Is A 22LR Really Worth That Much? – TGC News EPISODE 200!

Is A 22LR Really Worth That Much? – TGC News EPISODE 200!

This week on TGC News, double your rimfire
double your guns and It’s episode 200! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
Real quick I want to say thank you to everyone out there watching, because without you guys,
this episode 200 of TGC News would never have come to be.
Now, how about some gun news? First up this week, Savage has announced a new style of
rifles that will stretch across several of their model lines. It’s called Minimalist
and the idea is to have a simplified lightweight version of their already existing guns. Specifically
their rimfire guns. They’ll come in 3 main flavors based on chamberings. The Mark 2 will
be the 22 long rifle version. The 93R17 will be the 17HMR version and the 93 will be the
22 magnum version. All of them come with either a brown or green laminate stock with what
appears to be some decent ergonomics on the rear and forend portion. Inside the stocks
you’ll find a pretty basic set up with an 18 inch sporter contour barrel that is threaded
½ by 28, a 10 round mag, a couple weaver mounts on top of the action because who doesn’t
want an outdated mounting system that they have to replace and of course the accutrigger.
The price tag on the minimalist series is 359 MSRP. The thing that stands out to me
about this new line is that It’s a sort of new take on the classics. I have no idea why
they didnt go with a picatinny optic rail. I think that’s silly. But otherwise, I kind
of want one of these rifles for small game control around the house. I already have a
plain Jane Mark II, and this would be a sort of nicer variant of that. What do you guys
think? Do rimfire bolt guns get you amped up? Or are you MINIMALLY excited? Get it?
HAHA. We have another new rimfire gun on deck this
week. This one happens to be from CZ. It’s called the 457 Varmint Precision Chassis and
on the surface it looks pretty sweet. The 457 is a line that is known to be a solid
shooter so I have high hopes on this one. Let’s cover the basics. It’s a bolt action
22 long rifle with either a 24 inch or 16.5 inch barrel with what appears to be a heavy
contour. It’s also threaded for a can of course. They come with 5 round mags and the big ticket
is the chassis system. Out front you have machined in MLOK slots, followed up by a beveled
magwell, an AR grip and out back is the LUTH AR adjustable stock. All for the MSRP of 999
dollars. I struggle with this one. I’m confident that this gun will shoot well. But a thousand
bucks is A LOT for a rimfire rifle. At the same time, if you compare it to an ultra premium
precision rimfire gun like a vudoo where you could pay over 1700 for just the barreled
action, this seems more reasonable in that comparison. I suppose that this is a lot like
centerfire precision guns. At what point are you better off saving up a few more credIt’s
and buying a custom gun? I’m not sure I have the answer on that one. How about we fire up that mini gun?
IZZY, SEND IT! XTech Tactical is finally shipping their smart
lasers. We covered these back at SHOT show and honestly the technology being used here
is unlike any other weapon light I’ve seen. Both sides of the unit have sensors that detect
your fingers placement and will turn the light on or off without having to push a button.
This isn’t the only way because they also have a button of course. Besides that, it
has a green laser and a 185 lumen light. The price tag on these is 179.99 MSRP. Pretty
cool to see new ideas being implemented on weapon lights.
Battle arms has released a new 9mm AR PCC Pistol thing, we need a better name for this
type of gun, Anyway It’s called the Xiphos 9P and It’s pretty rad looking. It’s an 8
inch barrel 9 mil, with a full billet receiver set, an SBA3 adjustable brace, Xtech grip,
and a few other trinkets that make it super nice. The price tag falls in at $1999 MSRP.
I’ll let you guys rage in the comments like normal about that.
And rounding us out, the background check numbers for November are in and guys we set
a record. November 2019 had the highest recorded number of background checks for that month,
in US history at over 2.5 million. Topping November of 2016 by about 13 thousand checks.
I’ll tell you what I’m excited about that. Perhaps that injection of dollars into the
gunconomy will help folks bring some really interesting stuff to market for 2020. We shall
see. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory.
This is a segment where I grab one of my personal guns and tell you guys about it. This one
is gonna upset the internet a little bit. This is my XD9. It happens to be the V10 ported
version. I have had this gun for a very long time, and I thoroughly enjoy shooting it.
People say that the grip safety on these is terrible. People say that these are not reliable
guns. I have not had more than one particular problem recur on this gun. There’s a pin on
the top here I don’t know what part of the Fire Control it actually holds in the gun
never actually dismantled it all the way. I’m not sure exactly what it’s holding. But
that pin tends to walk its way out. Otherwise it’s got 10 holes in the barrel, it shoots
fire out of the top! It’s cool. And also it has an Olight on it because, it’s a dead Olight,
apparently it’s not charged, but anyway, it’s got an Olight on there for comment section
fodder. Either way this is not a fancy gun but, it is a lot of fun to shoot. And I actually
do enjoy it regardless of how many people talk crap on XD’s. If you guys enjoyed this
little look at my guns, and want to see more, let me know in the comments. That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you
disliked this video, hit that button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed and consider
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for watching, we will see you soon! Here’s to 200 more right!

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