest! You can share your referral code to your friends. Or you can comment down below. And when you join my Facebook group, you can also share it there. So we’ll earn those when we invite friends. What’s the use of ClapCoins? Once you have enough ClapCoins, you can exchange it. Let’s go to our account. Then tap your ClapCoins balance. This is the exchange rate of ClapCoins. 100,000 ClapCoins is equivalent to $1. Just collect ClapCoins then convert it into dollar. Let’s tap exchange In my 6,400 ClapCoins, I will receive $0.06 Let’s exchange it. Alright, so, ‘Done’ What is left in my balance is 400 ClapCoins. And my ClapCoins were converted to USD. It’s already here in my cash balance How can we payout here in ClipClaps? Just tap ‘Cash out’ Then the minimum withdrawal here is $10 Maximum is $50 And it has a fee of $0.25 I haven’t reached the minimum amount to withdraw. And you need Paypal to cash out. It won’t work with, Gcash nor Paymaya. You need to cash it out to your Paypal. From there you may transfer it to your Gcash or Paymaya. Take note, when you cash out here in ClipClaps, You need to use a Turbo VPN Because they only allow cash out from US. It’s not yet allowed here in the Philippines. So, we need to use Turbo VPN Search it on Google Play then install. Then select United States. It has free VPN for U.S. so you don’t need to spend money here. Just select U.S. for location then turn this on while cashing out. So, they won’t detect our location.

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