Is Couch Gaming Harder To Make Than Online Games? (Dishonoured – House of Pleasure Run)

Is Couch Gaming Harder To Make Than Online Games? (Dishonoured – House of Pleasure Run)

Heylo people, and today I’m wanting to talk a little bit about couch gaming coming back into fashion. Years and years ago, we had arcades, people would walk to the arcade, play video games with their friends, and stand side by side having a right giggle Then we got home consoles, friends would go round to each others houses and plug in a second controller, or take it in turns to have a go at some awesome singleplayer title I remember going round to my friends house while he sat there playing a singleplayer campaign and I had to sit on my arse watching him faff about for about 20 minutes when really, we both knew I’d totally smash it. Anyway, eventually we got Online play support on the home consoles, PC games had already got Online play functionality at some point years before during the 1970’s I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong Then by about 1994 there were third party devices, such as the Xband by Catapult Entertainment but I’m not too knowledgeable in the history of online gaming, I do, however, know that Xbox Live became a thing in 2002, and the PlayStation Network became a thing in 2006. Online gaming started to dominate the gaming world, friends didn’t need to walk, or arrange transport to their friends houses, they could just give them a ring on the phone, and switch the console on and join up. Now Online gaming is absolutely huge, with big AAA games such as Call of Duty, and Battlefield, The Crew and various other titles having a focus on multiplayer rather than singleplayer. Offline Campaigns are present, but people seem more interested in jumping right into the action with other players and flying up the ranks and unlocking all the perks, ecetera However, the rise in Online gaming has led to game developers trying to be clever and think outside the box One of those things seems to be developers thinking that, “well, everyone is doing Online games now why don’t I be different and force the player to invite their friends round?” To my unknowledgable brain, I believe it would be harder to make a game with Online support… So, I spoke to a few game developers and asked them if making a game with Online multiplayer is more troublesome than creating local multiplayer, the responses I got were, So really, it seems like my initial thoughts were right, making a game suited to Online play is harder Now this isn’t me saying that game developers are lazy because it doubles the games development time One developer, said So yeah, a fair amount of work for both online and couch focused multiplayer gaming But it’s interesting because, while AAA games are focusing on creating an Online experience with customisable characters and the like, it’s always felt like indie developers seem to be focusing efforts on making a game rich in story and gameplay. However, a small part of me always thought that maybe a handful of game developers are in fact skipping out on adding an online multiplayer option that would suit the game because they just want to push the game out. However, I respect that it’s a time consuming addition, and not all games would need it. But games that seem to be locked down to local play only feel like they’re missing out on involving players. Overcooked, by Ghost Town Games for example, I’d love to play that with random people online and friends, but there doesn’t seem to be any Online support, so I won’t be buying the game Another example is Boneloaf’s Gang Beasts that originally launched as an exclusively local multiplayer title. Now, I don’t have enough USB ports on my PC to support several controllers amongst friends, so the idea of buying a multiplayer focused game for just myself is pointless. Back in 2014, Gang Beasts said I switched off. I wanted to buy it, but I wanted to enjoy it with friends over the Internet so I never checked back. Turns out, somewhere down the line since 2014, the game has now got an Online multiplayer option but because it launched as a local multiplayer exclusive I lost interest. Anyway, I’m rambling, Basically, Online support for games seems like a time consuming, and tough job to implement, so couch games coming back into fashion could be good for your social life…unless of course you wait until a future update when Online Multiplayer has been added What are your thoughts on couch gaming, because I personally would like to know what you think! Thank you very much for watching, and until the next time, into oblivion!

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