Interview Bob Schreiber “Martial arts saved my life” (part 1)

Welcome, this is a new episode of Official Bonjasky! Today we are visting Bob. Bob “The Terrible” Schreiber We are going to talk about his career, how he did it… How he did his training, let’s go and see! We are here with, how to say… One of the most iconic fighters in the world, Bob “The Terrible” Schreiber We trained together in the old days and now we going to throw him a lot of questions about how he did And how he reached the top, where did he find this power? Bob, how are you? Good, very good actually. You also look good Haha thanks, would you like to dance with me? Well… maybe later, maybe later! Hey, we’re sitting here in your Tempel, your Dojo, your beautiful gym… How is it going in here? Yeah, like you say, it’s a nice gym and I am quite proud of it Of course you are I have seen quite some gyms over the past 20 years And this one, is top notch, it’s beautiful, clean and organized. Thank you I think we both have seen differently You know Remy, I have trained at a lot of gyms, where next to my subscription, I also received foot fungus along with it I always said, when the time would come I would have my own joint, and of course Irma’s, because we always do it together For like 500 years Then we would do it exactly opposite of the others Actually I learned from others how it shouldn’t be done As long as you keep learning of course Bob, how did it all start with you in this beautiful sport, kickboxing, eventually you also did MMA Where did fighting start for you? Fighting has been part of my life since my childhood I was very young, when my dad was a judo master, he not among us anymore We were very young and we already were standing on the mat with Judo My father gave fatherhood a different name then the way I see fatherhood today My father was not home a lot and when he was home, he was often quite aggressive Who didn’t want to listen, just got smacked Me and my brother didn’t want to listen much, so we got our share An old school beating So I just grew up with it, who doesn’t want to listen will feel it That’s how it was in my youth When I was 10 years old, my parents divorced, I stayed with my mother and my brother went with my father In the mean time my brother got to be hard to handle, the same counts for me From age twelve I got exemption from school Nowadays, when you are a problem child, there’s a safety net for you But in my time, it was different, there was no safety net We actually had to take care of our selves So I was living with my mom, my brother with my dad, and then together we decided we would walk away At what age was that? Almost 12 and my brother was 14 years of age Wow, that’s extremely young Then we ended up in Amsterdam, that was in the (property) squatters days, with “Lucky life”, “The Big Emperor” And “No Home, No Coronation” We started wandering from squatters place to squatters place, some times we slept on the streets And some times there was nothing It was the punk era, we’ve also been in a punk band Bob & Punk!? Yep, I’m an old school punk guy… From the very first beginning, 1979, maybe a bit ealier In that time I started doing drugs, alcohol, smoking, all from the age of 10 I tried everything. My gosh… So you threw everything at it. Yes, everything And what do you know, when you’re a kid? You’re influenced by others Kids and people who do stupid things, and then you go along with it When I was 15, I was involved in a serious felony I almost stabbed a guy to death Of course I received a heavy youth sentence And actually I have learned a lot from that and that’s when I chose to live So I started working in a copper foundry located in Haarlem The adolescent judge advised me to do something with my aggression I decided to sign up at a local gym in Haarlem I also trained at Kenamju, a judo school owned by Cor van der Geest Then I fanatically engaged into Judo and Karate That’s when I left the drugs and all the filth behind me, so actually the sport saved my life Wauw, wauw, that is… That is really nice to hear and I am really happy that was the choice you made A lot of my friends, well “friends”… From that time are homeless, dead, took an overdoses They don’t exist anymore. So you’re grateful to the sport? Eehhmmmm, yes, yes… Or is it the judge who straightened you out? Yeah, well, I don’t know.. It’ still is you who’s getting out of a predicament Regardless of your age, it’s your own choice… You can always choose to make a positive decision I think, that it was mainly me, I made the decision to take a positive direction, of course some times you need a push in the right direction Like that judge told me to do something about my aggression Then you think “Hey, good you say that”, I don’t know who or what it exactly was, but in the end you have to do the work yourself So at some point you started doing Karate, so how did you wind up doing kickboxing? Well it start when I was fanatically in training, at age 16 Around that age, then Danny Soto came over and he was in kickboxing, so I went to a kickboxing lesson with him Yeah and quite shortly after that I fell in love with kick boxing, that’s how I left Judo and Karate behind me That’s when I fully went for kickboxing So how was your first fight and from which gym did you fight? I fought from Kenamju Gym It was in Haarlem, there was not a real newbie division so I started as a C class fighter Yeah, it was the newbies and the C guys all together And then I got a beating for 3 rounds, totally abused But I somehow survived and came through So I trained there for about 3 to 3½ years I also gave some lectures here and there, then they asked if I would be interested in doing some course Jan Plas gave a tutoring course to become a tutor at Mejiro Gym, which was for the NKBB, the largest kickboxing organization in The Netherlands So I did the tutoring course for the NKBB And there I cooperated with Jan (Plas), who was one of the best kick boxing tutors, who understood and developed the game very well I always called him the Johan Cruijf of kickboxing, in the few years I was seeing him Doing combo’s, not the Thai style, kick kick, one timer one timer, power moves He understood the game very well, punch punch, followed by a kick, punch punch punch, step back and kick, especially the low kick That’s coming from him, at least that’s my opinion, a lot of others think about that differently That’s how I stayed in training at Mejiro Gym At Mejiro Gym, that’s where we first met each other, we did a lot of sparring together You thought me some things, which still gives me nightmares, KEEP YOUR GUARD UP You are one of the guys… People always said I have had a strong guard… You are one of the guys, who thought me that. That’s funny you say that There are a couple of guys, you, Leo de Sno, René Rooze, who every now and then gave me a beating

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