Irada | Official Trailer | Naseeruddin Shah | Arshad Warsi | Releasing 17th February 2017

Irada | Official Trailer | Naseeruddin Shah | Arshad Warsi | Releasing 17th February 2017

Those who watch while others burn, Your straw houses will soon be graves When winds stoke the flames of death
How long will you be saved? It’s an open and shut case. Just wrap it up and get rid of it,
without a sound. Look at this. Sir, is this evidence? No, I love the fragrance.
I’m taking them home. I’m a man of clean character. Of course,
your character shines in your eyes. Been flying high, eh? What is it, Meow-Meow? Since when have you been here? I just wanted to find out… Where can I find some
yummy local food around here? This isn’t a city of big heroes. It’s a city buried in ashes. Anyone can go missing here, anytime. There can be only one Lion in a forest, and only one leader among men. The rest merely exist. No one here knows of the beast
that is reverse boring. The people here are now
used to drinking this poison, and that’s good for my business. As high as the branches
of this city go up, the roots go as deep in hell. Only the right pest can destroy the paddy. Your poetry is rather revealing,
I must say. What do you want? What water did you use to make tea? Tap water, Sir. Use mineral water, you dimwit! If you use tap water next time,
I’m gonna throw you in jail!

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  1. why this masterpiece is not trending…i hav no idea…

  2. This movie shot in bathinda (Punjab)

  3. Dialogue seems nice and trailer is promising as well…waiting for the release date.

  4. awesome trailer…….love it man

  5. Arshad Bhai & Naseeruddin, Great Actors … Good luck !

  6. why weone give link on app? but good idea

  7. Trailer is awesome, can't wait for the film!

  8. looking fucking amazing!

  9. Promote this movie!!! it needs to be a blockbuster like PINK <3

  10. After Dangal another sensible and practical movie. Iraada deserves audience

  11. strangely this excellent movie trailer has 2.5 million plus trailer from an Unofficial channel

  12. Can't wait for this movie to come out!!! Hopefully plays in USA as well!!

  13. Surely Gonna Watch this movie…..Note: I didn't watch Raees nd Kaabil…

  14. this movie should do well internationally, and india's multiplexes, its looks very gritty and well crafted, with class acting.

  15. Nepali police at 2:16??

  16. looks good… waiting for it..?

  17. uske Qatl pe mai bhi chupa tha mera number ab aaya,
    mere qatl pe aap bhi chup hain agla number aapka hai !!

  18. God….please make it a hit…..looks awsome!!

  19. Yet another goood film.. arshad rules it.. but alas no STAR element so people will avoid this beautiful movie!

  20. one more movie in my "must watch list"

  21. Gotham City Of India

  22. Our indian audiance be like "wow yeh bohit acchi movie h zwroor dekhenge" baad m "badrinath ki dulhaniya dekh lenge..Pher bolenge "yaar life main already tensions seriousness h..Kaun aise movies dekhenge amidst of this ..?

  23. Looks great! Hope it is as per the expectations!

  24. 1st day 1st show <3

  25. good trailer… I think movie needs promotion coz it doesn't hav big stars in it… sad to c dat actors like srk nd ajay devgan doin shitty movies like raees nd shivaay…

  26. Achi movie bana k so Kyu jaate hai sab…thik se promote karoge nahi fir baad mei flop hoga to audience ko gaali deke phayda nahi…bohat achi movies hoti hai Jo logo ko pata vi nahi Chalti kab release hui 4-5 maahine baad laptop mei dekhte hai aur kehte hai Yar ye movie flop kaise hui…audience ka taste kharap etc etc…..product ko bechna padta hai Bhai thik se…

  27. classic trailer, , but why they not promote the movie???? is it postpone this movie???

  28. Trailer is awesome…hope the movie is really good too.

  29. Nice trailer deserves a good promotion and 100 cr club

  30. this film might be good but people wanna watch big hero movies all the tym .. sad !!!!!

  31. Not saying its copied but it reminded me of Erin Brockovich

  32. i love these kinds of movies, murder mystery type

  33. lol didnt anyone notice the spelling of entertainment as entertaiment ? lol idiots

  34. i have to watch it

  35. why was this movie nt promoted

  36. please upload full movie frds tell me Link

  37. Though the trailer look so promising, but still I bet it will not earn much, because Our #chutiya_janta will not go to watch. They go to watch only dumb movies & make them hit :p

  38. Movie looks very promising. ..

  39. 0:38 did I hear it right? ?

  40. That's call faddu trailer it look soo promising and extraordinary???

  41. Naseer's SIR voice ..10/10

  42. arshad warsi is great as always and nasser sir what can i say about him no words movie looks good also

  43. yeh hmaara shehar hai Bathinda ????

  44. Being a bollywood fan outside India, I get all the news and gossip about any stupid masala movie (which is half porn). But I came across this after 2 months…. Looks like a legendary movie, it's a shame didn't get much attention all around

  45. chutiya fillum chootiya caste

  46. very nice movie?????

  47. ek dam bakwas movie h or total hi pura bor h khali trailer achha dikhaya h

  48. Movie based on Punjab city Bathinda cancer problem

  49. please ye movie dekho bahut badia h !!

  50. mind blowing movie

  51. Ihda buda vekh ke aaya jangal me sher ek hota hai fudi da chawal

  52. nice movie….arsad sir and nasiruddin sah sir do amazing acting….

  53. I saw this film on the airplane while coming back and I must say it makes my list of the best films I have seen recently. Loved the story and social issue discussed.

  54. Nice trailer hoping movie will also nice

  55. &that khalifa is Mia Khalifa

  56. Nice movie……. watch it today only

  57. I see this movie..
    Class movie..No 1

  58. Best film on environment award jita hai ishne


  60. Bhai Nasir ham janata per ktupa ker kahi pak ya Afghanistan chalata ters ghode jesa muh or intelligent ka deekhavva lol khub gai jai th charming hai n kahi dera jamadeaba

  61. Naseeruddin shah feels unsafe in India…. He should Go to Pakistan……. I bet he will happily come back to INDIA…. ??

  62. I will definitely watch ..only for arsad Warsi..

  63. Times music presents an awesome combo after ishqiya woww its going to be a big hit

  64. Lol…. spelling entertainment

  65. This the reality of our country….

  66. Far batter then any super starer movie ,love ,sex, masala, & animation movies you must be watch …
    1st time giving 5* to any movie …..

  67. Make next part with another topic with Arshsad Warsi.
    Defiantly I will promote u

  68. That punjaban though!!! Nailed with her acting and naseeruddin shah and Arshad warsi are evergreen anyway

  69. Jalta Ghar Ko dhkna walu agla ghar AAP ka hi

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