Introducing the 2019 Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team

Introducing the 2019 Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team

The Specialized Zwift Academy
Tri Team is back and bigger than ever for 2019. When the application period opened we knew it would be big. The response blew us away! Thousands applied. Welcome to the Academy. You’re making me cry. You have my name on the wall! Yeah! I do! Are you serious? Brilliant, yeah that was definitely a bit of a surprise. That is amazing! Hi, I’m Yvonne Timewell and I’m from
British Columbia, Canada. My name is Maggie Walsh
and I live in Littleton, Colorado. Hi, my name is Levi Hauwert. 32 years old from Melbourne, Australia. Hi, I’m Ruth and I live in London. My name is Paul Lunn. I’m 46 years old. I’m from Peterborough in the UK. My name is Justin Lippert. I’m from
Middletown, New Jersey. Hi, I’m Philipp. 29 years old from Hamburg, but currently working in Cologne. Hi, my name is Natia Van Heerden. I’m from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and I’m a qualified chef. These eight athletes will receive support that’s unparalleled in amateur triathlon. Specialized is hooking them up with brand new Shivs and Win Tunnel
sessions. Wahoo is upgrading their pain caves in
a big way. SiS is offering the best fuel to power their workouts. And ROKA is back with the best
race apparel. Join them on their journey to Kona 2019. Thanks. Alright cheers! See ya! Bye! I don’t know what to say! We’re gonna have so much fun this year!

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  1. Who’s the coach or coaching service?

  2. Good luck to all! Great job Zwift in working with these companies to bring help to athletes around the world!

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