International Potato Chip Taste Test

International Potato Chip Taste Test

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  1. It always suprises me when americans say they havent had ketchup chips, like god damn I love them and eat them all the time

  2. link trying to pop that bag is now my favorite Good Mythical Moment

  3. We live dangerously with our ridges yo

  4. i have paprika in my country and they are my fav chips,

  5. When I saw her I said “HAAAA JANELLLL” I literally love her

  6. rhett totally disregarded bros before h_s. she was excellent. bring her back.

  7. Ketchup, Emmental and paprika flavours are available in the UK

  8. ick, I cant stand salt and vinegar.

  9. As a Canadian, I always forget that America doesn't have ketchup chips

  10. There are other flavors in pakistan by lays

  11. Its weird without the darts but still a good episode

  12. All this time I thought that it is Malese Jow.. Google her if u don’t know

  13. We have Ketchup crisps in England

  14. Where ? are ? the ? darts ?

    I feel cheated ?

  15. Kinda wish you could have combined this with a "bring it back or nah it's whack" with some 80's crisps from the UK called "Hedgehog" flavoured crisps. (Not really hedgehog but they were marketed that way! NB They were really delicious.)

  16. Let me tell you Magic Masala is not spicy at all, even kids eat it here, though I think Cream and Onion is more famous though.

  17. U.S. doesn’t have ketchup chips????

  18. "And paprika I thought didnt have any taste…it just has flavor- what's the word? It has a look."

  19. Rhett: "Paprika has no flavour"
    * angry Hungarian noises *

  20. Um, 15 years ago or so, they tried ketchup chips here in the States.

  21. Kinda easy for the last one isn’t it? Because if they remember which ones have been gone and which one is left then it’ll be the last one

  22. I am literally easting slanty at the moment

  23. Mr.Chipstache v.s Cotton Candy Randy

  24. Chio sux 😀 Get Chipsfrisch 😛

  25. Pretty sure they started over here across the pond!

  26. "One of the best things canadians have offered us americans" um its actually pornhub

  27. I don't think I like her being around Rhett. ?

  28. You get ketchup crisps in Scotland

  29. As a Canadian all dressed are also delicious. I think we made those too

  30. "Look at the flavour" wow so funny ??

  31. I thought she had snot and a booger in her nose but it was a nose ring. I think nose rings are so gross

  32. Please dont put guests in your international taste test games

    the closest gmm has ever gotten to my country

  34. ddo they really think slanty is spicy i feel like it's sweeT MAN are we having the same one

  35. Why is everyone saying Link is third wheeling? She’s responding to everything Link is saying! And she’s laughing and giving eye contact. Is it because the chip bowl is placed between her and Rhett??

  36. I come from Germany and those Paprika chips are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  37. This made me realise dutch people have every chip and all of those are completely normal here

  38. I don’t like that woman she seems so fake

  39. Ketchup chips are amazing

  40. Please make this with dumplings! and consider polish pierogi

  41. Di- did they actually say that chip was purple ITS CLEARLY RED

  42. Life goals:

    #1: take over the world
    #2: get famous so I can be on good mythical morning

  43. cough ketchup crisps were in the UK first

  44. Chio chips is company from 1993 formed in Czech Republic btw

  45. Bro link had too many innuendos in this episode

  46. Bruh they dont have ketchup chips in America

  47. Salt and Vinegar is a disgrace

  48. Hulk? SMASH
    Wakanda? FOREVER
    Hotel? TRIVAGO
    Flavor? NOSTALGIC

  49. I didn't realize that ketchup chips came from Canada. I thought it was an American thing.

  50. I knew I recognized her she's from pretty little liars and she's one of the bad guys!

  51. This whole comment section really be exposing Janel for liking Rhett ?

  52. Wait I didnt realize ketchup chips were only here in Canada

  53. Walkers came before lays

  54. Salt n vinegar diskusting ???

  55. I was so ready to say the “where in the world” thing with them 🙁

  56. This video made me realize that paprika chips are not universal?

  57. Comparing lays magic masala chips to ghost pepper?

  58. Link: The only man to give CPR to a chip bag.

  59. The scientific way to eat Pringles is actually with it curving against your tongue instead of curving with your tongue (look at both sides and you can tell which side has more powdery flavoring on it– that side should go down against your tongue)

  60. You don't have paprika chips in the US? that's a crime

  61. Link i would like to tell you we here in Pakistan do love paprika but paprika chips here are always mixed with an other type of chilli not barbecue

  62. They Should have had patatje joppie ?? ??

  63. Janel is damn fine!

  64. Why "if we take a trip" instead of "If we take trips" so it rhymes with chips. But also because you're going to multiple locations.

  65. Poutine!!! Don't forget the poutine!

  66. How do they know what lochion taste like

  67. Link: "I don't know if I like it………. But I do keep eating it"

    I felt that, big time

  68. lul rhett was right we have the emmentaler pringles in germany

  69. My fav Flav… Sour cream and onion

  70. Old dutch ketchup chip>Lays ketchup chips

  71. I'm from Canada and I don't like ketchup chips. Well I don't like ketchup flavoring but I like ketchup. My sister loves ketchup chips.

  72. I’m Canadian and I forgot that they don’t have ketchup chips in America so when I saw that I was like “wait what? Oh ya…?”

  73. Wait does the US not have Ketchup chips?- ketchup chips are the bEst

  74. I always forget ketchup chips are a canadian thing, all dressed too I think

  75. I have clocked the time she looking at Rhett and link. Hold ur phones!
    Rhett = 8.31 minutes.
    Link = 2.47 minutes.

  76. Jeez is Link interrupting them two or something???

  77. The crew makes up for putting tomatoes in everything by giving Link folded chips

  78. She's so charismatic I love her

  79. no darts… no watch. sorry

  80. Link is such a 5 year old.

  81. I still can't believe that the USA doesn't have ketchup chips! They are so good! Guess Canada has more options! I want to try the paprika chips, wonder if we have that flavor in Canada or not.

  82. Yep I was waiting for the Masala Magic to show up, absolutely awesome flavour

  83. Ahh I always watched the bratz movie and she was one of the main girls ❤️?

  84. Funny tthing is Caanada has an even more unique chip then ketchup but its not laya
    Its Ruffles All Dressed flavour

  85. Mine is also salt and vinegar

  86. I love chaina chips

  87. I never noticed her nose ring until the 4th time I watched this episode ?

  88. How come you didn't go with Currywurst chips or Pizza Pringle's for Germany, damn.

  89. we are NOT germans ??????

  90. The people here saying that this chick was only paying attention to Rhett, and flirting with him, are the same type of people who think the supermarket cashier is flirting with them for just being friendly and doing their job. Grow up.

  91. India and Pakistan.Always together

  92. I'm as salty as a potato chip that this wasn't a dart throwing episode ?

  93. Is it just me or is this video like "semi-
    practiced fake acted"

    awkwardly to watch…

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