INTENSE Attacking Footwork Drill to Get Fast

INTENSE Attacking Footwork Drill to Get Fast

Hey everyone this is Gerald from BG
Academy here and in this video we’ll be talking about an intense attacking footwork to get you fast. So if you haven’t already, you should check out the link over
here, on how to do the footwork properly before coming back to continue this
video. So in this video of your drill where we practice the footwork for nine
sets with three different variations so therefore in total we’ll be doing
three sets of three different exercises each set lasting for ten repetitions,
alright? So let’s begin! For the first three sets, we’re gonna practice just forward & back. Let me demonstrate once. Just straight and back, then the second
one, you’ll move forward diagonally and move back straight, so this is how it’ll would look like and then the last one is that we’ll move
forward straight, but move back diagonally So the first set I’ll be doing is a warm-up set to get myself warmed up So ten return (to the back court) It means I need to reach this line ten times. I lost count! Ouff! Oh boy,
this is quite intense. So if you are just starting out I recommend… sorry I need to catch my breath first When if you are just starting out, I recommend you to try vary the number of repetitions you’re doing, so if you’re very fit you
want to start off with about ten returns per set. So if you’re not so fit, cut that in half, five returns will do, alright? As you get fitter you can slowly
increase the number of sets. Breathless! So the first set is to try to get you pumped up,
ready for more Okay, it’s about time
Let’s begin So the rest time for this is
about one is to one (1:1 Work-Rest Ratio) So Bernard do help me take the time Roughly after I’ve finished, give me about a one-minute break Okay! *Thumbs up* *Music plays* Six! Seven Eight Nine Ten! That is intense!
Okay, it’s very normally if you feel breathless after every set, because this workout is
intense. and even though I did one warm-up set before that I actually did a little
bit of dynamic warm-ups so you should do that before you start because this
can really get quite intense how long do we have? 30 seconds?
Alright, so the thing you need to take note of it’s when you move forward your toe must
always, always point forward. Or the direction that you are moving towards. Notice when I did my sets,
there wasn’t a lot of breaks in between reps it was smooth throughout (My movements) So that’s
what you want to try to achieve Okay, it’s time for me to begin *Music Plays* Holy Cow! Try not to put the phone in front, I mean it’s not very nice, do you think that’s nice? *Bernard nods head* so I’ve done my second set, I’m going to start my third set right after this So by the time you do the second set Your muscles will start to feel a little heavy. Unless you’ve been doing this regularly, otherwise your muscles will feel a little heavy So for breaks Right now I’m going according to a pace for someone
who’s relatively fit. So if you’re not so fit you need to increase the duration of the breaks. you can try to do it twice the break to set ratio So that means if you take a minute Try to rest for two minutes if
you’re not so fit. If you’re fitter you can make it 1 is to 1, alright? So let’s
begin My last set I’m starting to really feel it Intense Okay, so now we’re done with the front-back footwork.
The next thing we’re gonna practice is moving front, sorry, moving front diagonally and moving back straight let me get a drink I ran out of water So let’s begin It’s about time? So now, I’m going to Move forward diagonally and move back straight *music playing* You like to zoom into my face eh? Yes that’s one set down two more to go This exercise is very good because it trains your court fitness you know? It’s one thing to do long distance running and it’s
another thing another thing to do court training, so court fitness and long
distance running is not totally correlated. So that’s why you need to be fit on court. In terms of muscle endurance your lung capacity In order for yourself to be fit on the
court, alright? So we’ve got one minute break! I think now we’ve about 30 seconds Before we start So as you get tired your form will become
a little broken The key is to try to maintain the form as much as you can so
pace yourself instead of going for like the explosive burst for the first maybe
five repetitions and then you totally can’t move for the last five repetition. Try to maintain a steady pace throughout right? Okay, let’s begin! *music playing* It’s always the second set that you feel so fatigued It’s like you’re neither here, nor you’re neither there Just stated, but you’re not about to end 45 seconds left One more set, then I’m done so bear with me if you’re doing this so, remember to get yourself hydrated drink plenty of water you because you start to perspire a lot when
you’re doing this exercise, especially if you in a badminton hall. Because the badminton halls in Asia tend to make you perspire a lot, it’s hot Because it’s very hot and humid Okay It’s about time One more set! Okay so we’re done with six sets,
three more sets till we’re done Okay I’m going to drink some water **There’s barely any water left…. It’s intense So this is a very good cardio
workout. If you’re looking to lose weight, man this is good. high intensity, short rest
time. Okay so now the last exercise we’ll be moving forward straight but moving back
diagonally, alright? So let’s begin! Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight just two more sets When you’re tired, make sure you try not to lie down the floor, because that’s actually very, very bad for your heart No matter how tired, you gotta stand up, walk around, catch your breath At this point, you need to pace yourself. If it gets too painful and you know this is not because you’re tired, but because your body
is not in shape go easy on yourself, slowly progress
rather than pushing yourself over your limit, alright? So you gotta know where’s your limit Alright last two sets I’m starting to get very fatigued I’ve slowed down towards the last few repetitions Let’s begin I’m gonna start on this side *music playing* Last two! One more set, and we’ll be done So you gotta endure and hang in there! 35 seconds to go It gets extremely uncomfortable if you’re out of shape The camera is slanted (malay word) It gets extremely uncomfortable if you’re out of shape because you’re breathless It’s very hard to aim those
shuttles consistently So you want to get your fitness up as well, that helps a lot especially when you play a long match let’s begin Last set! drink some water, wipe yourself up Get the rest you need
because we’re Done for the day! I hope this was a good workout for you It definitely was for me and if you enjoyed yourself, please, share this video
with your friends and if you haven’t already. Subscribe to our channel to
watch more of such Badminton drills, technique explanation videos, so that you can have and play better badminton safely thank you for watching

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